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Full text of "The Graduate School dissertations and theses : first supplement: 1946-1959"

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Digitized by the Internet Archive 

in 2012 with funding from 

University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill 

University of North Carolina 

Library Studies 

Number 3 





William S. Powell, Editor 

No. 1 North Carolina County Histories, A Bibliography, by 
William S. Powell, 1958 

No. 2 North Carolina Fiction, 1734-1957 : An Annotated Bib- 
liography, by a Joint Committee of the North Carolina 
English Teachers Association and the North Carolina Li- 
brary Association, 1958 

No. 3 The Graduate School Dissertations and Theses, First 
Supplement, 1946-1959, Compiled by the Humanities 
Division, University of North Carolina Library, 1960 

First Supplement: 1946-1959 




Compiled by the Humanities Division 
of the University of North Carolina Library 

Chapel Hill 
The University of North Carolina Library 


Issued as a contribution to the 

celebration of the acquisition of the 

One Millionth Volume 


The Library of the University of North Carolina 


To develop in students a capacity for inquiry and invention 
is the distinctive function of graduate education. Post-bacca- 
laureate instruction serves other purposes as well, but there is no 
more revealing index to the scope, depth, and variety of a Uni- 
versity's graduate studies than the subjects its students choose 
for their research. 

In 1 947, as a part of the Sesquicentennial Celebration of the 
University of North Carolina, a list was published of all known 
theses and dissertations submitted for graduate degrees at Chapel 
Hill from the beginning of the University through 1945.* There 
were 2,668 titles, including 541 Ph.D. dissertations, 1,827 M.A. 
theses, and 300 M.S. theses. 

The present publication, prepared by the staff of the Hu- 
manities Division of the University Library, brings the list for- 
ward for the years 1946-1959. A few omissions from the earlier 
volume are also added. In this compilation, 3,486 entries appear: 
924 Ph.D. dissertations, 1,959 M.A. theses, 267 M.S. theses, 
and 336 theses for professional degrees. 

This compilation attests to the increasing specialization and 
diversification of scholarly knowledge, as well as to the volume 
of student research in an active state university. It can be useful 
not only as a bibliographical guide, but can also serve graduate 
departments as an important indicator of achievement in one area 
of their responsibility. 

Alexander Heard 

Dean of the Graduate School 

August 16, 1960 

* The Graduate School, Dissertations and Theses, edited with a Foreword 
by James L. Godfrey, Fletcher M. Green, and W. W. Pierson. (Chapel Hill: 
The University of North Carolina Press, 1947) 184pp. 


This bibliography attempts to list all dissertations and theses 
accepted at the University of North Carolina from 1 946 through 
1959, and also to include entries for those prior to 1946 which 
were not listed in the volume to which it is a supplement. A few 
theses have not yet been deposited in the Library, but we have 
supplied as much information as possible on these items which 
we have not seen. 

It will be noticed that there are listed two 1946 dissertations 
for which the work was at State College. These two dissertations 
are deposited in the Library at Chapel Hill. Since the degrees 
were awarded from the University with no designation of State 
College on the respective title pages, it was thought wise to in- 
clude them. Degrees awarded since that time by State College 
have not been listed. 

The bibliography is arranged by the department in which the 
individual research was done. Within each department Ph.D. 
dissertations are listed first. Arrangement is alphabetical within 
each year. Master's theses follow in the same order. In cases 
in which a department offers work for more than one kind of 
Doctor's or Master's degree (e.g., M.A. and M.S.), the degrees 
have been listed separately by type. 

Information given under each entry is as follows: author's 
full name when known, full title of the thesis or dissertation, 
pagination, including information concerning illustrations, plates, 
maps, etc. The name of the director of the research is given at 
the end of each entry. 

The compilation of this bibliography was a joint effort of the 
members of the staff of the Humanities Division of the Uni- 
versity Library for the past year and a half. Past and present 
members of the department (full-time as well as part-time) 
who have contributed to this work are: Margaret Chapman, 
Robert Connelly, Evelyn Edwards, John Johnson, Ardie Kelly, 
Roy Looney, Pattie B. Mclntyre, James Pfaff, Jean Rhyne, 
Edna Wooddell, and James Thompson. 

Louise McG. Hall, Head 
Humanities Division 

August 29, 1960 


Foreword v 

Introduction vii 

Department of Agricultural Economics 1 

Department of Anatomy 1 

Department of Art 1 

Department of Bacteriology 4 

Department of Biochemistry and Nutrition 6 

Department of Botany 8 

School of Business Administration 13 

Department of Chemistry 15 

Department of City and Regional Planning 33 

Department of Classics 42 

School of Commerce 44 

Curriculum in Comparative Linguistics 45 

Curriculum in Comparative Literature 46 

School of Dentistry 48 

Department of Dramatic Arts 51 

Department of Economics 62 

School of Education 68 

Department of English 115 

Department of Geology and Geography 149 

Department of Germanic Languages 155 

Department of History 157 

Curriculum in Industrial Relations 181 

School of Journalism 182 

School of Library Science 183 


Department of Mathematics 190 

Department of Music 199 

School of Nursing 205 

Department of Parasitology 206 

Department of Pathology 207 

Curriculum in Personnel Administration 2«J 

School of Pharmacy 

Department of Philosophy 

Department of Physical Education 2io 

Department of Physics 229 

Department of Physiology 237 

Department of Plant Pathology 239 

Department of Political Science 239 

Department of Psychology 24S 

School of Public Health 257 

Department of Radio, Television, and Motion Pictures 259 

Program of Recreation Administration in 

The Department of Sociology and Anthropology 259 

Department of Romance Languages 260 

Department of Sanitary Engineering 276 

School of Social Work 276 

Department of Sociology 292 

Department of Statistics 311 

Department of Zoology 317 

Index 323 

Dissertations and Theses 


(State College) 

1946 McVay, Francis E. The Impact of Industrializa- 

tion upon Agriculture in Two North Carolina Pied- 
mont Counties. 139 p. G. W. Forster. 


to >. 



948 Cornwell, Samuel Owen. A Comparative Study 

of the Blood of Various Lamellibranchs, Particu- 
larly the Fresh-Water Mussel, Unio Gibbosus. 57 
p. 3 pi. W. C. George. 

Moore, De Armond. The Blood Supply of the 
Liver with Particular Reference to the Course of 
Blood Conveyed by the Hepatic Artery. 96 p. 
W. C. George. 


Department of Sociology and Anthropology 


1945 *Brown, Sara. Architecture as a Structural Element 
in Ruben's Paintings. 77 p. Clemens Sommer. 

1948 Rankin, Joseph Trotter. The Coupled Column 

in Relation to the Dome in Italian and German 
Baroque Church Architecture. 93 p. Clemens 

* Omitted in 1947 Edition. 

Dissertations and Theses 


1948 Sanders, Julia Harriet. The Use of Architecture 

in Tintoretto's Paintings. 55 p. Clemens Som- 

Thorne, Edgar Faulcon. Illusionism in Relief 
Sculpture of the Classic Renaissance and Baroque 
Periods. 56 p. Clemens Sommer. 

1949 HaughtoNj Helen Katharine. The Baptism of 

Christ in Painting of the Quattrocento. 103 p. 
Clemens Sommer. 

Bolt, Joseph Sullivan. Some Compositional Mo- 
tives in Tintoretto's Paintings: Their Derivation 
and Development. 1 1 6 p. Clemens Sommer. 

1950 Shewmake, Edwin Francis. The Formal Relation 

of the Figure to the Background in Four Floren- 
tine Quattrocento Painters. 58 p. Clemens Som- 

Stars, William Kenneth. The Halo, Its Origin 
and Development up to the Reformation. 57 p. 
22 pi. Clemens Sommer. 

1951 Poteat, Elizabeth McNeill. The Religious and 

Philosophical Influence on the Representation of 
Donors in Florentine Painting of the Fourteenth 
and Fifteenth Centuries. 83 p. (incl. 6 pi.) Clem- 
ens Sommer. 

Robinson, Dorothy Mocile Day. The Landscape 
in Tintoretto's Paintings. 66 p. Clemens Som- 

1952 Hannan, Bettie Meade Creighton. A Study of 

Figure Action in Tintoretto's Paintings. 65 p. 
Clemens Sommer. 

Spaar, Roby Houston. The Dichotomy in Diirer's 
Apocalyptic Woodcuts. 75 p. Clemens Sommer. 

1953 Bowser, Eileen Putt. The Language of Form in 

Tintoretto's Paintings in the Upper Hall of the 
Scuola di San Rocco. 70 p. Clemens Sommer. 

Art 3 


Schnorrenberg, John Martin. Fourteenth Cen- 
tury English Manuscript Painting and the Con- 
temporary Religious Drama. 86 p. Clemens 

1954 Bryant, Edward. The International Style and its 

Reflections upon Italian Painting of the Fifteenth 
Century. 57 p. Clemens Sommer. 

Ferber, Stanley Harold. Jacques Callot and the 
Commedia dell' Arte. 42 p., 12 pi. Clemens Som- 

1955 Stringer, Mary Evelyn. Landscape in German 

Panel Painting in the First Half of the Fifteenth 
Century. 105 p. 19 pi. Clemens Sommer. 

1957 Vestal, Lynda Joan. The Duality of Subject Mat- 

ter in the Mythological Paintings of Rubens, a Ca- 
talogues Study. 100 p. Clemens Sommer. 

1959 Mangum, William Goodson. The Adoration of the 

Kings, a Painting from the School of Jacob Cor- 
nelisz in the Collection of the North Carolina Mu- 
seum of Art — a Presentation, iv, 36 p., 11 pi. 
Clemens Sommer. 

Minott, Charles Ilsley. The Eleventh Century 
Decorations in the Church of Sant' Angelo in For- 
mis. 60 p. Clemens Sommer. 

Roetzel, Priscilla Alden. Tintoretto's Last Sup- 
pers, vi, 72 p., 9 pL Clemens Sommer. 

White, Leonard. The Burton Emmett Madonna: 
An Analysis, vi, 63 p. Clemens Sommer. 


1950 Garson, Ann Coffin. The Intensification of Reality 

Through Abstraction 66 p. (incl. 23 pi.) Ken- 
neth Ness. 

1951 Arnold, Russell Ward. Personal Expression 



Dissertations and Theses 

Through Plastic Means. 54 p. (incl. 23 pi.) Ken- 
neth Ness. 

Dortch, Virginia. Still-Life toward the Abstract. 
17 p., 20 pi. Kenneth Ness. 

1954 Bolmeier, Jane. The Search for Personal Realiza- 

tion in the Plastic Arts. 91 p. (incl. 23 pi.). Ken- 
neth Ness. 

Huntley, David Collins. Exploration of Essen- 
tial Creative Means: An Approach to Artistic Evo- 
lution. 47 p., 29 pi. Kenneth Ness. 

1958 Thomas, Cornelius Dickinson. Paint and Experi- 

ment as Communication. 75 p. (incl. 24 pi.), 
Kenneth Ness. 


1953 Duerr, Edith Lewis. Studies on Sensitization to 

Actinomyces Bovis. 125 p. D. A. MacPherson. 

1957 Cazin, John. Antigenic Studies of Histoplasma Cap- 

sulatum. 102 p. D. A. MacPherson. 

1959 Smith, Kendall Owen. Studies on the Infectivity 

and Toxicity of Meningopneumonitis Virus. 132 p. 
G. P. Manire. 


1947 Adler, Gertrude. A Comparison of the Mechanism 

of Lysis by Bacteriophage and Lysozyme: I. By 
Darkfield Microscopy. II. The Effect of Ultra- 
violet Irradiation. 16 p. D. A. MacPherson. 

Crandall, Raymond Evan. The Effect of Sulfa- 
thiozole on the Rate of Increase of Riboflavin by 
Proteus Vulgaris and Bacillus Subtilis. 1 8 p. D. A. 



1948 Mills, Frederick. The Development of Penicillin- 

Resistant Gonococci in Vitro. 69 p. (incl. 6 pi.). 
D. A. MacPherson. 

1950 Beasley, Annie Ruth. The Effect of Variations in 

Incubation Times on the Growth of Influenza A 
Virus in the Alantoic Cavity of Embryonated Eggs. 
64 p. D. A. MacPherson. 

Hunter, Marthalou. An Experimental Study of 
the Leucocytic Transfer of Tuberculin Sensitivity 
from Sensitized Chickens to the Chick Embryo. 
30 p. D. A. MacPherson. 

1951 Duerr, Edith Lewis. The Effect of Sensitizing 

Procedures upon Infectivity in the Etiology of Ac- 
tinomycosis. 47 p. D. A. MacPherson. 

1952 Kiem, Iris Mabel. Use of the Neurotoxic Secondary 

Proteose Fraction of Cobra Venom in Attempted 
Chemotherapy of Fixed Rabies Virus Infection in 
Mice. 55 p. D. A. MacPherson. 

1953 Melvin, Irene. The Relation of Cord Formation 

to Virulence in the Mycobacteria. 44 p., il. D. A. 

Phelps, Henry Early. The Toxins of the Psittaco- 
sis-Lymphogranuloma Venerum Group of Agents. 
45 p. G. P. Manire. 

1954 Cazin, John, Jr. The Influence of Antibiotics on 

the Growth of Candida Albicans in Mice. 38 p, 
D. A. MacPherson. 

S wanton, Joseph Everett. Non-Specific Antibac- 
terial Substances of Tissues and Body Fluids in 
Natural Immunity. 54 p., il. W. J. Cromartie. 

Vinson, Mary Lenore. Studies on Feline Pneu- 
monitis and Meningo-Pneumonitis Viruses. 43 *\ 
J. P. Manire. 

1956 Basinger, Glaydis. Relationship of Candida Albt- 

6 Dissertations and Theses 


cans Infection to the Alteration of the Intestinal 
Flora Following Antibiotic Therapy. 34 p., il. 
W. R. Straughn. 

1957 Sharpless, Edward A. Hemolytic and Lethal Prop- 

erties of Group A Streptococci, iv., 43 p., il. J. H. 

Smith, Kendall O. Cultural and Serological Char- 
acteristics of a Human Urogenital Strain of the 
Pleuropneumonia Like Group of Organisms. 49 p., 
G. P. Manire. 

1958 Mauney, Charles U. Studies on the Adaptive 

Nature of an Amino Acid Decarboxylase of E. Colt. 
36 p., il. W. R. Straughn. 

Slifkin, Malcolm. The Application of Serological 
Methods to the Study of Pyelonephritis. 43 p., il. 
W. J. Cromartie. 

1959 Bibb, William Robert. Studies on the Amino Acid 

Decarboxylases of Oral Lactobacilli. 35 p., il. W. R. 



1949 Steelman, Sanford Lewis. The Effect of Certain 

Organic Anions on Amide and Peptide Linkages. 
134 p. (incl. 32 pi.). G. C. Kyker. 

1950 Bruce, Robert Black. Studies of the Reactions of 

the Sulfur-Containing Amino Acids and Hair with 
Phosphoric Acid and Sulfuric Acid. 95 p. (incl. 
5 pi.). J. C. Andrews. 

Kuck, John Frederick Read, Jr. A Study of the 
Enzymic and Non-Enzymic Conversion of Cysteic 
Acid to Taurine. 71 p. J. C. Andrews. 

1951 Feaster, John Pipkin. The Preparation and Me- 


Biochemistry and Nutrition 

tabolism of Tyrosine Disulfonate. 62 p. J. C. 

1953 Berkut, Michael Kalen. The Influence of Fluor- 

ides on the Calcification Mechanism. 1 1 3 p. (incl. 
7 pi.). J. C. Andrews. 

1954 Moore, Thomas Bryan. I. An Investigation of the 

Adult Rat's Requirement for Dietary Histidine. 
II. The Metabolism of Glutamic Acid- 1 -Carbon- 
14. 67 p. J. E. Wilson. 

Rotherham, Jean. A Study of the Nuclear Nu- 
cleoproteins of the Cells of Normal Rat Liver. 
201 p., il. J. L. Irvin. 

Yarbro, Claude Lee, Jr. Investigation of the Me- 
tabolic Role of Acetal Phosphatide. 191 p. C. E. 

1957 Miller, Bradford. Acetal Phosphatides in Normal 

and Atherosclerotic Human Aorta, vi, 155 p. 
C. E. Anderson. 

Schottelius, Dorothy Dickey. Studies on Deox- 
ribonucleoproteinj Pt. 1, the Deoxvribonuclease of 
Rat Liver in Relation to the Isolation of Deoxy- 
ribonucleoprotein. Pt. 2, Physico-Chemical Studies 
of Deoxyribonucleoprotein and Its Two Main Com- 
ponents, Deoxvribonuclcic Acid and Histone. 
110 p., il. J. L. Irvin. 

1958 Spooner, George Hansford. The Role of Fluoride 

in the Mineralization of Calcifiable Tissues. 136 p. 
(incl. 9 pi.). M. K. Berkut. 


1946 Alogdelis, Stella. The Relationship of Quinine 

Metabolism and Vitamin B Complex Deficiency. 
31 p. J. C. Andrews. 

Herrarte, Enrique. The Enzymatic Hydrolysis 
of Phytin. 25 p. J. C. Andrews. 

Dissertations and Theses 


1947 Darrough, Margaret. The Catalytic Hydrolysis 

of Amide and Peptide Bonds of Proteins by Cer- 
tain Anions. 35 p. G. C. Kyker. 

1950 Viser, Edward Taylor. Studies on the Determina- 

tion of the Oxalic Acid Content of Some Common 
Foods. 22 p. J. C. Andrews. 

1952 Rotherham, Jean. A Study of Methods for the 

Isolation of Desoxypentose Nucleoprotein: Appli- 
cation to Liver and Spleen. 61 p., il. J. L. Irvin. 

Simpson, Robert Edmond. A Study of the Deter- 
mination of the Oxalic Acid Content of Human 
Urine. 57 p. J. C. Andrews. 

1955 Ederma, Heinz Martin. Metabolic Studies on His - 

tidine and Urocanic Acid. 46 p. J. E. Wilson. 

Haddad, John K. Studies on the Urinary Calculus 
Formation. Equilibration of Calcium Phosphates 
in Aqueous Solution. 126 p. J. C. Andrews. 

1958 Julian, Alfredo Jorge. Studies on Amino Acid 

Analogues. 78 p., il. J. L. Irvin. 



1947 Cox, Hiden Toy. The Comparative Anatomy of 

the Ericaceae. 69 p., 9 pi. J. E. Adams. 

Ritchie, Donald Dirk. The Cytology of the For- 
mation and Structure of Zoospores in Allomyces. 
163 p. (incl. 11 pi.). E. H. Newcomer. 

1948. Radford, Albert Ernest. The Vascular Flora of 

the Olivine Deposits of North Carolina and Geor- 
gia. 141 p. (incl. 10 pi.). H. R. Totten. 

Ziegler, Arthur William. A Comparative Study 
of Zygote Germination in the Saprolegniaceae. 
92 p., 12 pi. J. N. Couch. 



1951 Berkeley, Edmund. Morphological Studies in the 

Celastraceae. 52 p., 9 pi. J. E. Adams. 

1953 Goldie-Smith, Elizabeth Kathleen. Studies in 

the Plasmodiophoraceae. 85 p., 8 pi. J. N. 

1954. Prichard, Elmer C. Morphological Studies in 

Rhamnaceae. 58 p., 11 pi. J. E. Adams. 

1955 Boole, John Allen, Jr. Studies in the Anatomy 

of the Family Celastraceae. 106 p., 11 pi. J. E. 


Huneycutt, Maeburn Bruce. Studies on the 
Morphology, Taxonomy, and Physiology of some 
Lower Aquatic Phycomycetes, Especially Keratino- 
philic Forms. 80 p., 7 pi. J. N. Couch. 

O' Connell, Jesse Elbert. Systematic Studies in 
Sisyrinchium. 103 p., 12 pi. J. E. Adams. 

Wyatt, Raymond Louis. Floral Morphology and 
Phlogeny of the Aristolochiaceae. 131 p., 9 pi. 
J. E. Adams. 

1956 Browne, Edward Tankard, Jr. Morphological 

Studies in Aletris L. 141 p. J. E. Adams. 

Davis, Graham Johnson. The Effects of Certain 
Environmental and Chemical Factors on Heter- 
ophylly in Aquatic Angiosperms. 59 p., 11 pi. 
V. A. Greulach. 

Koch, William Julian. Studies in the Chytridi- 
ales, with Special Reference to the Structure, Move- 
ment and Systematic Significance of the Swimming 
Reproductive Cell. 223 p. (incl. 25 pi.). J. N. 

1957 Herr, John Mervin, Jr. Embryological Studies 

in the Genus Ilex L. 86 p., 12 pi. J. E. Adams. 

Miller, Charles Edward. Morphology, Cytology 

10 Dissertations and Theses 


and Life History of Sorosphaera Veronicae and Lig- 
niera Verrucosa. 82 p. (incl. 5 pi.). J. N. Couch. 

Silliman, Frances Ernestine. Chamaelirium Lu- 
teum (L.) Gray: A Biological Study. 72 p., 8 pi. 
J. E. Adams. 

1958 Leisner, Robert Stanley. Morphology and Sys- 

tematic Anatomy of Empetraceae. 64 p., 16 pi. 
J. E. Adams. 


1946 Parker, Helen Moore. Studies in the Nutrition 

of Some Aquatic Myxomycetes. 36 p. J. N. 

Stewart, Josephine. Studies on Rhizo-phidium 
coronum Hanson. 40 p. J. N. Couch. 

1947. Beckham, Rebecca Joan. The Development of 

the Ovule and Female Gametophyte of Passiflora 
Incarnata L. 21 p. J. E. Adams. 

Longest, Pauline Moser. The Structure of the 
Flagella in Certain Algae and Fungi and Its Bear- 
ing on Classification. 28 p. J. N. Couch. 

Ryland, Alice Garnett. A Cytological Study of 
the Effects of Colchicine, Indole-3-Acetic Acid, 
Potassium Cyanide, and 2, 4-D on Plant Cells. 
19 p., 5 pi. E. H. Newcomer. 

1948 Bell, Clyde Ritchie. A Taxonomic Study of the 

Sarraceniaceae of North America. 90 p. J. E. 


Huneycutt, Maeburn Bruce. Keratinophilic Phy- 
comycetes. I. A New Genus of the Saprolegniaceae. 
21 p. J. N. Couch. 

O'Kelley, Joseph Charles. A Study of the Ef- 
fects of Mistletoe on Sugar Maples. 68 p. J. E. 

Botany 1 1 


Titman, Paul Wilson. Studies in the Woody 
Anatomy of the Family Nyssaceae. 37 p. J. L- 

1949 Pendergrass, William R. Studies on A Plasmodio- 

phoraceous Parasite, Octomyxa Brevilegniae. 29 p., 
5 pi. J. N. Couch. 

1950 Browne, Edward Tankard, Jr. Sprogenesis and 

Chromosome Morphology of Lilium Catesbaei 
with Taxonomic and Ecological Considerations, 
32 p., 12 pi. Earlene Atchison. 

Hobbs, Jesse Harrison. Studies in Rhizidiomyces 
Apophsatus Zopf. 29 p. J. N. Couch. 

Kirk, Daniel Eddins. The Development of the 
Ovule and Megagametophyte in Aralia Chinensis 
L. 29 p. J. E. Adams.* 

Koch, William Julian. A Study of the Motile 
Cells of Vaucheria. 38 p. J. N. Couch. 

Parrish, Mary Jo. Effects of Irradiation on Meio- 
sis and Pollen Grain Development in a Deploid 
Hyacinth. 54 p. Earlene Atchison. 

Patton, Ernest Gibbes. Influence of Flax Root By- 
products on Higher Plants. 24 p. J. E. Adams. 

Read, Mildred Conner. An Anatomical Study of 
Carpinus Caroliniana Infected with Septobasidium 
Pseudopedicellatum. 25 p. J. E. Adams. 

1951 Compton, Sarah Winifred. The Effects of Maleic 

Hydrazide on Growth and Cell Division in Piswn 
sativum. 42 p. (incl. 6 pi.). Earlene Atchison. 

1952 Johns, Robert M. A Morphological Study of Gon- 

apodya polymorpha. 47 p., 2 pi. J. N. Couch. 

Johnson, Sidney P. Effects of Maleic Hydrazide 
on the Growth of Avena Seedlings. 46 p., 6 pi. 
V. A. Greulach. 

12 Dissertations and Theses 


Stacy, Emily Mildred. Studies in the Ontogeny 
of the Vessel. 22 p. J. E. Adams. 

1954 Duke, James Alan. Distribution and Speciation of 

the Genus Ludwigia in North Carolina. 48 p. A. E. 

Haesloop, John Gram age. A Comparative Study 
of the Protein Metabolism of Excised Leaves o£ 
Zea Mays and Saintpaulia sp. 30 p., 8 pi. V. A. 

Jeffreys, Donald B. Tropisms and Responses jto 
Growth Substances of Coprinus Sterquilinus. 53 p., 
7 pi. V. A Greulach and J. N. Couch. 

League, Elizabeth Anne. Effects of Temperature 
and Light Duration on Reproduction in Vaucheria 
Sessilis. 44 p., 8 pi. V. A. Greulach. 

Miller, Charles E. A New Member of the Aqua- 
tic Synchytriaceae. 31 p. J. N. Couch. 

Wyatt, Raymond Louis. A Biological and Em- 
bryological Study of Four Species of Asarum 
(Aristolochiaceae). 55 p., 5 pi. C. E. Wood, Jr. 

1955 Silliman, Frances E. A Study of a Colony of 

Hybrid Oaks Among the White Oak Group. 4 1 p. 
J. E. Adams. 

1956 Houck, Duane Francis. Flood Plain Flora of the 

Deep River Triassic Basin. 54 p. A. E. Radford. 

Kessler, Peggy-Ann. A Floristic Study of the 
Triassic Sediments, Deep River Coal Field, North 
Carolina. 76 p. A. E. Radford. 

1957 Horton, James H. A Vascular Flora of Rowan 

County, North Carolina. 83 p. A. E. Radford. 

Laing, Henrietta. A Spring and Fall Flora of 
Harnett County, North Carolina. 70 p. A. E. 

1958 Beard, Luther Stanford. A Floristic Study Along 

Business Administration 13 


the Lower Deep River of North Carolina, 
v, 105 p. A. E.Radford. 

Stewart, Sheltcn Eugene. Early Spring and Sum- 
mer Vascular Flora of Lee County, North Caro 
lina. iii, 52 p. A. E. Radford. 

1959 Burk, Carl John. A Floristic Study of a Sandhill 

Area On The North Carolina Coastal Plain. 39 p. 
A. E. Radford. 

Ramseur, George Shufop.d. The Vascular Flora 
of High Mountain Communities of the Southern 
Appalachians. 106 p. A.E.Radford. 

Register, Thomas Eugene. Morphological Varia- : 
tion in a Ney Species of Phlvctochytrium. 48 p. 
W. J. Koch. 



1957 Maggard, John Paul, Jr. Determining Consumer 

Shopping-Habits and Opinions for Use in Local 
Communities. 221 p. C. S. Logsdon. 

Reynolds, Isaac Newton. The Impact of the Choice 
of Base and Method of Amortization of Long- 
Term Cost on Financial and Other Business Poli- 
cies. 375 p. W. J. Graham. 

1959 Levin, Richard Ivor. An Analysis of Effort-Out- 

put Relationships in Hand Motions. 1 70 p. J. E. 


1951 Vinson, William Daniel. An Investigation of 

Measures of Central Tendency Used in Quality 
Control. 74 p. (incl. 17 pi.). D. J. Cowden. 

* See footnote under School of Commerce. 

1-4 Dissertations and Theses 


1950 Ferdinand, Thomas Francis. The Marketing 

Structure of the Kraft Paper Industry, vi, 132 p. 
C. S. Logsdon. 

Torfilli, Orhan Ibrahim. Cost Methods in the 
Cotton Spinning Industry. 119 p. R. L. Stal- 
lings, Jr. 

1951 BehnkeNj Howard Paul. Union Participation in 

Motion and Time Study (with Particular Refer- 
ence to the Rubber Industry). 100 p. G. T. 

George, Claude Swanson, Jr. An Analysis of Raw 
Material Inventory Control. 148 p. J. E. Dyk- 


1952 Amersey, Purshottam Nandlal. A Contribution 

Toward an Appraisal of Consensus on a System of 
Freely Fluctuating Exchange Rates as an Equili- 
brating Mechanism in International Trade. 97 p. 
Clarence Philbrook. 

Green, Laurel Rhododendron. Accounting and 
Legal Considerations in the Classification of Sur- 
plus, iv, 75 p. W. A. Terrill. 

1953 Barkas, Jerry Peter. Share Sub-divisions in the 

Post-War Period. Procedure — Motives — Price- 
Action. 102 p. J. T. O'Neil. 

Potter, Gwendolyn. Cost Accounting for Hospi- 
tals. 87 p. W. A. Terrill. 

1955 Jones, Maximilian Bughardt. Union Participation 

in Job Evaluation. 86 p. R. P. Calhoun. 

1956 Kapner, William S. A Methodological Approach 

to the Solution of the Transfer Problem in Indus- 
try. 60 p. R. P. Calhoun. 

1957 Hilton, Charles Laroy. A Study of the Regulated 

For-Hire Motor Carrier Industry in North Caro- 
lina, 1946-1956. 172 p. J. C. D. Blaine. 

Chemistry 1 5 


1958 Polk, Maurice Van. Standard Cost Accounting in 

a Diversified Textile Manufacturing Organization: 
A Case Study. Part I: The Standard Cost Ac- 
counting System of Fieldcrest Mills, Inc. Part II : 
A Critical Analysis of the Variance Accounts Used 
in the Standard Cost Accounting System of Field- 
crest Mills, Inc. 134- p., 36 pi. W. A. Terrill. 



1946 Miller, Harry Brown. Studies on the Preparation 

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16 Dissertations and Theses 


tain Sodium Alkoxybenzoates and Sodium Phenoxy- 
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Chemistry 17 


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18 Dissertations and Theses 


ceptibility of Mn++ in Two Excited States. Pt. I, 
66 p.; Pt. II, 37 p. O. K. Rice. 

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Chemistry 19 


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20 Dissertations and Theses 


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Chemistry 21 


Mauldin, William Lawrence. A Study of the 
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Structure. Part II. The Synthesis of some 2- 
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1954 Bernasek, Edward. Investigations of Possible Syn- 

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tives. 70 p. R. L. McKee. 

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Light Scattering of Cationic Polymers in Aqueous 
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(incl. 13 pi.). S. Y. Tyree, Jr. 

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Some Fluorophenothiazines. 86 p. (incl. 12 pi.). 
Arthur Roe. 

22 Dissertations and Theses 


McPeters, Arnold Lawrence. The Carbon- 14 
Isotope Effect in the Condensation of Acetone- 1-c 14 
with Anisaldehyde and in the Decarboxylation of 
Certain Bezylidenemalonic Acids. 56 p. Arthur 

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Effect in the Pinacolpinacolone Rearrangement and 
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Arthur Roe. 

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_K : 

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Chemistry 23 


Some Derivatives of Salicylic Acid. 1 26 p. Arthur 

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in Aromatic Compounds. 41 p. Arthur Roe. 

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Guanidinoquinazolines. 36 p. R. L. McKee. 

Watts, John Conway. Halogenation of Some 
Isoquinolines and Related Compounds. 75 p. Ar- 
thur Roe. 

White, George Thomas. A Study of the De- 

24 Dissertations and Theses 


gradation of Cellulose in Highly Concentrated Hy- 
drofluoric Acid. 66 p., 8 pi. Arthur Roe. 

1957 Crawford, Crayton McCants. The Photolysis of 

Acetone- Acetaldehyde Mixtures. 95 p., 14 pi. 
O. K. Rice. 

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ies of Deamidation Employing Nitrosyl Chloride. 
90 p. Arthur Roe. 

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lution of Methyl Mandelate by Chromatography. 
Part II: Isomer Studies in the Dihydroanthracenes. 
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of Radiation Interference Errors in Flame Pho- 
tometry by a Method of Standard Addition, x, 
100 p. S. B. Knight. 

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C. N. Reilley. 

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Chemistry 25 


Iridium Compounds, x, 1 16 p. (incl. 9 pi.). J. C. 
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96 p. C. N. Reilley. 

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chanism of the Pinacol-Pinacolone Rearrangement 
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benzene With N-Methylaniline. Part II. Attempts 
to Synthesize Some Cyclopoly-p-benzylenes. 123 p. 
J. F. Bunnett. 

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Distributions of Vitreous Silica and Alpha-Quartz, 
Calculated by the Fourier Inversion of the Heat 
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Taylor, Harold Mellon. Investigation of Pos- 
sible Routes for the Synthesis of Pvrimido [4,5-e] 
1,2,4-Triazines. 83 p. (incl. 10 pi.). R. L. McKee. 

Fleishman, Herbert Leonard. Studies in the For- 
mation of Lignin Derivatives and of Aryl Fluor- 
ides. 65 p. Arthur Roe. 

Victorius, Claus. The Action of 4-Hydrazino-4'- 

26 Dissertations and Theses 


Carboxy- Diphenyl Ether on Certain Aldehydes 
and Ketones. 41 p. R. W. Bost. 

Young, Gilbert Flowers, Jr. A Study of the 
Preparation and Sulf onation of Some Ketones Con- 
taining an Aromatic Ring. 26 p. R. W. Bost. 

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of Ketenes by the Decarboxylation of Malonic An- 
hydrides. 16 p. Arthur Roe. 

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37 p. H. D. Crockford. 

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an Analog of Pyribenzamine. 34 p. R. L. McKee. 

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on the Sodium Enolates of Dibenzoly- and Triben- 
zoylmethane. 27 p. R. W. Bost. 

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Schiemann Reaction to some Amino Derivatives of 
Ketones, Ethers, and Polynuclear Hydrocarbons. 
60 p. Arthur Roe. 

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Phenomoepholine Derivatives. Part II: A Study 
of the Reaction Between Benzol and Substituted 
Ureas. 40 p. R. L. McKee. 

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Qualitative Analysis of the Halide Group of An- 
ions. 19 p. J. T. Dobbins. 

Chemistry 27 


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zation of Vinyl Chloroacetate. 80 p. R. H. Wiley. 

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15 p. H. D. Crockford. 

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Properties of Manganese Activated Zinc Fluoride 
and its Components. 22 p. F. E. Williams. 

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27 p. R. L. McKee. 

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gent for the Identification of Organic Halogen 
Compounds. 43 p. R. W. Bost. 

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Size Parameter of Hydrochloric Acid in Aqueous 
Ethylene Glycol Solutions at 25° C. v, 31 p. 
H. D. Crockford. 

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tain Aromatic Amines and Phenoxy Compounds. 
26 p. R. W. Bost. 

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the Sodium Phenoxvbenzene Sulfonates. 32 p. 
R. W. Bost. 

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of Dinitriles. 43 p. R. H. Wiley. 

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Used in the Qualitative Identification of Esters. 
40 p. R. W. Bost. 

28 Dissertations and Theses 


Norman, John Henry. A Qualitative Test for 
Zinc. 24 p. J. T. Dobbins. 

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chlorobenzene for the Identification of Primary and 
Secondary Aliphatic and Aromatic Amines. 28 p. 
R. W. Bost. 

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Activity of the Isomeric Sodium Phenylmercapto- 
benzenesulfonates and Related Compounds, v, 
38 p. R. W. Bost. 

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Decomposition of Sulfonhydrazides. vi, 34 p. 
R. L. McKee. 

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Activity of Certain Sodium Benzenesulfonamide 
Derivatives. 20 p. R. W. Bost. 

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Use of 2, 4-Dinitrothiophenol as a Reagent for 
Organic Halogen Compounds. 20 p. R. W. Bost. 

1950 Brumbaugh, James Hamiel. A Study of the Re- 

action of the Molybdate Ion with Barium, Stron- 
tium and Silver. 38 p. J. T. Dobbins. 

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fication of Cadmium and Tin. 36 p. J. T. Dob- 

George, John Warren. The Oxidation of Selenious 
Acid to Selenic Acid Using Elementary Fluorine. 
28 p. S. Y. Tyree, Jr. 

Hannan, Harold Dale. The Polarographic Re- 
duction of P. Nitroaniline in Aqueous Ethylene 
Glycol Media. 42 p. (inch 7 pi.). E. C. Markham. 

O'Neal, John Bigelow. Condensation of the Ami- 
dine Group of Certain Heterocyclic Systems with 
Substituted Malonic Esters. 15 p. R. L. McKee, 

Chemistry 29 


Sakhnovsky, Alexander. Alexandrovitch. A 
Study of the Ionic Parameter of Hydrochloric 
Acid in D-Fructose- Water Solutions at 25° C. 42 p. 
H. D. Crockford. 

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Tetrahydroquinolines. 24 p. R. L. McKee. 

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tion of Mono-Azo Dyes with Surface-Active Prop- 
erties. 37 p. R. L. McKee. 

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Magnesium and Strontium in the Qualitative 
Scheme of Analysis, 40 p. J. T. Dobbins. 

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tometric Analysis of Certain Surface Active Sodium 
Salts of Organic Acids. 21 p. S. B. Knight. 

1952 Alley, Bernard Joseph. Electromotive Force 

Studies of Aqueous Hydrochloric Acid Solutions 
Containing 20% Sorbitol at 25° C. 45 p. (incl. 
5 pi.). H. D. Crockford. 

Dobbins, Jacqueleene Bowen. The Ultraviolet 
Absorption Spectra of 2-Bromopyridine and the 
Monobromoquinolines and the Determination of 
the Dissociation Constants of the Bromoquinolines 
from Spectrophotometric Measurements. 31 p. 
(incl. 7 pi.). S. B. Knight. 

Doscher, August Fred. The Preparation of some 
Ammonium Phosphomolybdates and Arsenomolyb- 
dates. 35 p. J. T. Dobbins. 

Felton, Marguerite Norman. The Spectropho- 
tometric Determination of the Dissociation Con- 
stant of Cymyl Orange. 37 p. S. B. Knight. 

Frazier, Thomas Cecil, Jr. The Use of 2, 4- 
Dinitrochlorobenzene in the Identification of Pri- 
mary and Secondary Organic Amino Compounds. 
47 p. R. L. McKee. 

30 Dissertations and Theses 


Graham, Jack Raymond. The Decomposition of 
Diazonium Fluoborate Salts in Zinc-Ethanol Solu- 
tions, iv, 24 p. Arthur Roe. 

Guthrie, Roger Thackston. Bromination of Aro- 
matic Compounds in Liquid Sulfur Dioxide. 37 p. 
Arthur Roe. 

Hoyle, Vinton Asbury, Jr. The Preparation of 
Some Difluoroquinolines by the Skraup Reaction. 
29 p. Arthur Roe. 

Little, William Frederick. Electromotive Force 
Studies in Aqueous Solutions of Hydrochloric Acid 
and D-Fructose at 25° C. 47 p. (incl. 7 pi.). 
H. D. Crockford. 

Patterson, Charles Stuart. Electromotive Force 
Studies of Aqueous Hydrochloric Acid Solutions 
Containing 5 Percent Sorbitol at 25° C. 36 p. 
H. D. Crockford. 

Podell, Melvin. A Modified Qualitative Test for 
the Phosphate Ion. 29 p. J. T. Dobbins. 

Rosser, James Kinlaw. The lodination with Iodine 
Monochloride of Some Aromatic Compounds in 
Liquid Sulfur Dioxide. 39 p. Arthur Roe. 

1953 Craig, Doris Lee. A Modification of the Precipita- 

tion of Group II in the Scheme of Qualitative 
Analysis. 41 p. J. T. Dobbins. 

Link, William James. The Preparation of Some 
Difluoropyridines by the Schiemann Reaction. 28 p. 
Arthur Roe. 

Milligan, Barton. The Interchange of Halogens 
in Aromatic Compounds and the Anomalous Side 
Chain Chlorination of Bromotoluene. 43 p. Ar- 
thur Roe. 

Muldrow, Charles Norment, Jr. The Magnetic 
Susceptibility of Potassium Rhenium Iodide. 1 8 p. 
J. C Morrow, III. 

Chemistry 31 


Tillinghast, Elizabeth. The Identification of 
Cadmium. 23 p. J. T. Dobbins. 

1954 Heaton, George DeWitt, III. The Synthesis of 

Some 4-Guanidinoquinazolines. 20 p. R. L. Mc- 

Leidt, Sarah C. Reagents for a Colorimetric Analy- 
sis of Ruthenium. 39 p. (incl. 9 pi.). S. B. Knight. 

Watts, John Conway. Bromination of Some Iso- 
quinoline Derivatives. 33 p. Arthur Roe. 

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32 Dissertations and Theses 


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City and Regional Planning 33 


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the Procedure and Inventory Techniques for Plan- 
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il. J. A. Parker. 

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cational Activities of Planning Agencies with the 
Public Schools, vii, 72 p. J. A. Parker. 

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tivity by School and City Planning Authorities, for 
the Determination of School Location and Design 
in Urban Areas, Based on a Demonstration Study 
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maps. J. A. Parker. 

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on a Study of Housing Market Analysis Techniques 
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Street Plan for Greenville, North Carolina, v, 
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34 Dissertations and Theses 


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tions for a Truck Circulation and Terminal Plan 
for Greensboro, North Carolina, xii, 105 p., maps, 
il. James Webb. 

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Chapel Hill Planning Area and Circulation Plan 
for the University of North Carolina Campus, ix, 
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and Requirements for a Land Use Plan for Long 
Beach, North Carolina ; with a Proposed Land Use 
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Economic Base Study for City Planning, iv, 38 p. 
James Webb. 

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the Problem of Communication and Interpretation 
of City Planning Concepts and Objectives Through 
Popular Forms of Written and Graphic Media, 
vi, 119 p. (incl. 12 pi.). J. A. Parker and James 

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Requirements for Neighborhood Shopping Centers 
in Raleigh, North Carolina. 79 p., maps, il. F. S. 
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Demonstration in Durham, North Carolina. 70 p., 
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Hill. 108 p., maps. F. S. Chapin, Jr. 

Wilson, William Pannell. Shopping and Com- 
mercial Facilities for the Chapel Hill-Carrboro 
Planning Area. An Investigation of the Present and 
Probable Future Land Requirements for Shopping 
and Commercial Facilities in the Chapel Hill-Carr- 

City and Regional Planning 35 


boro (North Carolina) Planning Area — A Dem- 
onstration Study of the Use of the Purchasing 
Power and Inventory Method Applied to a City of 
Approximately 16,000 Population, xxviii, 70 p., 
maps, il. James Webb. 

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Plan for the City of Fayetteville, North Carolina 
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Mount, North Carolina, vi, 55 p., maps, il. James 


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Preliminary Definition of the Theory and Use of 
"Green Belts" and "Country Belts" to Delimit the 
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98 p., maps, il. F. S. Chapin. 

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High Point, North Carolina, vii, 53 p., maps. 
F. S. Chapin, Jr. 

36 Dissertations and Theses 


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dium-Size Cities, xi, 134 p. J. A. Parker and 
F. N. Cleaveland. 

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James Webb. 

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Economy: The Role of Hydro-Electric Power in 
the Development of the Pacific Northwest, ix, 
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of Organization and Administration of Community 
Planning for Western North Carolina, with Spe- 
cial Consideration of the Cherokee Indian Reserva- 
tion. 96 p., maps. F. N. Cleaveland. 

City and Regional Planning 37 


Harvey, John Bruce. Planning for a Part-Time 
Farming Community, x, 123 p., maps. J. A. 

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Economic Model. 124 p. F. S. Chapin, Jr. and 
C. E. Philbrook. 

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Devices Useful in the Modification of Existing 
Neighborhoods. 72 p., maps. James Webb. 

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of Areas of the Cherokee Indian Reservation in 
Western North Carolina: Preliminary Proposals 
with Consideration of Some Regional Factors. 60 p. 
(incl. 11 pi.). James Webb. 

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east as Related to City Growth, Development and 
Planning, xi, 108 p. F. N. Cleaveland. 

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An Examination of Neighborhood Unit Standard 
as Developed by the American Public Health As- 
sociation in Relation to Neighborhood Population 
Sizes Selected to Provide the Desirable Minimum 
and Maximum School Capacity. 95 p., il. J. A. 

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the Make-Up and Vitality of the Urban Economy, 
ix, 91 p. F. S. Chapin, Jr. 

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ernmental Functions in Metropolitan Areas. 1 1 5 p., 
map. F. N. Cleaveland. 

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and Related Functions. 107 p., map. F. S. Cha- 
pin, Jr. 

Devaney, F. John. The Present Economic Struc- 
ture and Forecasted Employment for Fayetteville 

38 Dissertations and Theses 


and Cumberland County, N. C. 1 03 p., il. F. S. 
Chapin, Jr. 

Gladstone, Robert Morris. Columbia Housing 
Problems. 132 p., maps, il. F. S. Chapin, Jr. 

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ment for the Raleigh Metropolitan Area, with a 
Study of Basic-Nonbasic Composition, x, 52 p. 
(incl. 12 pi.). F. S. Chapin, Jr. 

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Inkster. xiv, 111 p., 19 pi. James Webb. 

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Their Solution Through Urban Planning Programs, 
v, 64 p., il. J. A. Parker and James Webb. 

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Johnson City, Tennessee. 77 p. (incl. 6 pi.). J. M. 


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and Their Rate of Growth. 71 p. F. S. Chapin, 


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the Physical Development of the University of 
North Carolina, viii, 71 p., maps. J. A. Parker 
and J. M. Webb. 

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the Cost of Governmental Activities in Single-Fam- 
ily Residential Areas of Different Density. 133 p. 
J. M. Webb and G. H. Esser, Jr. 

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Planning. 244 p., il. F. S. Chapin, Jr. 

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cedures and Techniques Applicable to the Design 
of Single-Family Residential Subdivisions. 1 67 p., 
il. J. M. Webb. 

City and Regional Planning 39 


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gram for Campus Development: Proposed Fayette- 
ville Methodist College, Fayetteville, North Caro- 
lina, vi, 74 p., ii. J. A. Parker and J. M. Webb, 

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suburban Villages, ix, 106 p., il. F. S. Chapin, jr. 

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North Carolina. 1 1 1 p., il. J. M. Webb. 

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the Background and Emergence of a Theory of 
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Factors in Urban Livability: Attitudes Held by 
Selected Individuals, x, 98 p. F. S. Chapin, Jr. 

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Business District of Raleigh, North Carolina — an 
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Limitations of the Planning Director in a Council- 
Manager Form of Government: An Exploratory 
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Requirements for Shopping Centers: A Selected 
Bibliography with Interpretative Comments, v, 
100 p. j. M. Webb. 

Griffin, Robert M., Jr. Planners in Public Plan- 
ning Agencies: An Exploratory Study of the Role 

40 Dissertations and Theses 


of the Urban Planner, vii, 187 p. F. N. Cleave- 
land, J. A. Parker and P. N. Nash. 

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Planning Standards in Relation to the Egyptian 
Community. 116 p., il. J. A. Parker. 

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Relocation: A Case Study of the Church Rede- 
velopment Project, New Haven, Connecticut, v, 
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Farmville, N.C. iv, 57 p. J. M. Webb. 

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Planning Program in Costa Rica, vii, 108 p. J. A. 
Parker and F. N. Cleaveland. 

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Limitation of the Planning Director in a Council- 
Manager Form of City Government: an Explora- 
tory Analysis Based on a Case Study in Charlotte, 
North Carolina, xi, 250 p. P. N. Nash and J. A. 

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velopment of the Central Business District of Cha- 
pel Hill, North Carolina, vii, 49 p. (incl. 14 pi.). 
James Webb. 

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ness District in Transition ; Methodological Ap- 
proaches to CBD Analysis and Forecasting Future 
Space Requirements. 105 p. F. S. Chapin, Jr. 

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Urban Development. 100 p. P. P. Green, Jr. 

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to the Theory of City and Regional Planning. 96 p. 
R. B. Vance. 

Faust, Lucien Cornelius. An Analysis of Selected 


City and Regional Planning 41 

Characteristics of the Membership of the American 
Institute of Planners, viii, 152 p. F. N. Cleave- 

Hem mens, George Charles. Materials Relating to 
the Elements of Planning: A Selected Bibliography 
with Interpretative Comments, xii, 124 p. J. A. 

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ditions, Trends, and Proposals for Urban Land 
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velopment Patterns: An Investigation of the Rela- 
tionship Between the Location of Residential Sub- 
divisions, Major Highways and Industries in Guil- 
ford County, North Carolina, xi, 213 p., maps, il. 
F. S. Chapin, Jr. 

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Commission Members in Piedmont North Carolina 
Crescent Cities, ix, 142 p. F. N. Cleaveland. 

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Program. An Exploratory Analysis Based on a Case 
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Land Uses in Urban Areas. 144 p., il. James 
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of Maps and Aerial Photography of North Caro- 
lina for City and Regional Planning, xii, 328 p., 
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42 Dissertations and Theses 



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* Omitted in 1947 Edition. 

Classics 43 


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44 Dissertations and Theses 


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1948 Viser, Janis M. An Analysis and Evaluation of Two 

Labor-Management Production Committees, v., 
139 p. G. T. Schwenning. 

* Until 195 business and economics were combined in the School of 
Commerce. Work completed in these fields after this date will be found either 
under the School of Business Administration or under the Department of 

Comparative Linguistics 45 


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the Federal Tax Law — Its Inequities and Incon- 
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46 Dissertations and Theses 


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48 Dissertations and Theses 


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Planes to One Another and to the Facial Plane of 
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Dentistry 49 


uation of a Radiopaque Indicator for Dental Units 
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50 Dissertations and Theses 


mary and Young Permanent Teeth. 31 p., il. 
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Higley and R. M. Nelson. 

Winter, Carlton V. An Evaluation of the Possible 
Correlation Between Presently Available Clinical 
Diagnostic Methods and the Prognosis Following 



Dramatic Art 51 

a Vital Pulpotomy Procedure on Primary Teeth. 
98 p., il. R. L. Lindahl. 

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1944 *Brown Gufrra, Guillermo. Latitude 39°; a 
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*Culbert, Lucile Lytton. The Application of Cer- 
tain Dramatic Principles to Radio Propaganda in 
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* Omitted in 1947 Edition. 

52 Dissertations and Theses 


Martin, Elinor Bell Hayes. Anything Can 
Happen, a Play, v, 122 p. Samuel Selden. 

Nachtmann, Robert Burns. Change for a Penny, 
a Play. 103 p. Samuel Selden. 

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1 1 8 p. Samuel Selden. 

Dramatic Art 53 


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54 Dissertations and Theses 


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edy in Three Acts, ix, 139 p. Samuel Selden. 

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Play], iv, 114 p. Samuel Selden. 

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Structural Principles of Advertising in the Docu- 
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Use of Drama in Religious Education in the Pro- 
testant Church. 87 p. Kai Jurgensen. 

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MacIlwinen, William Lee. Remember Your 

Dramatic Art 55 


Heart, a Play with Music, xiii, 88 p. Kai Jur- 

Milburn, Mary Joseph. Indeed the Idols [a 
Play], xiii, 105 p. Kai Jurgensen. 

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Sure, a Musical Play. cl950. vii, 109 p. T. M. 

McIntyre, Cicero Daniel. Bring Me the Sun, a 
Three Act Tragedy, vi, 111 p. Samuel Selden. 

56 Dissertations and Theses 


McKinney, George William. Follow the Sun, a 
Drama in Two Parts Concerning the Unitas Fra- 
trum Known as Moravians, viii, 90 p. T. M. 

Martin, Anne Gilliam. The Candlemaker, a Play 
for Children in Two Parts, v, 59 p. T. M. Pat- 

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vi, 99 p. T. M. Patterson. 

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J. W. Parker. 

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Dramatic Art 51 


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Drama in Two Parts. 80 p. T. M. Patterson. 

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Parents and Children. 82 p. J. W. Parker. 

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edy of Man Against His Fate, v, 102 p. T. M. 

58 Dissertations and Theses 


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in Three Acts, vi, 68 p. T. M. Patterson. 

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in Three Acts, v, 126 p. Samuel Selden. 

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to These Hills. 85 p., 5 pi. R. B. Sharpe. 

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[a Play in Three Acts], vii, 80 p. Kai Jurgensen. 

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cal Drama in Two Acts, v, 70 p. T. M. Pat- 

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Play in Two Acts, x, 73 p. T. M. Patterson. 

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tion to Ibsen, a Study of the New York Produc- 
tions and Critical Reviews. 82 p. R. B. Sharpe. 

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Scenery — History, Technology, Design. 107 p., 
14 pi. H. E. Davis. 

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Two Acts, v, 23 p. T. M. Patterson. 

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[a Play], vi, 90 p, T. M. Patterson. 

Dramatic Art 59 


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[an Outdoor Drama in Two Acts], viii, 68 p. 
T. M. Patterson. 

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Three Acts, vi, 69 p. T. M. Patterson. 

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Mountain, a play in Three Acts, vi, 84 p. Sam- 
uel Selden. 

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Acts], vii, 72 p. Kai Jurgensen. 

da Parma, Evelyn Bozeman. Repeat Performance, 
a Play in Three Acts, iv, 83 p. J. W. Parker. 

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Two Acts, vi, 87 p. Samuel Selden. 

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Paul ClaudePs The Book of Christopher Columbus. 
256 p. Samuel Selden and R. B. Sharpe. 

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60 Dissertations and Theses 


Whetstone, Harvev A., Jr. A Fable for the Fear- 
ful, a Play in Two Acts, viii, 65 p. T. M. Pat- 

Wylde, Marjorie. Captain Christopher's Kirk, a 
Play in Three Acts, vi, 116 p. T. M. Patterson. 

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Acts], vi, 65 p. T. M. Patterson. 

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[a Play in Two Acts], vi, 65 p. T. M. Patterson. 

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in Three Acts], vi, 61 p. T. M. Patterson. 

Johnston, Mary Ruth, Designing Rivals [a 
Play in Three Acts], v, 67 p. T. M. Patterson. 

Krafchick, Marcelline. Family Affair [a Play 
in Three Acts], vi, 61 p. T. M. Patterson. 

O'Sullivan, Peter B. Rich Ride the Righteous 
Home [a Play in Two Acts], ix, 54 p. J. W. 


Dramatic Art 61 


Poteat, James. Come Summer, a Play in Three 
Acts, vi, 63 p. J. W. Parker. 

Reynolds, Christopher Macdonald. Yankee 
Dude [a Musical Play in Two Acts], viii, 91 p, 
T. M. Patterson. 

Soller, Rose Lily. To Walk on Common Ground 
[a Play in Two Acts], v, 68 p. T. M. Patterson. 

1958 Battle, Barbara Helen. A Study of Christopher 

Fry as a Religious Dramatist with a Play for the 
Production of The Firstborn. 199 p. (incl. 12 pi.). 
Samuel Selden and R. B. Sharpe. 

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Acts], vi, 50 p. T. M. Patterson. 

Gordon, Albert Claude. The Soldier and the 
U.D.C. [a Play in Three Acts], vi, 75 p. T. M- 

Heldman, James McDaniel, Jr. Fruits of Autumn 
[a Play in Three Acts], vi, 63 p. T. M. Patter- 

Newdick, Richard L. Costuming The Comedy of 
Errors: A Stylization Based on the Italian Renais- 
sance. 25 p., 22 pi. R. B. Sharpe. 

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Acts], vi, 69 p. Russell Graves. 

Lee, Gunsam. Desire [a Play], vi, 61 p. T. M. 


McDonald, Arthur Warren. A Study of the 
York Mercers' Share in the Presentation of the 
Pageants of the Corpus Christi Festival. 94 p. 
Russell Graves. 

Schuller, Lore. In the Swelling of the Volga 
[a Play in Three Acts], v, 66 p. T. M. Patter- 

62 Dissertations and Theses 



1946 Hawley, Langston Thacker. An Analysis of 

Wage Standardization, viii, 242 p. H. D. Wolf, 

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try in the United States ; an Inquiry into the Re 
strictive Factors Affecting its Development, xiii, 
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* See footnote under School of Commerce. 

Economics 63 

Particular Reference to the Carolina Textile In- 
dustry, vii, 220 p. C. H. McGregor. 

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ers' Surplus in Modern Welfare Economics, viii, 
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Fiscal Devices, with Particular Reference to Rais- 
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Inflation. 209 p. L. D. Ashby. 

Curry, Ben Franklin. Strikes and Seizure Laws 
in Virginia: the Experience of the Commonwealth 
of Virginia in Dealing with Actual and Threat- 

64 Dissertations and Theses 


ened Strikes in Essential Industries, 1946 to 1952. 
624 p. P. N. Guthrie. 

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Income in the States and Regions of the United 
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ity j A Study of the Built-in Flexibility of the 
North Carolina Individual Income Tax and the 
Prediction of North Carolina Individual Income 
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Economic Theory of the Supreme Court in Sher- 
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stricted Stock Options in Compensating the Execu- 
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Economics 65 


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ing Status before and after the Taft-Hartley Act. 
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* Omitted in 1947 Edition. 

66 Dissertations and Theses 


of Taxable Excess Profits, x, 143 p. Clarence 

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Economics 67 


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68 Dissertations and Theses 



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* Omitted in 1947 Edition. 

Education 69 


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70 Dissertations and Theses 


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Education 71 


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72 Dissertations and Theses 


proved Program of Education of Four-and Fivc- 
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Education 73 


Woman's College of the University of North Car- 
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74 Dissertations and Theses 


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Education 75 


Schools in the United States Founded in the Nine- 
teenth Century, viii, 289 p. A. K. King. 

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76 Dissertations and Theses 


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as Measured by Certain Personal Characteristics of 
Teachers in Selected Administrative Units in North 
Carolina. 124 p. W. E. Rosenstengel. 

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tudes Concerning Socio-Civic, Economic, Educa- 
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Education 77 


Union Schools in North Carolina. 198 p., il. W. E. 

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pective School Administrators: A Determination of 
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♦Omitted in 1947 Edition. 

78 Dissertations and Theses 


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Organization and Administration of the Textbook 
System in North Carolina, xii, 80 p. G. B. Phil- 

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G. B. Phillips. 

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Principal in the Organization and Administration 
of Safety Education. 135 p. G. B. Phillips. 

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tion of the Student Report Card. 79 p., il. W. E. 

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Education 79 


Community Recreation in McAdenville, North 
Carolina. 90 p. W. E. Rosenstengel. 

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School Health Program. 124 p., il. R. W. Mor- 

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ricular Activities in the High Schools of Adams 
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ligious Education in North Carolina Public Schools. 
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for the Lincolnton, North Carolina, City Schools. 
57 p. W. E. Rosenstengel. 

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the Army Specialized Training Program Method? 
of Teaching Foreign Languages in Civilian Classes. 
1 12 p. Hugo Giduz. 

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ondary Education Change In the War Years? iv, 
71 p. J. M. Gwynn. 

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English Program of the Secondary Schools of 
North Carolina Since 1920. 108 p. W. C. Ryan. 

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80 Dissertations and Theses 


Administrator in a School-Building Program. 1 1 2 p. 
W. E. Rosenstengel. 

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ucation for Boys in The District Secondary Schools 
of Rowan County, North Carolina. 105 p. (incl. 
map). O. K. Cornwell. 

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in Carroll County, Georgia, vi, 100 p. W. E. 

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Grade Pupils Enrolled in the Bessemer City Schools 
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Teaching of the Social Studies in Alamance County 
Public Schools, 1937-1946. 117 p. G.B.Phillips. 

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W. E. Rosenstengel. 

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porting Practices Used in Eighty-four Elementary 
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O. K. Cornwell. 

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Nurse in School Health Education. 64 p. W. E. 

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ation of the Teachers' and State Employees' Re- 
tirement System of North Carolina as Applied to 
the Teachers of North Carolina. 130 p. G. B. 

Education 8 1 


Simpson, Harold Edward. The Organization and 
Administration of Home Rooms in the Senior High 
Schools of the City Administrative Units of North 
Carolina. 98 p. W. E. Rosenstengel. 

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Abilities of Kindergarten and Non-Kindergarten 
Trained Children in the First Grade. 117 p., il, 
R. W. Morrison. 

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Small Private Academic Junior College for Girls. 
109 p. J. M. Gwynn. 

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the Administration of an Elementary School. 
1 1 5 p. W. E. Rosenstengel. 

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the Educational Values of the DC Publications. 
139 p. J. M. Gwynn. 

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Officer in North Carolina. 80 p. W. E. Rosen- 

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Vance County Schools. 110 p., maps. G. B. Phil- 

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Independent School: a Study of the Webb School 
and of the McCallie School. 64 p. J. M. Gwynn. 

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cratic School Administration. 60 p. W. E. Rosen- 

1947 Barnes, Frances Haskins. An Analysis of the Lei- 

sure Time Activities of Sixty Seventh Grade Boys 
and Girls in Stuart School, North Carolina. 96 p. 
J. S. Tippett. 

82 Dissertations and Theses 


Blair, Alton Bernard. Some Factors that Influ- 
ence the Belief of College Students in Health Su- 
perstitions and Misconceptions. 105 p. O. K. 

Bruton, Lawrence Allen. The Principal's Role 
in Adjusting Disciplinary Difficulties of Elementary 
and High School Pupils Through the Individual 
Conference Method as Shown by an Analysis of 
667 Cases. 84 p. W. E. Rosenstengel. 

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Study in Instrumental Music. 93 p. M. H. 

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Health and Physical Education in the Public 
Schools of North Carolina. 96 p. O. K. Cornwell. 

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Recreation in Small Towns. 80 p. O. K. Corn- 

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tive Process, viii, 56 p. W. E. Rosenstengel. 

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of In-Service Teacher Education with Special Ref- 
erence to Winston-Salem, North Carolina. 1 1 8 p. 
R. W. Morrison. 

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of the Mendocino County, (California, Public 
Schools. 67 p., 5 maps. W. E. Rosenstengel. 

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cation (with Special Reference to North Carolina). 
67 p. W. C. Ryan. 

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School Absences in the Junior High School at Salis- 
bury, North Carolina, With Recommendations for 
Improvement of Attendance, iv, 55 p. G. B. 


Education 83 

Farnell, Edward Newton. A Survey of the Pub- 
lic School Facilities for Negroes in Onslow County, 
North Carolina. 1 1 1 p. (incl. 23 pi., 5 maps). 
G. B. Phillips. 

Gibson, William Thornwell, Jr. The Relation- 
ships Between Intelligence and Other Personality 
Traits. 62 p. G. B. Phillips. 

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Alexander Wilson School Program. 95 p. R. W. 


Greene, Paul Columbus. An Analysis of the Fac- 
tors Related to Pupil Withdrawal in the Carthage 
Consolidated Schools, 1941-1946. 96 p. W. H. 

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Reorganization and Consolidation of the Schools 
for Negroes in Gaston County Administrative 
Unit, North Carolina. 102 p. (incl. 18 pi. and 
3 maps.). G. B. Phillips. 

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Publicity in North Carolina Daily Newspapers. 
61 p. W. E, Rosenstengel. 

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High School English Instruction. 59 p. W. C. 

Holmes, George Washington, III. A Study of 
the Heating and Ventilating System of the Senior 
High School, High Point, North Carolina. 67 p. 
W. E. Rosenstengel. 

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of the Adults of the Elon College Community and 
Implications for the Curriculum of the Elon Col- 
lege Secondary School. 105 p. (incl. 14 pi.), map. 
J. M. Gwynn. 

Horton, William Stewart. A Survey and an 
Evaluation of the Thomasville High School for 

84 Dissertations and Theses 


the Purpose of Reorganization, vi, 118 p., il. 
G. B. Phillips. 

James, Ruby Spain hour. A Survey of the Status 
of Preprimary Schools in North Carolina. 114 p. 
W. R. Morrison. 

Kearney, De Lon Cooper. A Study of the Per- 
sonal-Social Problems Listed by 100 Women Stu- 
dents at the University of North Carolina. 122 p. 
R. W. Morrison. 

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of the Dean of Boys in North Carolina. 66 p- 
W. E. Rosenstengel. 

Langston, Martha Louise. An Exploratory Study 
Using Community Resources in the Study of North 
Carolina. 265 p., il. J. S. Tippett. 

Littleton, John Osburn. Status of the School 
Boards of the City Administrative Units of North 
Carolina. 85 p. W. E. Rosenstengel. 

Lyerly, Samuel Badger. Problems and Proce- 
dures in the Validation of Placement Tests. 108 p. 
W. C. Ryan. 

McConnell, Edith Frances. A Study of the Uses 
of Health and Physical Education in a Public Re- 
lations Program. 68 p., il. W. E. Rosenstengel. 

McConnell, Grace Elizabeth. Case Studies of 
Truancy in Mecklenburg County, (with Special 
Relation to School-Agency Community Coopera- 
tion). 99 p., il. W.C.Ryan. 

McCoy, Mildred O'Neal. An Analysis of the 

Mathematics that Seventy-Seven Seniors in the 

Winston-Salem Schools have Studied and the 
Amount Retained. 112 p., il. W. C. Ryan. 

McIver, William Buie. Extended School Serv- 
ices in the Greater Greensboro School District, 
1942-1946. 79 p. G. B. Phillips. 


Education 85 

McLamb, Cle Otha. A Study of the Social and 
Economic Resources and Needs of the Four Oaks 
School District with Particular Reference to Edu- 
cation. 113 p., il. G. B. Phillips. 

Perkins, Ruth Richards. A Study of Supervisory 
Activities in North Carolina Local Programs. 
115 p., Maps. R. W. Morrison. 

Posey, Marian. A Study of the Development of 
Reading Readiness of Twenty-five First Grade 
Children. 189 p., il. R. W. Morrison. 

Rikard, William Lawrence. The Use of a Merit 
Point System in High School. 66 p. W. E. Rosen- 

Rush, Edna Rebecca. An Analysis of Failures in 
the Primary Grades in the White Schools, Win- 
ston-Salem, North Carolina. 160 p. R. W. Mor- 

Scott, William Jackson. An Analysis and Evalu- 
ation of the Problem of Expanding the Moores- 
ville High School Program, vi, 79 p. G. B. Phil- 

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on Education Found in Six Non-Professional Mag- 
azines, 1940-1946. 68 p. W. C. Ryan. 

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County Schools, vii, 66 p. W. H. Plemmons. 

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the State Superintendency of Schools in North Car- 
olina. 270 p., map. E. W. Knight. 

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School Reading in North Carolina. 1 14 p. J. M. 

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sibilities of the Principal in a Program of Instruc- 
tional Supervision. 149 p. G. B. Phillips. 

86 Dissertations and Theses 


Sugg, Woodrow Bullock. A Study of the Gradu- 
ates of the South Edgecombe High School, North 
Carolina (1935-1941). 91 p. W. E. Rosensten- 

Taylor, Carrie McLean. A Study of a Language 
Arts Program for a Third Grade. 1 66 p., il. F. R. 

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Study of the Effect of Oxygen Administration on 
the Blood Pressure During Exercise and Recovery. 
28 p. (incl. 5 pi.). A. T. Miller. 

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Compulsory Attendance Laws in the Public Schools 
of North Carolina, v, 73 p. G. B. Phillips. 

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ing Program for the Seventh Grade. 78 p. F. R, 

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of a Group of Sixth Grade Children in Gastonia, 
North Carolina. 169 p. W. C. Ryan. 

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jected Visual Aids for Physics in the Senior High 
Schools of North Carolina, vii, 141 p., il. G. B. 

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Behavior in Young Children. 121 p. R. W. Mor- 

Wylie, Julia Eleanor. A Study of the Creative 
Writing of Seven and Eight Year Old Children. 
54 p. F. R. Harwich. 

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licity in Certain North Carolina County Newspa- 
pers Published in 1946. 102 p., map. W. E. 

1948 Adams, Edna Driver. The Development of Educa- 

Education 87 

tion in Polk County, Florida, vii, 129 p. (incl. 7 
pi.). W. C. Ryan." 

Batten, James William. An Analysis of Pre-Serv- 
ice Education of Science Teachers in North Caro- 
lina. 45 p. J. S. Tippett. 

Blyth, Carl Stuart. An Experimental Study of 
Certain Factors in Exercise Leucocytosis. 33 p. 
(incl. 5 pi.). A. T. Miller, Jr. 

Bourne, Elliot Grayson. A Study of Procedures 
Involved and Results Attained in the Training of 
242 Public Law 16 Veterans Who Entered the 
University of North Carolina in September, 1946. 
96 p. G. B. Phillips. 

Camp, James Vernon. An Experimental Study of 
the Influence of Posture and Activity on Post-Ex- 
ercise Heart Rate. 22 p., il. A. T. Miller, Jr. 

Carraway, Mary Hilliard. Current Practices in 
the Selection of Teachers in Selected Colleges and 
Universities in the United States. 95 p. Dorothy 

Cole, Frances Elizabeth. A Study of the De- 
cline of Foreign Languages. 124 p. J. M. Gwynn. 

Curry, Elizabeth Butterworth. A Tentative 
Guidance Program for Eighth Grade Pupils in 
Andrew Lewis High School, Salem, Virginia. 64 p. 
W. C. Ryan. 

Dills, Mary Lucile. The Development of Com- 
pulsory School Legislation in North Carolina. 
122 p. J. M. Gwynn. 

Ferebee, Joseph Starrette. An Experimental 
Study of the Effect of Oxygen Administration on 
the Heart Rate During Exercise and Recovery. 
29 p., il. A. T. Miller, Jr. 

Fickling, Arthur Lee. An Experiment in Trial 
Promotion. 72 p. W. E. Rosenstengel. 

88 Dissertations and Theses 


Fickling, Elizabeth Brooks. An Experiment in 
the Teaching of Spelling in High School. 65 p. 
W. D. Perry. 

Fouts, Croatan Lofton. A Survey of the Fire 
Insurance Program of the Schools of Duplin Coun- 
ty, North Carolina. 58 p. W. E. Rosenstengel. 

Hagy, James William. A Sports Knowledge Test 
in Football, Basketball, and Baseball for College 
Physical Education Classes. 65 p. W. H. Peacock. 

Hamrick, Laxton. A Study of Student Council 
Work in Selected High Schools of North Carolina. 
105 p. W. E. Rosenstengel. 

Harrell, Sidney Lynne. Guidance in Personal So- 
cial Relations Through High School English In- 
struction. 126 p. Dorothy McCuskey. 

Herron, Dorothy Ann. Educational Interests as 
Revealed in the Newspaper Advertisements of Vir- 
ginia and North Carolina Between 1800 and 1840. 
119 p. E. W. Knight. 

Knott, Dorothy Eugenia. The Extent of Coun- 
seling and the Qualifications of Counselors in Jun- 
ior Colleges in North Carolina. 97 p. W. D. 

Lane, Frederick Edgar. Developing An Instruc- 
tional Materials Center. 92 p. W. C. Ryan. 

Lowder, Eunice Idell. Characteristic Dramatic 
Play of Thirty First Grade Children. 62 p. Dor- 
othy McCuskey. 

McLeod, Frank Daniel. A Survey of the Public 
School Facilities for Negroes in Richmond County, 
North Carolina. 88 p., il., map. W. E. Rosen- 

Meredith, Lillian Dyer. The Incidence and 
Causes of Retardation in the Public Schools. 70 p. 
G. B. Phillips. 


Education 89 

Miller, James Otis, Jr. The Renal Excretion of 
Lactate in Muscular Exercise. 1 7 p. A. T. Miller, 

Misenheimer, Charles Payne. Functions of the 
School Administrator in Relation to Health Educa- 
tion Program. 69 p. W. C. Ryan. 

Patrick, George W. Manual Labor Schools in the 
South. A Documentary History, xii, 161 p. E. W. 

Pearson, Christine Edens. An Analysis of Con- 
cepts Involved in Thirty North Carolina State 
Adopted and Supplementary First Grade Texts. 
53 p. Dorothy McCuskey. 

Pearson, Ivan C. A Study of Failure of Thirteen 
Public Law Number Sixteen Cases in Training as 
Related by Employer and Employee. 84 p. W. D. 

Phillips, Andrew Craig. A Survey of Practices 
Followed and Facilities Provided for Housing 
Teachers in the Administrative Units of North 
Carolina. 103 p. W. H. Plemmons. 

Pritchard, Selma O'dell. The Educational Pro- 
gram of Eastern Carolina Industrial Training 
School for Bovs, Rocky Mount, North Carolina, 
1946-1947. 68 p. G. B. Phillips. 

Register, Martha Gwendolyn. A Study of Some 
1947-1948 University of North Carolina Educa- 
tion Students. 106 p. W. D. Perry. 

Robinson, Boyd Wayne. A Plan for a Course of 
Study in Health Education Based on the Needs 
and Interests of Junior High School Pupils. 58 p. 
O. K. Cornwell. 

Scott, Margaret Jean. Some Adjustment Prob- 
lems of Undergraduate Women at the University 
of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. 96 p. W. C. 

90 Dissertations and Theses 


Self, William Columbus. How the Schools of 
North Carolina are Placing the Twelfth Year into 
Their School Program. 112 p. J. M. Gwynn. 

Shope, Nathaniel Hawthorne. An Analysis of 
the Classroom Lighting in the White Union Schools 
of Bladen County, North Carolina. 65 p. W. E. 

Smyre, Nellie Lucile. An Analysis of the Lei- 
sure Activities of Sixty Seventh-Grade Students of 
Salisbury, North Carolina. 84 p. J. S. Tippell. 

Spence, Floyd Vance. A Survey of the Negro 
Schools of Duplin County, North Carolina. 106 p. 
(incl. 21 pi.), map. W. E. Rosenstengel. 

Stewart, Gay Coyle. A Plan for the Reorganiza- 
tion and Consolidation of the Negro Schools in the 
Iredell County Administrative Unit, North Caro- 
lina. 71 p. (incl. 15 pi.), maps. W. E. Rosen- 

Thomas, Walter Benjamin. A Survey of Educa- 
tional Facilities in Cherokee County, North Caro- 
lina, with Recommendations. 60 p., il., map. G. B. 

Tietjen, Charles Henry. A Survey of Negro 
Education in Orange County, North Carolina. 
126 p., il. W. E. Rosenstengel. 

Wharton, Eddythe. A Survey of Speech Defects 
in Schools of Asheville and Buncombe County, 
North Carolina. 48 p. W. G. Wolfe. 

Wheeler, Joseph Williams. An Evaluation of the 
Extra- Curricular Activity Program of the States- 
ville Senior High School. 88 p. W. H. Plem- 

1949 Amendola, Beatrice Bingham. A Study of Poli- 

icies and Practices in Sex Education in Public 
Schools. 48 p. Ruth Fink. 


Education 9 1 

Amendola, Joseph Richard. The Growth and De- 
velopment of the Boy's Clubs of America, Inc. 
1 1 8 p. O.K. Cornwell. 

Antley, Blondelle Googe. A Study of Effective 
Procedures by the Classroom Teacher by Which 
Pupils of the Sixth and Seventh Grades May Come 
to Know Their Strong and Weak Points. 159 p. 
J. S. Tippett. 

Ballard, Clarence William. A Survey of the 
White Elementary Schools of the Asheville City 
Unit. 90 p. A. K. King. 

Bauer, Fred Christian. Offensive Field General- 
ship in Football. 86 p. W. H. Peacock. 

Bird, Marion W. A Plan for Physical Education, 
Intramural and Interscholastic Athletics in the 
County Secondary Schools of North Carolina. 
55 p., il. O. K. Cornwell. 

Blanton, Jenny Beatrix. A Cast Study and Guid- 
ance Program of Slow-Learning Pupils in a Sixth 
Grade. 256 p., il. Dorothy McCuskey. 

Boone, Robert Lee. A Survey of Football Systems 
as Used by Coaches in North Carolina High 
Schools. 88 p. W. H. Peacock. 

Boyd, Roy Ingram. A Study of Custodial Care in 
the Schools of Franklin County, North Carolina. 
65 p. W. E. Rosenstengel. 

Boyles, Dina Taylor. An Experimental Study of 
the Use of Selected Sound Motion Pictures in a 
Combination Second and Third Grade. 139 p., il. 
H. A. Perry. 

Bridges, Erma Louise. A Study of Some Effects 
of a Remedial Program on Achievement of the 
Fifth and Sixth Grade Pupils in the Avondale 
School, Avondale, North Carolina. 107 p., il. 
G. B. Phillips. 

92 Dissertations and Theses 


Broome, Robert William. A Follow-up Study 
of Graduates with Majors in Physical Education 
from Appalachian State Teachers College, 1931- 
1948. 67 p. W. H. Peacock. 

Brown, Georgia Opal. Opportunities for Guidance 
Through High School Home Economics Classes. 
54 p. W. C. Ryan. 

Bullock, James Edward. School Supply Manage- 
ment in the City Administrative Units of North 
Carolina. 84 p., map. W. E. Rosenstengel. 

Bundy, Cora Johnston. A Survey of the Drop-Outs 
in the Belhaven School, 1942-43 Through 1947-48. 
66 p. H. A. Perry. 

Carr, Wilbur Lloyd. A Study of Facilities and 
and Their Use for Recreation at Norris Dam and 
Norris Lake, Norris, Tennessee, xii, 82 p., il., 
maps. W. H. Peacock. 

Clapp, Sarah Cornelia. A Survey and Analysis 
of the Financial Contributions Which Children in 
the High Point;, North Carolina City Schools are 
Called Upon to Make Through the Schools During 
the Year 1948-49. 63 p. Dorothy McCuskey. 

Conner, Harold Thomas. An Investigation of the 
Influence of Several Factors on the Running Per- 
formance of Boys and Girls in the Sixty- Yard Dash. 
5 1 p. W. H. Peocock. 

Cromartie, William King. An Educational Pro- 
gram for the Saint Pauls (North Carolina) School 
with Recommendations for the Physical Plant. 
87 p. G. B. Phillips. 

Dameron, Lucy Moseley. An Analysis of the Out- 
of-School Recreational Activities of a Group of 
Eighth Grade Children of New Bern, North Caro- 
lina. 102 p. G. B. Phillips. 

Danieley, James Earl. An Investigation of the 
Relation Between Achievement in Various High 


Education 93 

School Subjects and Success in General Chemistry 
in Elon College. 29 p. G. B. Phillips. 

Dicks, Judson R. Education in Cumberland Coun- 
ty, North Carolina, 1900-1943. xiv, 120 p. A. K. 

Edson, Cyrus Melvin. The Present Status of Dra- 
matic Arts in Eighty-five North Carolina High 
Schools. 106 p. G. B. Phillips. 

Elliott, Jean St. Clair. A Critical Study of the 
Educational Views of Calvin Henderson Wiley. 
iv, 83 p. E. W. Knight. 

Ferebee, Walter Wayne. A Study of Public 
Opinion on Selected. Phases of Organization, Ad- 
ministration, and Finance in the North Carolina 
Public Schools. . 60 p. G. B. Phillips. 

Glenn, Ralph Anderson. A Study of the Internal 
Accounting of the Senior High Schools in the North 
Carolina Administrative Units. 51 v. W. E. 

Greenbaum, Jesse Kilmore. An Experimental 
Study of the Effects of a Rapid Conditioning Pro- 
gram in Football on the Morphological Composi- 
tion of the Blood. 45 p. A. T, Miller, Jr. 

Gurganus, Cyrus Daniel. A Study of Standards 
for Judging Motion Pictures for Children. 143 p. 
J. M. Gwynn. 

Guyot, Harold McKinley. An Analysis of the 
Growth and Development of County Boards of 
Education in North Carolina. 95 p. G. B. Phil- 

Hampton, Burton B., Jr. A Study of the Racial 

Attitudes of White and Negro Teachers in North 
Carolina. 59 p., il. A. M. Jordan. 

Hauser, L. Milton. A Survey of the District Or- 
ganization and Administration of the Schools of 

94 Dissertations and Theses 


Spartanburg County, South Carolina. 80 p. W. E. 

Henderson, Nellie Inez. Characteristics of Re- 
tardation of a Special Group of Seventh Grade 
Boys and a Program for Them. 219 p., il. Doro- 
thy McCuskey. 

Holton, Willie Mae. A Study of the Drop-Outs 
in Grades 4-8 of the West Edgecombe School, 
1943-1948. 54 p. G. B. Phillips. 

Howell, Edward Newland. An Analysis of the 
Work Done in the Tenth Month of Employment 
by the Principals of Certain Union Schools in North 
Carolina. 65 p. W. E. Rosenstengel. 

Hoyle, Jack Thompson. An Investigation of the 
Effect of the Study of High School Chemistry 
Upon Success in Beginning College Chemistry. 
33 p. J. M. Gwynn. 

Hurd, Clark Hubert. The Place of Interscholas- 
tic Athletic Competition at the Junior High School 
Level. 97 p. G. E. Shepard. 

Isley, Avery Lucian. A Survey of the Negro 
Schools of Lee County, North Carolina. 106 p. 
(incl. 10 pi.). W. E. Rosenstengel. 

Jones, Frances Anne. A Study of the Social Re- 
lationships of Physically Handicapped Children in 
a Second-Third Grade Group. 150 p. Dorothy 

Kenfield, John Fawcett, Jr. An Experimental 
Study of Twelve Male College Students of Low 
Motor Ability. 152 p. W. H. Peacock. 

Lassiter, Ruth Muriel. A Study of the North 
Carolina College Conference. 201 p. J. M. 

Lentz, John Paul. The Relationships Between 


Education 95 

Achievement Test Progress and Other Factors on 
Students' Records. 66 p. A. M. Jordan. 

Lester, George B. A Survey of the Montgomery 
County Schools, North Carolina, x, 71 p., maps. 
G. B. Phillips. 

McCall, Virginia Zipporah. Meeting the Needs 
of Children in Sixth Grade Through Science. 79 p. 
Dorothy McCuskey. 

McKinney, Eileen Stikeleather. A Study of the 
Withdrawal from the Boynton and Delray Beach 
High Schools, Palm Beach County, Florida, 1944- 
1949. 129 p. H.A.Perry. 

Miller, Leonard Paul. Financial Support for 
Capital Outlay in the School Districts of Buncombe 
County. 57 p. G. B. Phillips. 

Mitchell, Sibyle Rose. A Physical Education Pro- 
gram for First Grade Children Based on a Study 
of the Physiological, Emotional, and Social Char- 
acteristics of that Age Group. 120 p., il. Ruth 

Moffett, Robert Breedlove. An Analysis and 
Evaluation of the School Newspaper in the Urban 
Elementary Schools of Twenty Counties in Pied- 
mont North Carolina. 91 p. G. B. Phillips. 

Mozingo, Isaac Clyde. Changes in Secondary School 
Mathematics Programs from 1 930 to 1 948. 1 06 p. 
G. B. Phillips. 

Murray, Frank Junior. The Care and Preserva- 
tion of Athletic Equipment. 78 p., il. W. H. 


Perkins, Allen Kimrey. A Survey of the Plumb- 
ing and Sanitation Facilities in the White Schools 
of Bladen County, North Carolina. 54 p. W. E. 

Perkins, Rachel Sophronia. An Investigation of 

96 Dissertations and Theses 


the School Success of Special Pupils Under an In- 
formal and a Formal Evaluative Situation. (Case 
Studies). 233 p. Dorothy McCuskey. 

Phoenix, Lee Clyde. The North Carolina School 
Principal: His Training, Experience, and Adminis- 
trative Problems. 76 p. W. E. Rosenstengel. 

Pope, Harold James. A Survey of Intramural Pro- 
grams in Colleges and Secondary Schools. 69 p. 
R. E. Jamerson and O. K. Cornwell. 

Rhyne, Rufus L. The Organization and Adminis- 
tration of Automobile Driver Instruction in the 
High Schools of North Carolina. 78 p., map. 
W. E. Rosenstengel. 

Sink, Dallas Evelyn. Use of Audio-Visual Aids 
in Grade Five of the Forsvth County Schools. 
107 p. H. A. Perry. 

Sowell, Paul Newton. A Follow-Up Study of 
the Students Graduated from the Westfield High 
School, North Carolina, During the Past Six Years, 
1943-194-8. 83 p. W. E. Rosenstengel. 

Stone, Frances Baker. A Study of Non-Promo- 
tion in the Shallotte Elementary School. 128 p. 
H. A. Perry. 

Suman, Sue Ratchford. A Study of Certain Is- 
sues and Trends in Education as Revealed by The 
High School Journal, 1918-1947. 100 p. A. K. 

Taylor, Armour Woodrow. A Study of Reten- 
tions and Eliminations in the Public White Schools 
of Harnett County. 134 p. (incl. 5 pi.). J. M. 

Thatcher, Anne Jackson. A Study of the Opin- 
ions and Attitudes of Nine Girls Toward Adjust- 
ment Problems and Counseling in Junior College. 
81 p. W. D. Perry. 


Education 97 

Thompson, George Logan, Jr. A Survey of Coun- 
ty Basketball Tournaments in North Carolina. 
80 p. W. H. Peacock. 

Turbyfill, Thomas Sidney. A Survey and Analy- 
sis of Studies of Interests of Secondary School Pu- 
pils. 80 p. J. S. Tippett. 

Wall, Neta Bridges. A Study of the Combination 
Sixth and Seventh Grade Pupils Enrolled in Caro- 
leen School, Caroleen, North Carolina. 180 p., il. 
G. B. Phillips. 

Wallace, Kelley. A Survey of the Negro Schools 
of Wake County, North Carolina. 94 p., map. 
W. E. Rosenstengel. 

Waters, Lindsay Anderson. A Study of Parent, 
Teacher, and Pupil Reaction to the Film, Hwnan 
Growth. 89 p. H. A. Perry. 

Weant, Robert Andrew. An Experimental Study 
of the Effects of a Rapid Conditioning Program 
on the Cardiovascular and Respiratory Functions 
of the Body. 67 p. A. T. Miller, Jr. 

Weeks, Percy Leonard. The Scope and Causes 
of Turnover Among Classified Principals in North 
Carolina, 1938-39—1948-49. 51 p. (incl. 5 pi.). 
W. E. Rosenstengel. 

Whiteley, Samuel Louis. An Analysis of Alamance 
School Community for Its Leads into, and Other 
Contributions to, an Elementary Science Program 
to be Carried out by the Elementary Classroom 
Teacher. 93 p. G. B. Phillips. 

Whitley, Thomas Harrison. A Survey of the An- 
sonville School, a Public Opinion Poll, xii, 71 p. 
(incl. 25 pi.). G. B. Phillips. 

Wills, Paul William. An Analysis of Health and 
Physical Education Practices in Sixty-two Alabama 
Senior High Schools. 95 p., map. G. E. Shepard. 

98 Dissertations and Theses 


Woodward, Mildred Fite. An Analysis of Teacher- 
Education Programs in North Carolina, Based upon 
the Self-Evaluation Questionnaire of the State Ed- 
ucation Commission. 146 p. H. A. Perry. 

Wright, Henry Franklin. A Study of Various 
Conditions and Methods and Their Effect on Fish- 
ing in Coastal North and South Carolina. 52 p. 
O. K. Cornwell. 

1950 Abbott, Carrie Parton. Pupil Progress in Swain 

County Elementary Schools. 59 p. H. A. Perry. 

Abernethy, Julius. A Study of Undergraduate 
and Graduate Records and Corresponding Gradu- 
ate Record Examination Scores of 537 University 
of North Carolina Graduate Students, 1947-1949, 
with Special Studies of English, Modern Language, 
and Social Science Students. 85 p. A. K. King. 

Anderson, W. P. The Effect of Muscular Develop- 
ment, Muscular Activity and Obesity on Creatinine 
Excretion. 27 p. A. T. Miller, Jr. 

Arwood, Frank. The History of the Brigade Boys' 
Club of Wilmington, North Carolina. 65 p. 
W. H. Peacock. 

Ashe, Richard Howard. A Study of Lighting Con- 
ditions, with Implication for Remodeling, of the 
Mount Holly Elementary School, Mount Holly, 
North Carolina. 89 p. W. E. Rosenstengel. 

Barnhill, George Dewey. A Survey of the Lei- 
sure Time Activities of the Business and Profes- 
sional Men of Salisbury, North Carolina. 68 p. 
W. H. Peacock. 

Bass, Oakel Burnis. Community Use of Rural 
Schools in North Carolina. 109 p. W. H. Plem- 

Baughn, Marianna Coffey. An Investigation of 
Effective Methods for the Classroom Guidance of 


Education 99 

the Cerebral Palsied Child. 132 p., il. G. G. 


Baxter, Robert Emmett. Methods of Teaching: 
What Social Education Shows from 1937 to 1946. 
91 p. J. M. Gwynn. 

Beckham, Laura Melton. Labor's Part in Federal 
Aid for Education. 1 17 p. G. B. Phillips. 

Beckwith, Evelina Gilbert. A Study of the Phy- 
sical Equipment and Teaching Personnel of the 
Indian Schools of Robeson County, North Carolina. 
64 p. (incl. 5 pi.). H. A. Perry. 

Bethea, Ernestine. A Study of the Use of Com- 
munity Resources in the Primary Grades of the 
City Schools of Sumter, South Carolina, 1948-1949. 
70 p. H. A. Perry. 

Blanchard, Willard Jackson. Budgetary Proce- 
dures in Junior Colleges of North Carolina. 36 p. 
W. E. Rosenstengel. 

Bomar, Cora Paul. A Survey of Facilities for and 
Practices in Teacher Education in the Field of 
Reading in North Carolina Colleges and Univer- 
sities. 103 p. (incl. 10 pi.). Dorothy McCuskey. 

Bonds, Collis Huntington. A Study of the Pro- 
fessional Training and Status of Elementary Prin- 
cipals in South Carolina. 77 p. H. A. Perry. 

Boyd, William W. A Study of the Interscholastic 
Athletic Programs of the Class AA High Schools 
of South Carolina. 129 p. O. K. Cornwell. 

Brinkley, William Earl. A Study of the Colum- 
bus County White Union School Sites with Recom- 
mendations for Improvement. 79 p. (incl. 16 pi.). 
G. B. Phillips. 

Britt, Gilbert Arnold. A Comparative Study of 
Trends in Methods of Teaching Mathematics: 
1930-1934 and 1945-49. 208 p. J. M. Gwynn. 

100 Dissertations and Theses 


Brown, Vera Love. The Use of Community Re- 
sources in Junior High School: a Study of the Use 
of Community Resources in Hall Fletcher Junior 
High School in Asheville, North Carolina, 1948- 
1949 and 1949-1950. 76 p. J. S. Tippett. 

Burn ham, Mark. An Attempt to Define the Fac- 
tors Regulating the Post-Exercise Heart Rate. 
21 p., il. A. T. Miller, Jr. 

Burroughs, Annie Gray. A Study of the Elemen- 
tary School Assembly in Sixty Schools of North 
Carolina. 68 p. G. B. Phillips. 

Caldwell, Margie May. A Study of the Activities 
Involved in Initiating a Supervisory Program in 
the White Elementary Schools of Dillon County, 
South Carolina. 146 p., il. G. B. Phillips. 

Carson, Jesse C, Jr. An Analysis of the Opinions 
of the Attorney General of North Carolina with 
Regard to the Operation of the Schools at the Lo- 
cal Level from 1934 to 1948. 137 p. G. B. 

Cashatt, Cyrus Everett. The Place of Free Read- 
ing Activities in the Eighth Grade. 54 p. H. A. 

Chase, John Bryant, Jr. An Analysis of the Change 
of Interest of One Hundred and Fifty Secondary 
School Pupils. 158 p., il. G. G. Ellis. 

Cheek, Marvin Emmett. Football Motion Pic- 
tures as an Aid to Coaching. 81 p. O. K. Corn- 

Clay, Gail. Beginning Tumbling Instruction for 
College Women, with Specific Reference to Mo- 
tion Pictures as Visual Aids. 91 p. Ruth Fink, 

Coppedge, Grace Pemberton. The Use of Tests 
in a Developmental Program in a Seventh Grade 
in Mount Airy, North Carolina, During the School 
Year, 1949-1950. 126 p., il. Dorothy McCuskey. 


Education 101 

Correll, Ray Alexander. A Study of Physical 
Education for Boys in Junior High Schools of 
North Carolina. 83 p. O. K. Cornwell. 

Cowan, James Middleton. A Historical Develop- 
ment of the Georgia High School Association. 
244 p., il., maps. W. H. Peacock. 

Cranford, Numie Sherrill. The Relation of Cer- 
tain Physical Tests to Skills in Selected Sports. 
44 p. W. H. Peacock. 

Croker, Malcolm Shields. A Survey of the 
School Facilities for Whites in Cumberland Coun- 
ty, North Carolina. 94 p., il., map. W. E. Rosen- 

Culton, Robert C. School Lighting Conditions in 
the District Schools of Granville County, North 
Carolina. 57 p. G. B. Phillips. 

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ment of the Federal School Lunch Program in the 
Public Schools of North Carolina. 108 p. G. B. 

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Some Selected General Mathematics Textbooks 
Since 1925. 80 p. G. B. Phillips. 

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Practices of the Elementary Schools in Rocky 
Mount, North Carolina. 87 p. H. A. Perry. 

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Eight Years of Age. 78 p. W. H. Peacock. 

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sign and Equipment of High School Science Class- 
rooms. 137 p. (incl. 9 pi.). W. E. Rosenstengel. 

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ball Facilities of North Carolina High Schools. 
62 p. W. H. Peacock. 

102 Dissertations and Theses 


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Creek School District of Wilkes County, North 
Carolina. 91 p., il. W, E. Rosenstengel. 

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tary Education Act of 1 870. 96 p. J. L. Godfrey. 

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Physical Education for Boys in Secondary Schools 
of the Northeastern Class "A" Conference of North 
Carolina. 74 p W. H. Peacock. 

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for Classifying Candidates for College Freshman 
Basketball Teams. 38 p. W. H. Peacock. 

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Conditions, with Implications for Remodeling, oi 
the Proximity Junior High School, Greensboro, 
North Carolina. 112 p. W. E. Rosenstengel. 

Hanzel, John Joseph. A Study of the Leisure 
Time Activities of 300 Adults of Johnstown, Penn- 
sylvania. 96 p., map. W. H. Peacock. 

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School Bus Transportation System of Randolph 
County. 98 p. W. E. Rosenstengel. 

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School Facilities for Whites in Wayne County, 
North Carolina. 74- p., map. W. E. Rosensten- 

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lish Curriculum of Sanford High School. 215 p., 
il. Dorothy McCuskey. 

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and Utilization of Audio-Visual Aids in Asheville 
City Schools. 81 p., map. W. E. Rosenstengel. 

Hutto, Lee Morton. A Study of Certain Effects 
of Varsity Athletics Upon the Motor Fitness of 
the Players. 67 p. W. H. Peacock. 


Education 1 03 

James, Floyd E. Presbyterian Junior College. 81 p. 
J. M. Gwynn. 

Johnson, John William, Jr. The Relation of the 
Community to the Program in Recreation, Physical 
Education and Health in Elizabeth City, North 
Carolina. 152 p. O. K. Cornwell. 

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gal Requirements for Local Superintendents of 
Schools in the United States. 94 p. W. E. Rosen- 


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Schools of Carteret County. 58 p., map. W. E. 

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Documentary History, 1915-1949. 59 p. E. W. 

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cational Specifications for a New Secondary School 
Building. 100 p. W. E. Rosenstengel. 

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preme Court and Religion in the Schools Since 
1925. 153 p. E. W. Knight. 

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men Through Instruction in English. 54 p. W. D. 

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cation in Lee County. 62 p. G. B. Phillips. 

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seling for the Adolescent. 64 p. W. D. Perry. 

Long, John Burke. Analysis of Opinions on Home 
Study as Expressed in Selected Professional Lit- 
erature and General Periodicals Since 1930. 54 p. 
G. B. Phillips. 

Lyles, Joseph Henry. Status of the City School 

104 Dissertations and Theses 


Boards of South Carolina. 92 p. W. E. Rosen- 


McCreary, Homer A. An Experiment in Home 
Study in Seventh Grade of the Landis School 
(North Carolina). 47 p. W. E. Rosenstengel. 

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lem Areas of the Students of Chapel Hill High 
School, Chapel Hill, North Carolina. 131 p. 
G. G. Ellis. 

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Traits Among a Group of Slow-Learning Pupils 
and Techniques for Improving Them. 244 p., il. 
H. A. Perry. 

Maxwell, Richard Dale. A Study to Determine 
the Extent and Nature of Disabilities Found Among 
Entering Men Students at the University of North 
Carolina Who Would Profit by Remedial, Correc- 
tive, and Adapted Recreational Activities in Physi- 
cal Education. 62 p. O. K. Cornwell. 

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the Organization and Administration of a State 
Junior High School Athletic Association for North 
Carolina. 40 p. W. H. Peacock. 

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Gymnasium Mats in Terms of Construction, Main- 
tenance, Cost, and Safety Factors, And Multiple 
Use. 63 p., il, W. H. Peacock. 

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Hundred and Twenty Freshman and Sophomore 
Failures at the University of North Carolina Dur- 
ing the Fall Quarter of 1948. 140 p. W. D. 

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tunities for the Use of Audio-Visual Aids in Dur- 
ham County Schools. 71 p. W. E. Rosenstengel. 


Education 105 

Morrison, Boyce McKnight. A Study of Super- 
vision in the Public Schools of North Carolina, 
1949-1950. 143 p. H. A. Perry. 

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of Physical Education and Intercollegiate Athletics 
in the Five Small Liberal Arts Colleges in South 
Carolina. 89 p. W. H. Peacock. 

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Changes in the Programs of Activities of Organ- 
ized Recreation in the Industries of North Caro- 
lina. 100 p., il. R. E. Jamerson and Harold 

Nelson, Frank Whitt. A Study of Six-Man Foot- 
ball with Special Reference to North Carolina. 
58 p. W. H. Peacock. 

Osborne, James Theodore. The Community Use 
of School Resources in Cherokee County, North 
Carolina, as Compared with a National Trend. 
53 p. W. E. Rosenstengel. 

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Education Adapted to the Facilities of Windham 
High School, Willimantic, Connecticut. 93 p., il. 
W. H. Peacock. 

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of Schools in Greene County, North Carolina. 
105 p. (inch 32 pi.). W. E. Rosenstengel. 

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terials for the Teaching of North Carolina at the 
Eighth Grade Level. 113 p., il. Dorothy Mc- 

Philbeck, Ellen. The Development of Women's 
Golf in the United States. 72 p. Ruth Fink. 

Pugh, Robert Lee. A Program for the Consoli- 
dation of the Negro Schools of Craven County, 
vi, 88 p., il. W, E. Rosenstengel. 

106 Dissertations and Theses 


Ramos, Pearle Raper. A Survey of Speech Defects 
in the Schools of Charlotte, North Carolina. 70 p. 
G. B. Phillips. 

Ramsey, Edmond Fitzgerald. Analysis of Public 
School Publicity in Certain Virginia Newspapers. 
54 p. A. K. King. 

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of Selected Basal and Supplementary Textbooks for 
the Sixth Grade. 127 p. Dorothy McCuskey. 

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Discussed in Selected Magazines of 1948. 53 p. 
W. H. Plemmons. 

Schepkowski, Rachel Orr. A Study of the Ele- 
mentary Schools of Denmark. 49 p. E. W. Knight. 

Shatterly, Luther William. A Study of Science 
Material in Fourteen Lay Magazines for the Years 
1945, 1947, and 1949. 145 p. G. B. Phillips. 

Shaughnessy, Donald Francis. A Historical Study 
of Loyalty Oaths for Teachers. 82 p. E. W. 

L b l 

Shields, James Duncan. Changes in the Science 
Program of Secondary Schools from 1930 to 1948. 
168 p. G.B.Phillips. 

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Schools of Stanley County, North Carolina. 70 p. 
(incl. 12 pi.). G. B. Phillips. 

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of the Cabarrus County, North Carolina Schools 
with Implications for Functional Health Instruc- 
tion in Grade Nine. 72 p., il. O. K. Cornwell. 

Stuart, Helen B. A Study of Girls' Interscholas- 
tic Basketball In Arkansas. 63 p. Ruth Fink. 

Sturgell, Jack Sherman. A History of the North 
Carolina College Center Movement and a Follow- 


Education 107 

Up Study of its Students, 1946-48. 1 12 p. J. M. 

Taylor, Eula Mildred. A Study of the Relation- 
ship of Reading Readiness to Background Factors 
in a First Grade Classroom. 173 p., il. Dorothy 

Tilson, W. Erwin. A Comparative Study of the 
Drop-Outs and the Graduates of Columbia High 
School 1948-1950. 81 p., maps, il. W. E. Rosen- 

Tipton, William Frank. The Training Program 
for Teachers of High School Mathematics in the 
White Senior Colleges of North Carolina. 41 p. 
W. H. Plemmons. 

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of Selected Basic and Supplemntary Reading Text- 
books for the Fifth Grade. 78 p. Dorothy Mc- 

Weaver, Meeda Willi ford. A Survey of Promo- 
tion Practices and Policies in the White Elementary 
Schools of Nash County. 70 p. G. B. Phillips. 

West, Verona Allred. A Partial Analysis of a 
Testing Program in the Mount Airy Elementary 
Schools, and Some Implications for Supervision. 
157 p., il. Dorothy McCuskey. 

Williams, Roger LeRoy, Jr. A Study of the 
Effects of Moderate Static Dehydration on Motor 
Ability. 26 p. A. T. Miller, Jr. 

Williamson, Paul Connelly. A Pictorial Study 
of Certain Offensive Backfield Fundamentals in 
Football. 139 p., il. W. H. Peacock. 

Wolfe, Eunice Kneece. A Study of Education 
by Radio with Special Emphasis Upon Practices in 
Three Selected North Carolina Administrative 
School Units from 1937 to 1942. 169 p. G. B. 

108 Dissertations and Theses 


Woodard, Walker Willard. A Critical Analysis 
of Audio- Visual Instruction in the Wilson City 
Schools with Particular Reference to the use of the 
16 mm Film. 124 p. G. B. Phillips. 

Woodward, Joseph Blair. A Study of Undergrad- 
uate and Graduate Records and Corresponding 
Scores on the Graduate Record Examination of 537 
Students Enrolled in the Graduate School of the 
University of North Carolina, 1947-1949, with 
Special Studies of Education Students and Mathe- 
matics and Natural Science Students. 96 p. A. K. 

Wooten, Robin Nathaniel. An Investigation of 
the Administration and Use of Standard Tests in 
Six North Carolina Counties. 67 p. G. B. Phillips. 

Young, Elizabeth Little. An Evaluation of the 
Guidance Program, Lowe's Grove High School, 
Durham County, North Carolina. 86 p. G. G. 

1951 Baxter, Madeline E. Negro Education as Viewed 

in The Outlook (1893-1935). 121 p. E. W. 

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mary, of Fifty Students Who Were Enrolled in the 
Diversified Occupations Program for at Least One 
Year in the Burlington High School. 60 p. G. B. 

Burt, Harold Benjamin. A Vocational Survey of 
Boys Graduating from Hugh Morson High School, 
Raleigh, N.C., from 1947 to 1949; with Impli- 
cations for Industrial Arts. 1 1 5 p. J. M. Gwynn. 

Carter, Andrew Garland. A Study of Internal 
Financial Accounting in Certain Virginia Schools. 
86 p. W. E. Rosenstengel. 

Dixon, Robert Thomas. A Survey of the Audio- 
Visual Aids Program of Harnett County, North 


Education 109 

Carolina, with Recommendations for the Improve- 
ment of the Program. 88 p. G. B. Phillips. 

Egbert, Evelyn Forsyth. A Creative Method of 
Teaching Creative Design. 64 p., 20 pi. W. C. 

Fields, Riley Clinton. A Study of Drop-Outs in 
the Star High School, Montgomery County, North 
Carolina, 1947-1951. 58 p. G. B". Phillips. 

Hayes, Eloise Delay. A Study in Meeting the 
Needs of a Group of First Grade Children and in 
Teacher Adjustment to School Environment. 76 p. 
Dorothy McCuskey. 

Holbrook, Elizabeth McRaven. A Study of the 
Development of the Fusion Plan. 188 p. J. M. 

Irby, Albert. A Survey of the Negro Schools of 
Bladen County, North Carolina, with Proposals 
for Consolidation. 71 p., il. W. E. Rosenstengel. 

Irvine, Paul, Jr. An Investigation of the Reading 
Ability of Fifth Grade Children and of the Read- 
ability of Their Textbooks. 80 p., il. W. D. Perry. 

Jackson, Edith Hight. A Follow-up Study of the 
Graduates of the Franklinton High School, North 
Carolina (1945-1950). 87 p. G. G. Ellis. 

Jones, Franklin Ross. A Public Opinion Evalua- 
tion of the Henderson City School's. 8 1 p. G. B. 

Kesler, Frederick Donald. A Critical Analysis 
of the Liberty High School, Liberty, North Caro- 
lina. 99 p., il. G. B. Phillips. 

Lentz, Fred Woodrow. A Survey of the Educa- 
tional Facilities of the Public Schools of Alexander 
County, North Carolina. 66 p. (incl. 12 pi.). 
W. E. Rosenstengel. 

110 Dissertations and Theses 


Linewfaver, John Rogers. A Study of the Prob- 
lems of the Tenth, Eleventh, and Twelfth Grade 
Students of Iredell County, North Carolina. 
316 p., il. W.D.Perry. 

Lowder, Lloyd Grey. The Interrelationships be- 
tween Reading and Arithmetic Achievement, School 
Marks in Reading and in Arithmetic, and Other 
Related Factors. 65 p. J. M. Gwynn. 

McClure, Bettye Lou. Speech Therapy in North 
Carolina: An Analysis of the Program in Rocky 
Mount. 57 p. G. B. Phillips. 

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Secondary Schools. 202 p. Dorothy McCuskey. 

Modlin, Raymond. A Study of the Withdrawals 
of Dixon School in One Particular Year. 53 p. 
G. B. Phillips. 

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in the White Senior High Schools of Beaufort 
County, North Carolina. 129 p., il. G. G. Ellis. 

Nelson, Rolla Clayborne. A Study of Practices 
in Science Teaching As Reported in School Science 
and Mathematics, 1940-50. 96 p. C. M. Clarke. 

Nesbitt, Vanda Whicker. Homemade Play Ap- 
paratus and Equipment. 91 p. (incl. 30 pi.). Ruth 

Newlin, Harvey Roseland. A Study of the Drop- 
Outs of Burlington High School 1945-46 through 
1949-50. 87 p. W. E. Rosenstengel. 

Ross, Charles Reid. A Survey of the Negro Pub- 
lic Schools in Harnett County, North Carolina. 
120 p. (incl. 29 pi.), maps. W. E. Rosenstengel. 

Sentman, John Richard. A Study of the 7-5 Pro- 
gram in Virginia with Some Noteworthy Practices 
in Curriculum Development. 94 p. J. M. Gwynn. 

Education 1 1 1 


Sifford, James Potts, Jr. A Comparative Study 
of the Academic Achievements of Athletes and 
Non-Athletes at Albemarle North Carolina High 
School for the Academic Year 1949-1950. 78 p. 
O. K. Cornwell. 

Strauch, Arnold Charles. A Study of the Post- 
war Parent-Teacher Associations' Programs, Cum- 
berland Countv, North Carolina. 66 p. (incl. 7 
pi.). H. A. Perry. 

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Study of Drop-Outs and Graduates in the High 
Schools of Iredell Countv, 1949-51. 91 p. G. G. 

Walker, Irma Lee. A Minimum Hearing Conser- 
vation Program in the State of North Carolina. 
45 p. G. B. Phillips. 

Waters, Mildred Smith. A Survey of Audio-Vis- 
ual Aids in the Shelby City Schools. 132 p. H. A 

West, Cameron Pritchett. A Study of the Cafe- 
terias of the Jacksonville, North Carolina Public 
Schools. 80 p., il. W. E. Rosenstengel. 

Wilson, Richard Carlton. A Survey of the Eco- 
nomic, Social, and Educational Status of Thirty- 
Eight Ninth Grade Students. 89 p., il. G. B. Phil- 

Younce, Charles Lee. Educational Views in The 
Nation — A Documentary History, 1865-1885. 
70 p. E. W. Knight. 

1952 Evatt, Margaret Marie. A Study of the Growth 

of High School Student Activities. 125 p. J. M. 

Ferguson, Ruth Frances. A Study of Children's 
Fears. 89 p. H. A. Perry. 

Gettys, Robert H. A Survey of the District Or- 

112 Dissertations and Theses 


ganization and Administration of the Schools of 
Oconee Countv, South Carolina. 63 p., il. G. B. 

Kelley, Beaman Woodruff. Status of the North 
Carolina School Superintendents. 57 p. G. B. 

Lamm, Greyard B. A Study of Educational Oppor- 
tunities for Negro Youth in the Public Schools of 
Montgomery County, North Carolina, ix, 71 p., 
il. G. B. Phillips. 

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the Assembly in Certain Selected High Schools in 
North Carolina. 126 p. W. H. Plemmons. 

Peck, John Russell. A Study of Mentally Re- 
tarded Pupils in a Typical Classroom Situation. 
169 p., il. H.A.Perry. 

Steelman, Johnson Howell. A Study of the High 
School Library Facilities in the Rowan County Ad- 
ministrative Unit. 58 p. G. B. Phillips. 

1953 Bagley, Paul Theodore. A Study of the Effec- 

tiveness of Counseling Disabled Veterans. 75 p., 
il. G. G. Ellis. 

Brown, Edward Thomas. A Study of Opinions of 
Superintendents and Principals Concerning the Ef- 
ficiency of Teachers Who Held Selected Types of 
Teaching Certificates. 186 p. W. H. Plemmons. 

Coley, James Walton. The Schoolmaster in Some 
Works of American Literature. 153 p. W. H. 

Georgion, Melton Michel. Some Effects of the 
Junior High Schools in Gastonia, North Carolina. 
166 p., il. W. H. Plemmons. 

Lovelace, Annie Pearl. A Studv of the Speech 
Defectives in the City Schools of Reidsville, North 
Carolina. 60 p. G. B. Phillips. 

Education 113 


Thies, Frank Ramsay, Jr. A Study of the Liberal- 
ism-Conservatism Attitude Continuum Among 
High School Seniors. 52 p., il. A. M. Jordan. 

1954 Booth, William Albert. A Functional Study of 

the Tasks of a Beginning Superintendent. 99 p. 
J. M. Gwynn. 

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Facts in High School History Texts with the Wes- 
ley Test. 80 p., il. J. M. Gwynn. 

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tional Personnel in the White Public Elementary 
Schools of Robeson County, 1953-1954. x, 123 p. 
H. A. Perry. 

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Areas of Undergraduates at the Woman's College 
of the University of North Carolina. 168 p. G. G. 

Dail, Alton Earl. A Survey of the Extra-Curri- 
cular Activities in the White Secondary Public 
Schools of Nash County, North Carolina, for the 
School Year 1953-1954. 100 p. G. G. Ellis. 

Freeman, Claire Elizabeth. A Study of the Opin- 
ions of Graduates of One Class (1952) of the 
Needham Broughton High School, Raleigh, North 
Carolina, to determine the Value of Their High 
School Science Courses. 98 p. W. H. Plemmons. 

Hanes, Robert Carpenter. A Study of Trends 
and Changes in Secondary-School Supervision from 
1925 to Mid-Century. 193 p. J. M. Gwynn. 

Houser, Thomas Presley, Jr. A Five- Year Fol- 
low-Up Study of the Graduating Class of 1949 
of the George Washington High School, Danville, 
Virginia. 155 p. W. H. Plemmons. 

Litaker, Frank Ernest. A Follow-Up Study cf 
the Graduates of 1952 of the School of Education, 

114 Dissertations and Theses 


The University of North Carolina. 61 p. W. H. 

MurrelLj Mildred Jane. Guidance of High School 
Seniors Through Instruction in English. 126 p. 
G. G. EUis. 

Shope, Elizabeth Schneider. A Follow-Up Study 
of the Graduates of 1950 of the School of Edu- 
cation, The University of North Carolina. 62 p. 
W. H. Plemmons. 

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on the Public Schools in the United States, x, 
115 p. H.A.Perry. 

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Listening and Television Viewing Habits of a Se- 
lected Group of Raleigh High School Students. 
41 p. R. L. Beard. 

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the Graduates of 1945 Through 1954 of the Kitty 
Hawk High School. 52 p. D. G. Tarbet. 

1956 Hill, Elaine Randolph. A Survey of the Per- 

centage of Lef t-Handedness and Theories of Train- 
ing Children with Left-Handed Tendencies. 44 p. 
R. L. Beard. 

Melton, Culbreth Y. A Study of the Students 
who Enrolled in Emmanuel College from Sep- 
tember 1952 Through September 1955. 117 p. 
D. G. Tarbet. 

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cation as Found in Presidential Addresses of the 
National Education Association Over a Hundred 
Year Period. 149 p, J. M. Gwynn. 

Teague, Eleanor A. A Study of the Life Adjust- 
ment Education Movement. 84 p. J. M. Gwynn. 

1957 Edwards, Cornelia Atkins. The Significance of the 

English 1 1 5 


Publications of The Educational Policies Commis- 
sion 1936-1956. 166 p. J. M. Gwynn. 

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ematics in the Secondary Schools in Jordan, vi, 
41 p. R. E. Summerfield. 

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the Relationship Between Emotional Adjustment 
and Improvement in Reading. 39 p. A. M. Jor- 


1947 McFarland, Abba Mae. A Study of Speech De- 

fects in the San Diego, California, Elementary 
Schools. 73 p. J. S. Tippett. 

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Study of the Graduates of 1951 of the School of 
Education, The University of North Carolina. 
79 p. W. H. Plemmons. 

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Mann on Schnirelmann Density, ix, 21 p. A. T. 



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Biography in Holinshed's Chronicles. 385 p. G. C 

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Craftas in the Old English Leechbook of Bald. 
vi, 356 p. E. E. Ericson. 

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glo-Saxon Tradition, vii, 264 p. E. E. Ericson. 

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literative Tradition, xi, 514 p. G. R. Coffman. 

116 Dissertations and Theses 


1947 Blakely, Sidney Hornor. John Howard Payne, 

Dramatic Craftsman. 3 1 1 p. G. L. Paine. 

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thinker. (1718-1721). v, 381 p. R.P.Bond. 

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Irving's Development as a Man of Letters to 1825. 
415 p. G. L. Paine. 

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tion to Elizabethan Curse Tradition and Drama. 
v, 280 p. G. C. Taylor. 

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Narrative Poems of Robert Southey. 253 p. A. P. 

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triae with Special Reference to the Doctrine of the 
Redemption. 497 p. G. R. Coffman. 

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azine and Democratic Review , 1 837- 1 859 j A Study 
of Its History, Contents, and Significance. 348 p. 
G. L. Paine. 

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erary Nationalism in American Magazines, iv, 
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on the Arts as Evidence of an Aesthetic Theory. 
449 p. Raymond Adams. 

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say Journal The World, (1753-1757). ix, 414 p. 
R. P. Bond. 

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cer Apocrypha, xi, 498 p. G. R. Coffman. 

English 117 


Bracy, William. The Merry Wives of Windsor: A 
Critical Study of Textual Transmission and Related 
Problems, iv, 300 p. Hardin Craig. 

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Closely Related Beliefs in English Romantic Po- 
etry, xix, 214 p. A. P. Hudson. 

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Theory and Practice of Historical Fiction. 372 p. 
G. L. Paine. 

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ormation, xiv, 489 p. Hardin Craig. 

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310 p. Hardin Craig. 

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in Dryden's Use of the Major French Critics, iv, 
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Chaucer by Drvden and Pope, iii, 434 p. R. P. 

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val Manuals of Religious Instruction in the Poems 
of John Gower, with Special Reference to the De- 
velopment of the Book of Virtues, vii, 437 p. 
G. R. Coffman. 

Highfill, Philip Henry, Jr. A Study of Francis 

118 Dissertations and Theses 


Gentleman's The Dramatic Censor (1770). 391 p. 
Dougald MacMillan. 

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Spectator (1744-1746). iv, 257 p. R. P. Bond. 

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urative Expression in Piers Plowman, Text B. v, 
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Walker, George William. The Personal and Lit- 

English 119 


erary Relationships of Sir Walter Scott and James 
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English 133 

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134 Dissertations and Theses 


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English 135 

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136 Dissertations and Theses 


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140 Dissertations and Theses 


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English 141 


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142 Dissertations and Theses 


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English 143 

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144 Dissertations and Theses 


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English 145 

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146 Dissertations and Theses 


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English 147 


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148 Dissertations and Theses 


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Geology and Geography 149 


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150 Dissertations and Theses 


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Geology and Geography 151 


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152 Dissertations and Theses 


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Geology and Geography 153 


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154 Dissertations and Theses 


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160 Dissertations and Theses 


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History 161 


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History ........ 163 

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164 Dissertations and Theses 


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* Omitted in 1947 Edition. 

History 1 65 


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166 Dissertations and Theses 


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History 167 


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168 Dissertations and Theses 


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History 1 69 


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170 Dissertations and Theses 


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History 171 


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172 Dissertations and Theses 


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History 1 73 


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174 Dissertations and Theses 


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Pegg- - 

History 1 15 


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176 Dissertations and Theses 


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History 1 77 


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178 Dissertations and Theses 


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History 1 79 


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• Pegg. 

180 Dissertations and Theses 


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tude Toward Texas and Cuba, 1835-1855. iv, 
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Industrial Relations 181 


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North Carolina Supreme Court 1818-1858. iv, 
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Sampling by Specifications and Areas for the Hous- 

182 Dissertations and Theses 


ing Component o fthe Consumers' Price Index. 
81 p., maps. H. D. Wolf. 

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Taft-Hartley Act. 189 p. H. D. Wolf. 

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tions of a Privately Financed Guaranteed Wage. 
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Library Science 183 

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Communist China in 1957. 97 p. J. B. Adams. 


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Classification and Cataloguing of Maps as Shown 
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Libraries Issued from 1 827 through 1907. vi, 75 p. 
Susan Grey Akers. 

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tions with Consideration of the Possible Adoption 
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Handling Pamphlets with Consideration of the Pos- 
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Forest College Library, 1878-1946. 105 p. Lu- 
cile Kelling. 

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Authority and Its Influence in the Development 
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Lucile Kelling. 

184 Dissertations and Theses 


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Comparison of the Biographies in Four Series of 
Books for Children, viii, 93 p. Margaret Kalp. 

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of North Carolina, 1892-1945. 144 p. Luciie 

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of the Children's Book Center, The Book List, and 
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Whitaker Collection of Charles Dickens and George 
Cruikshank in the University of North Carolina 
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Library Science 185 


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Translations of Fiction by U.S. Authors Based on 
Titles Listed in Index Translationum, 1932-1954. 
80 p. Lucile Kelling. 

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Twenty Books in the Library Poll of the Saturday 
Review, July 23, 1955. 79 p. Lucile Kelling. 

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Life and Customs of the Southern Appalachians as 
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Margaret Kalp. 

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186 Dissertations and Theses 


Literature Used by American Authors of Journal 
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the Hanes Collection in the Louis R. Wilson Li- 
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tion in France, Germany, Italy, Spain, the United 
States, and Great Britain, of Sixteen Selected Latin 
Authors, Based on Titles in the Index Translation- 
urn, 1932-1940, 1948-1956. 124 p. Lucile Kel- 

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ments of the States of the United States: A Com- 
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North Carolina Revolutionary Source Materials in 
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of some of the More Important Printing Families 
of the Fifteenth and Sixteenth Centuries. 89 p. 
Lucile Kelling. 

Library Science 187 


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erences. 71 p. C. J. Frarey. 

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cial Resources and Collections in Southern College 
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Guilford County, North Carolina, viii, 71 p. 
Margaret Kalp. 

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Criticism of William Faulkner. 71 p. Lucile 

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Mathematics 197 


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200 Dissertations and Theses 


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Music 203 


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204 Dissertations and Theses 


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Personnel Administration 209 


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216 Dissertations and Theses 


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218 Dissertations and Theses 


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Physical Education 219 

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220 Dissertations and Theses 


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Physical Education 221 


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222 Dissertations and Theses 


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Physical Education 223 

Health and Physical Education Program in the 
Roanoke Rapids, North Carolina, Public Schools. 
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Administration of Football Programs in Selected 
North Carolina High Schools. 52 p. G. B. Phil- 

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lems in an Intramural Sports Program, with Spe- 
cial Reference to the University of Georgia. 34 p. 
Ruth Fink. 

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gen Saturation During Exercise and Recovery and 
the Influence of Oxygen Administration. 32 p., il. 
A. T. Miller, Jr. 

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Physical Education Program for Men at the Uni- 
versity of North Carolina for 1946-57 on Basis of 
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W. H. Peacock. 

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and Physical Education for the Tar Heel Elemen- 
tary School. 59 p. H. A. Perry. 

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Interests as Related to the Physical Education Pro- 
grams of Greenville and Parker High Schools, 
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Physical Education and Intramural Athletics at the 
University of North Carolina. 90 p. W. H. Pea- 

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of Individual Problem-Solving Technique as a 
Method of Presenting Personal Hygiene to Col- 
lege Women. 51 p. Ruth Fink. 

224 Dissertations and Theses 


Mallory, James B. A Study to Determine the Valid- 
ity of Football Achievement Tests as a Partial Ba- 
sis for the Selection of Players. 34 p., il. W. H. 

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Track and Field Events on the White Blood Cell 
Picture. 30 p. A. T. Miller, Jr. 

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Participation at the University of North Carolina 
on the Basis of General Athletic Ability. 48 p. 
W. H. Peacock. 

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Physical Education Facilities, Areas, and Programs 
in the Group II Schools of Virginia. 46 p., map. 
W. H. Peacock. 

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of Children Through Leadership and Followership 
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velopment of the Western North Carolina High 
School Activities Association. 63 p. W. H. Pea- 

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and Financing of Inter-Scholastic Athletics in Se- 
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Carolina. 92 p. W. H. Peacock. 

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Selected Factors in a Testing Program for Boys 
of Grades Five Through Seven in the Lincolnton, 
North Carolina, Grammar School. 97 p. O. K. 

Burnett, Tannye Olivia. The Motion Picture as 


Physical Education 225 

a Visual Aid in the Training of Officials for Worn - 
en's Basketball. 40 p. Ruth Fink. 

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sic. Ruth Price. 

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O. K. CornwelJ. 

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of Buncombe County, North Carolina. 81 p. 
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Physical Education Program for the City School 
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cation for Boys in the District Secondary Schools 
of Gaston County, North Carolina. 87 p., il. 
G. E. Shepard. 

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Effect of Semi-Starvation and Dehydration on 
Strength and Endurance with Reference to College 
Wrestling. 52 p. W. H. Peacock. 

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sical Education to Social and Emotional Adjustment 
Problems in the Junior High School. 88 p. Ruth 

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Academic Marks of Football and Non-Football 
Players at Reidsville High School. 26 p. O. K. 

Lefko, Nicholas Eric. A Survey of Physical Edu- 

226 Dissertations and Theses 


cation for Men in the Junior Colleges of North 
Carolina. 104 p. O. K. Cornwell. 

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Track and Field at the University of North Caro- 
lina. 369 p. O. K. Cornwell. 

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tems and Methods and Techniques of Meeting De- 
fensive Changes on the Field of Play in Football. 
109 p. O. K. Cornwell. 

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of the Cozens Test of General Athletic Ability in 
College Men, as Administered at the University 
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in the North State Conference. 96 p. W. H. Pea- 

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the Archery Novice with Specific Reference to an 
Instructional Film. 31 p. Ruth Fink. 

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lationship of Chronological Age and Success in 
Football. 40 p. W. H. Peacock. 

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lems Faced by a Physical Education Director in a 
Small Rural High School in North Carolina. 84 p. 
W. H. Peacock. 

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American Legion Junior Baseball Program. 1 36 p., 
il. W. H. Peacock. 

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70 p., il. R. E. Jamerson. 

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Causes of the Decline of Intercollegiate Boxing. 
54 p. O. K. Cornwell. 

Physical Education 227 


1952 Adams, Ruby A. The History and Development of 

Women's Field Hockey. 70 p. Ruth Fink. 

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Education Program: Its Justification and Adminis- 
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sical Education for Deaf Children Based on Se- 
lected Factors. 87 p. W. H. Peacock. 

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Women's Physical Education Departments of New 
England Colleges and Universities. 62 p. Ruth 

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Confronting the Camp Counselor. 66 p., il. W. 
H. Peacock. 

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Women in Required Physical Education at the Uni- 
versity of North Carolina. 38 p. W. H. Peacock. 

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and Use of Administrative Forms in the Adminis- 
trations of College Intramural Activities. 45 p. 
W. H. Peacock. 

1954 Godwin, Betty Alice. A Study of the Use of 

Dance as a Therapeutic Aid, with Special Reference 
to the Mentally 111. 95 p. Ruth Fink. 

228 Dissertations and Theses 


Guiton, John Henry. A Study of the Program? 
and Facilities for Selected Interscholastic Minor 
Sports in the Class AAA High Schools of North 
Carolina. 63 p. W. H. Peacock. 

Parrish, Eva Ruth. A Study of the Anatomical 
and Kinesiological Principles Underlying the Ac- 
tivities of Reaching, Lifting, Carrying, Climbing, 
Pushing, and Pulling as Applied to Household Ac- 
tivities. 67 p. Ruth Fink. 

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of Participation in the Women's Intramural Pro- 
gram at the University of North Carolina. 59 p. 
Ruth Fink. 

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ices of National Sports Organizations. 127 p. Ruth- 

1955 Hoffman, Earl Edward. An Exploratory Study 

on the Competitive Traits in Athletes. 17 p., 
xviii. W. H. Peacock. 

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123 p. W. H. Peacock. 

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of Selected Motor Skills for the In-Service Train- 
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Picture as an Instructional Aid in the Teaching of 
Tennis Skills. 34 p. Ruth Fink. 

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as Related to Physical Education Instruction. 66 p. 
Ruth Fink. 

Williams, Carole C. A Study of Camp Counselor 
Positions in Private Camps for Girls. 1 20 p. Ruth 

Physics 229 


1958 Brantley, Herbert. A Study of General Athletic 

Ability, Academic Grades and Extracurricular Par- 
ticipation of Male College Students at the Univer- 
sity of North Carolina. 52 p. W. H. Peacock. 

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Skills as they Relate to Physical Education in the 
First Grade. 81 p., il. W. H. Peacock. 

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mural Sports, with Special Reference to the Wom- 
en's Collegiate Golf Tournament. 88 p. Ruth 

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to Heat and Exercise Stress. 38 p., il. C S. 



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Strong Coupling. 52 p. Nathan Rosen. 

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J. W. Straley. 

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tions of the Low Energy Portion of the Beta-Par- 
ticle Spectrum from Radium E. 63 p., il. P. E. 


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Field Equations and the Motion of Particles in 
Einstein's Generalized Theory of Gravitation. 
60 p. Nathan Rosen. 

230 Dissertations and Theses 


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Particles of Integral Spin as Compounds of Dirac- 
Type Particles. 16 p., il. Nathan Rosen. 

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Gage Discharge. A, V. Masket. 

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(incl. 11 pi.). A. V. H. Masket. 

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Separations and its Relation to the Narrow Air 
Shower Hypothesis. 94 p. (incl. 19 pi.). E. D. 

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Energy of Relativistic Mu-mesons in Argon. 48 p. 
(incl. 13 pi.). E. D. Palmatier. 

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tribution of Extensive Air Showers. 52 p. (incl. 
6 pi.). E. D. Palmatier. 

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1953 Blackwell, Roeert Jerry. An Investigation of 

the Photon Component of Cosmic Radiation. 95 p. 
(incl. 25 pi.) . E. D. Palmatier. 

* Restricted. 

Physics 23 1 


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High Speed Impacts. 74 p. (incl. 38 pi.). A. V. H. 


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tion Energy Loss of Relativistic Mu-Mesons in 
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as-Fermi Theory to Molecules. 58 p. W. A. 

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the Soft Cosmic Radiation at Low Altitudes. 67 p., 
16 pi. E. D. Palmatier. 

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sity Measurements of the Bending Modes of Acety- 
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Separation. 33 p. (incl. 8 pi.). E. D. Palmatier. 

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232 Dissertations and Theses 


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zation Energy Losses of Mu-Mesons in Argon. 
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Centered-Cubic Lattices, With an Application to 
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ture of Brittle Materials: A Study of the Statistical 
Geometrical Properties of Flaw-Arrays. 45 p., il. 
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il. J. W. Straley. 

.1948 Barlow, John Sutton. An Investigation of the 

"Positive" Particles Occurring Near Radiophos- 

Physics. 233 


phorus P-32 in the Cloud Chamber. 51 p., il. 
F. T. Rogers, Jr. 

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J. W. Straley. 

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alyzer for Measuring Low Energy Spectra. 1 9 p., 
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Flames. 43 p. (incl. 14 pi.). J. W. Straley. 

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Construction of a Liquid-Prism Spectrometer for 

234 Dissertations and Theses 


Studying the Raman Effect. 47 p. (inch 12 pi.). 
J. W. Straley. 

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Recorded by Nuclear Emulsions and the Processing 
and Calibration of the Emulsions. 37 p., 7 pi. 
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A. V. H. Masket. 

Physics 235 


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Region Stratification as Revealed in Records Made 
at Fort Read, Trinidad, B.W.I., during September 
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of Measuring Forces Resisting Armor Penetration. 
32 p. (incl. 10 pi.). A. V. H. Masket. 

236 Dissertations and Theses 


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Voltage Mu-Pressure Philips Gage Discharge. 

34 p. (incl. 7 pi.). J. W. Straley. 

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Physiology 237 


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238 Dissertations and Theses 


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Platelets in Relation to Blood Coagulation. 137 p., 
J. H. Ferguson. 

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on the Excretion of Uric Acid. 48 p., il. A. T. 
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atrum on the Circulation of the Dog with Special 
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E. P. Hiatt. 

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86 p. J. H. Ferguson. 

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Plant Pathology 239 


loids on the Circulation of Dogs with Experimental 
Renal Hypertension. 33 p., il. E. P. Hiatt. 

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cytes of Blood with Special Reference to Their Ef- 
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95 p. J. H. Ferguson. 

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Spontaneous Activity of the Albino Rat. 66 p. 
A. T. Miller, Jr. 


(State College) 

1 946 Hebert, Teddy Theodore. Studies on the Seasonal 

Development and Control of Cercospora Leafspots 
of Peanuts. 43 p., 5 pi. Luther Shaw. 



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in Metropolitan Planning, vi, 237 p. J. W. Fes- 

240 Dissertations and Theses 


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Management of Southern Resources. 34-3 p. 
P. W. Wager. 

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the Conduct of Foreign Relations in Venezuela, 
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Political Science 247 


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248 Dissertations and Theses 


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250 Dissertations and Theses 


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Psychology 251 


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252 Dissertations and Theses 


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Psychology 253 


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254 Dissertations and Theses 


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Psychology 255 


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256 Dissertations and Theses 


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Public Health 257 


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Studies of Educational Backgrounds and Influences 
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258 Dissertations and Theses 


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* Omitted in 1947 Edition. 

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I . . - ■ 

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Social Work 283 


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284 Dissertations and Theses 


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286 Dissertations and Theses 


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Social Work 287 


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288 Dissertations and Theses 


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Social Work 289 


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290 Dissertations and Theses 


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Social Work 291 

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292 Dissertations and Theses 


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298 Dissertations and Theses 


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300 Dissertations and Theses 


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Sociology 301 


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302 Dissertations and Theses 


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304 Dissertations and Theses 


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306 Dissertations and Theses 


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Sociology 307 

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308 Dissertations and Theses 


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Sociology 309 


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310 Dissertations and Theses 


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Zoology 319 

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320 Dissertations and Theses 


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Zoologi 321 


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Barnard, Margaret Ann, 1-259 

Barnard, Walter Monroe, 1-185 

Barnes, B. N., 54 

Barnes, Charles Ward, 1-192, 197 

Barnes, Elizabeth Anne, 1-143 

Barnes, Frances Haskins, 1-81 

Barnes, Pauline, 1-285 

Barnes, Samuel Gill, 1-119, 123 

Barnett, Betty May Tribble, 1-274 

Barnett, Mrs. E. L., 67 

Barnett, Josephine, 125 

Barnett, R. W., 42 

Barnette, Walker, 110 

Barnhardt, C. L., 63 

Barnhart, William Joseph, 1-121 

Barnhill, George Dewey, 1-71, 98 

Barnhill, Harry Lee, 1-139 

Barnhill, Lou Vogt, 1-139 

Barnwell, J. F., 118 

Barr, E. S., 128, 130 

Barr, Lois Elizabeth, 1-120 

Barrett, Charles M., 1-60 

Barrett, J. A., 147 

Barrett, John Gilchrist, 1-162, 169 

Barrett, L. L., 141 

Barrett, Madie Ward, 1-45 

Barrett, William Robert, 1-155 

Barrier, K. L., 157 

Barrier, Margaret Ann, 1-305 

Barrington, Sybil, 84 

Barron, Mary Eleanor, 1-171 

Barrow, Margaret Bruce, 1-208 

Barth, Ernest A. T., 1-297, 303 

Bartz, W. F., 15 

Barwick, Mary Elizabeth, 1-131 

Basinger, Glaydis, 1-5 

Baskervill, W. H., 24 

Baskerville, Charles, 11 

Baskin, William Harrell, III, 1-270 

Bass, Eddie C, 1-205 

Bass, L. A., 17, 21 

Bass, Oakel Burnis, 1-98 

Bass, William Wilson, 1-119 

Bassett, Joseph Yarnall, jr., 1-24 

Bassett, Mildred Simone, 1-268 

Bates, Ann Louise, 1-140 

Bates, Frederick LeRoy, 1-296 

Bates, James Leonard, 1-159, 165 

Bates, Nancy Pritchette, 1-183 

Batten, James William, 1-87 

Batten, Roland Wesley, 1-154 

Battle, Barbara Helen, 1-61 

Battle, H. B., 11 

Battle, Laura Maud, 1-271 

Battle, W. J., 28, 29 

Batuyios, Nicholas Harry, 1-212 

Bauer, Fred Christian, 1-91 

Baugh, E. I., 54 

Baughan, Thelma Louise, 1-144 

Baughn, Charles Otto, jr., 1-206 

Baughn, Marianna Coffey, 1-98 

Baum, A. E., 60 

Baxter, Carl Simpson, 1-204 

Baxter, Madeline E., 1-108 

Baxter, Robert Emmett, 1-99 

Baynes, Eloise, 32 

Bayroff, A. G., 133, 135 

Bazemore, A. W., 27 

Bazemore, Alva Walker, 1-15 

Beach, E. K., 99 

Beall, Mary Gusta, 1-303 

Beam, Charles Worth Morton, 

Beam, Nancy D., 1-280 
Beans, W. P., 154 
Beard, Edward Mitchell, 1-301 
Beard, Luther Stanford, 1-12 
Beasley, Annie Ruth, 1-5 
Beasley, Leon Odum, 1-175 
Beaton, George Moody, 1-37 
Beatty, H. C, 60 
Beau j on, Jan Hendrik Rudolf, 

1-212, 213 
Beavers, E. M., 16 
Becher, John Manning, 1-39 
Beck, C. K., 129 
Becker, Jack Hastings, 1-256 
Beckham, Laura Melton, 1-99 
Beckham, Rebecca Joan, 1-10 
Beckwith, Evelina Gilbert, 1-99 
Beckwith, Herbert Henry, 1-188 
Beckwith, J. P., 157 
Bedenbaugh, John Holcombe, 1-31. 
Bedon, Helen Davie, 1-26 
Beebe, George A., 1-165 
Beebe, Harold Henry, jr., 1-205 
Beedon, Elizabeth Wilcox, 1-287. 
Beeler, James Rush, 1-268 
Beerbaum, A. W., 105 
Beers, C. D., 162 

Beeson, Otis Carrington, jr., 1-270" 
Begley, Michael Joseph, 1-277 
Behnken, Howard Paul, 1-14 
Behrman, J. N., 45 
Beidler, William, 1-216 
Belcher, R. H., 23 
Belcher, William Francis, jr.,, 

1-117, 124 
Bell, Clvde Ritchie, 1-10 
Bell, Ellen Boykin, 1-134 



Bell, F. M., 73 

Bell, L. J., 105 

Bell, M. C, 124 

Bell, Martha, 31 

Bell, Mrs. S. F., 149 

Bellamy, Mary C. Dixon, 1-271 

Belleza, Ines G., 1-197 

Benadava, Santiago, 1-247 

Benbow, C. F., 39 

Bender, Edward John, 1-300 

Bender, J. A., 20 

Bennett, Barbara Louise, 1-120 

Bennett, D. P., 126 

Bennett, Leonard L., jr., 1-15 

Bennett, T. B., jr., 74 

Benson, C. H., 121 

Benson, Crayton Robert, jr., 1-71, 

Benson, J. McL., 157 
Bentley, Harold Arthur, jr., 1-115 
Benton, William Lockhart, 1-202 
Berger, Bernard, 15 
Berkeley, A. R., 82 
Berkeley, Edmund, 1-9 
Berkut, Michael Kalen, 1-7 
Bernanke, Philip Richard, 1-57 
Bernard, Louis Leon, 1-158, 167 
Bernard, M. T., 32 
Bernard, W. S., 29 
Bernasek, Edward, 1-21 
Bernhardt, H. A., 16 
Bernhart, G. W., 33 
Bernstein, Leonard Harold, 1-165 
Bernstein, Melvin, 1-203 
Berry, Edward Clark, 1-150 
Berry, Lloyd Eason, 1-144 
Berry, Marvin Bryan, 1-44 
Berryhill, Henry Lee, jr., 1-152 
Berryhill, Louise Russell, 1-152 
Berwanger, S. K., 136 
Beshers, James Monahan, 1-298, 

Best, Edward Exum, jr., 1-43, 44 
Best, John Hardin, 1-178 
Beswick, Delbert Meacham, 1-199 
Bethea, Ernestine, 1-99 
Bettinger, Donald John, 1-22 
Betros, Louis Joseph, 1-282 
Betts, A. H., 71 
Betts, M. G., 144 
Beust, Nora, 53 
Bezanson, W. B., 95 
Bibb, William Robert, 1-6 
Bice, H. V., 134, 136 
Bickford, Margaret Crist, 1-279 
Bickford, Walter E., 1-280 
Bienvenu, Richard, 1-180 
Biggers, Clyde Wilson, 1-224 
Bilancio, Leo, 1-178 
Billings, Charles Moore, III, 1-58 

Bilpuch, Edward George, 1-231, 

Bird, C. R., 50 
Bird, Marion W., 1-91 
Birdseye, Irving Earl, 1-301 
Bishop, Celeste Wise, 1-272 
Bissell, Betty Joan, 1-144 
Bisset, Eugenia, 1-266 
Bissett, Valera Miller, 1-278 
Bissette, Maxine, 1-283 
Bitting, M. E., 94 
Bivens, W. P., 82 
Black, Kenneth, jr., 1-45 
Black, Winifred Castleman, 1-252 
Blackburn, Alexander L., 1-140 
Blackburn, Jacob Floyd, 1-191 
Blackshear, W. S-J., 133 
Blackwelder, Eugene Dwight, 1-138 
Blackwelder, Mae, 63 
Blackwelder, Ruth, 111 
Blackwell, G. W., 156 
Blackwell, R. C, 120, 121 
Blackwell, Robert Jerry, 1-230 
Blaine, J. C. D., 38, 43 
Blair, Alton Bernard, 1-82 
Blair, Charles Barkley, jr., 1-317 
Blair, Elizabeth, 36 ' 
Blake, John Wilson, 1-321 
Blakely, Sidney Hornor, 1-116 
Blalock, Ann Bonar, 1-307 
Blalock, Hubert Morse, jr., 1-296 
Blalock. Thomas J., 1-26 
Blanchard, Willard Jackson, 1-99 
Bland, Laura Elizabeth, 32; 1-42 
Bland, M. C, 32 
Bland, Rosemary Therese, 1-141 
Blank, Philip Everett, jr., 1-143 
Blankenburg, W. L., 76 
Blanks, Joseph Younger, jr., 1-167 
Blanton, Jenny Beatrix, 1-91 
Blass, Marilyn Louise, 1-309 
Blau, Julian H., 1-190 
Blaylock, F. R., 19 
Blenkner, Charles Louis, 1-134 
Blevins, Robert Lee, 1-77 
Bliss, Francis Royster, 1-42 
Blomquist, Carl Allan, 1-36 
Blood, Robert O., jr., 1-295 
Bloomberg, Helen Graubert, 1-283 
Bloomer, R. O., 101 
Blount, A. K., 144 
Blue, C. f 160 
Blue, Caroline, 1-276 
Blumen, Isadore, 1-313, 315 
Blyth, Carl Stuart, 1-70, 87 
Blyth, Dorothy Rhyne, 1-267 
Blythe, F. L., 29 
Boatman, Ernest Leon, 1-181 
Boatman, Ralph Henry, jr., 1-258 
Boger, W. J., 65 



Bohlinger, J. H., 71 

Bolce, B. L., 36 

Bolch, James Alfred, 1-209 

Bold, Frances Ann, 1-184 

Boliek, M. I., 161, 162 

Bolmeier, Jane, 1-4 

Bolt, Joseph Sullivan, 1-2, 301 

Bomar, Cora Paul, 1-99 

Bond, Clara Murphy, 1-280 

Bonds, Collis Huntington, 1-99 

Bone, J. B., 119 

Bonjean, Charles Michael, 1-182 

Bonner, Brant, 38 

Bonner, Francis Wesley, 1-116 

Bonner, J. C, 108 

Bonner, William Snyder, 1-33 

Booker, N. B., 96 

Boole, John Allen, jr., 1-9 

Boone, Robert Lee, 1-91 

Boone, W. E., 115 

Booth, Audrey Joyce, 1-205 

Booth, Curtis Spence, 1-215 

Booth, George Wythe, jr., 1-222 

Booth, William Albert, 1-113 

Boquin, F. G., 138 

Borum, Olin Henry, 1-16, 26 

Boskoff, Alvin, 1-293 

Bost, Iris Lee, 1-113 

Bost, R. W., 12, 20 

Bostian, Richard Lee, 1-204 

Bourne, Elliott Grayson, 1-87 

Bourne, W. R., 86 

Bowditch, M. F., 119 

Bowen, Anne, 34 

Bowen, Susan Woodson, 1-21 

Bowie, A. Y., 88 

Bowles, Elizabeth Ann, 1-136 

Bowman, Frank Otto, jr., 1-150 

Bowman, J. O., 50 

Bowman, Miriam Allen, 1-188 

Bowman, Rebecca Ann, 1-136 

Bowman, Wayne, 96; 1-52 

Bowser, Eileen Putt, 1-2 

Bowser, William Patton, 1-56 

Boyazis, A, C, 74 

Boyce, H. S., 103 

Boyd, Betty, 1-193 

Boyd, Mary Guy, 1-184 

Boyd, Roy Ingram, 1-91 

Boyd, Scott, 1-218 

Boyd, William W., 1-99 

Boyette, Dora Stroupe, 1-134 

Boyette, E. T., 50 

Boylan, Hannah, 27 

Boyle, E. R., 34 

Boyles, Dina Taylor, 1-91 

Boyles, Paul Weldon, 1-238 

Boyne, John J., 1-241 

Boysworth, M. F., 153 

Bozarth, Donald Franklin, 1-35 

Brabham, H. J., 34 

Bracy, William, 95; 1-117 

Braddy, A. W., 89 

Bradley, Dorothy, 146 

Bradley, Ralph Allan, 1-311 

Bradshaw, G. W., 47 

Brainard, H. G., 42 

Braje, Wilfried, 1-246 

Bramlett, A. L., 106 

Branca, Albert Arthur, 1-249 

Branch, Florence Audrey, 1-210 

Branch, L. V. N., 129 

Brandon, Barbara Wolff, 1-176 

Brandon, W. P., 110 

Brandon, Wallace Reid, 1-155, 269 

Brannen, Dorothy Vernon, 1-134 

Brantley, Herbert, 1-229 

Brashear, M. M., 77 

Brauer, Gerhard Max, 1-16, 27 

Braun, M. L., 128, 129 

Braverman, Lorry, 1-59 

Brawley, D. J., 13, 24 

Brawley, Eleanor Riggins, 1-259 

Brawley, James Shober, 1-173 

Brearley, H. C, 151 

Breazeale, Elizabeth, 29 

Breazeale, F. B., 131 

Breedlove, Wilmer Augustus, 1-131 

Brehme, Robert W., 1-236 

Breibart, Soloman, 116 

Breland, Woodrow Wilson, 1-68 

Brennan, Stanley L., 1-183 

Brenner, Edward, 75 

Breslin, James E., 1-147 

Brett, S. M., 94 

Brewer, Earl D. C, 1-293 

Brewer, F. L., 63 

Brewer, G. A., 147 

Brewer, Harold Reid, 1-231 

Brice, E. C, 39 

Bricklemyer, Eugene Castle, 1-216 

Bridgers, M. B., 154 

Bridges, Clementine, 54 

Bridges, Erma Louise, 1-91 

Bridges, John Anthony,. 1-54 

Bridges, Peggy Joan, 1-145 

Bridgforth, Betty, 71 

Bridgman, Anna Josephine, 1-317 

Brietz, M. C, 154 

Briggs, D. H., 45, 49 

Briggs, John McTeer, 1-45 

Bright, Mont Jackson, jr., 1-153 

Brightwell, Edgar Platte, 1-235 

Brimley, R. F. W., 63 

Brinkley, William Earl, 1-99 

Brinton, H. P., 151 

Brinton, Lilian, 155 

Bristow, John Worrall, 1-169 

Britt, Gilbert Arnold, 1-99 

Broad, Alfred Carter, 1-320 



Broadfoot, T. M., 39 

Brock, J. S., 131 

Brockman, Earle W., jr., 1-268 

Brockmann, Charles B., 1-272 

Broderick, John Caruthers, 1-119, 

Brody, Mrs. B. S., 138 

Bronfin, Harold, 1-281 

Brooke, Francis John, III, 1-155 

Brooke, George Mercer, jr., 1-161 

Brookes, E. G., 67 

Brooks, C. P., 124 

Brooks, F. P., 12, 20 

Brooks, I. P., 90 

Brooks, L. M., 151, 154 

Brooks, M. B., 55 

Brooks, Paul Wilkinson, 1-33 

Brooks, Stamey Fitzhue, 1-224 

Brooks, T. J., jr., 137 

Broome, Robert William, 1-92 

Brosman, Margaret Cuneo, 1-264 

Brosman, Paul William, jr., 1-46 

Brossman, R. W., 138 

Brotherton, Thomas Kemper, 1-23 

Broun, Maryanne Underhill, 1-283 
Browder, W. G., 153, 158 

Brown, A. F., 158 
Brown, Barclay, 1-205 

Brown, Barton Crouse, 1-33 
Brown, Betty Johnson, 1-287 
Brown, Bruce Minton, 1-309 

Brown, C. C., 81 

Brown, Charles Quentin, 1-153 

Brown, C. K., 37, 40 

Brown, D. A., 90 

Brown, Earl Triplett, 1-212 

Brown, Edward Thomas, 1-72, 112 

Brown, Ernest Allan, 1-119, 124 

Brown, Frank Burkhead, jr., 1-230 

Brown, Georgia Opal, 1-92 

Brown, H. N., Ill, 155 

Brown, Howard Steven, 1-77 

Brown, J. L., 34 

Brown, J. Quentin, 1-53 

Brown, L. A., 82, 116 

Brown, Marilyn Green, 1-279 

Brown, Norman D., 1-180 

Brown, O. M., 110 

Brown, Patricia Mae, 1-285 

Brown, R. E., 153 

Brown, R. F., 127 

Brown, R. M., 151, 153 

Brown, Robert Guy, 1-304 

Brown, Romulus Jack, 1-198 

Brown, Ruth Elizabeth, 1-245 

Brown, S. P., 143 

Brown, Sara, 1-1 

Brown, Vera Love, 1-100 

Brown, Virginia Hare, 1-202 

Brown, W. A., 107, 114 

Brown, W. H., 117 

Brown, William Jackson, 1-145 

Brown Guerra, Guillermo, 36; 1-51 

Browne, A. L., 69 

Browne, Edward Tankard, jr., 1-9, 

Browning, H. D., jr., 67 
Browning, Preston Mercer, jr., 

Brownson, A. R., 102 
Bruce, Robert Black, 1-6 
Brumbaugh, James Hamiel, 1-28 
Bruner, Joyce Estella, 1-183 
Bruton, Gaston Swindell, jr., 121; 

Bruton, Lawrence Allen, 1-82 
Bruton, M. J., 122 
Bryan, George Jennings, 1-16 
Bryan, John Edwards, jr., 1-243 
Bryan, N. G., 60 
Bryan, T. C, 112 
Bryan, W. F., 82 
Bryant, Edward, 1-3 
Bryant, George W., 1-45 
Bryant, L. Y., 93 
Bryant, Marjorie Parsons, 1-235 
Bryant, Shasta Monroe, 1-265, 274 
Bryant, Steven J., 1-194 
Bryson, H. J., 103 
Bryson, Pauline Pressley. SEE 

Collins, Pauline Pressley 
Buck, H. M., 112 
Buell, Erwin Clyde, 1-240 
Buford, Albert Hunter, 1-115 
Buhl, Paulina Estella, 1-138 
Bull, Margaret G., 1-184 
Bullard, John Moore, 1-140 
Bullitt, J. B., jr., 21 
Bulloch, William David, 1-233 
Bullock, A. R., 51 
Bullock, James Edward, 1-92 
Bullock, R. C, 122 
Bullock, Susan Cobb, 1-147 
Bumgarner, Larry Lee, 1-198 
Bundrick, O. W., 54 
Bundy, Cora Johnston, 1-92 
Bundy, V. M., 63 
Bunn, B. D., 51 
Bunn, Olena S., 1-125 
Bunting, F. H., 37 
Burdett, P. H., 15 
Burdine, Theodore, 130 
Burgess, William C, 1-227 
Burk, Carl John, 1-13 
Burkholder, Donald L., 1-314 
Burkot, A. R., 147 
Burks, William Green, 1-260 
Burnett, Robert Adair, 1-180 
Burnett, Tannye Olivia, 1-224 
Burnham, Mark, 1-100 



Burns, Robert Carter, 1-245 

Burns, S. S., 65 

Burns, Theodore Warren, 1-108 

Burroughs, Annie Gray, 1-100 

Burrows, David J., 1-143 

Burt, Harold Benjamin, 1-108 

Burt, Millard Paylor, 1-69, 82 

Burtner, Frank Alan, 1-299 

Burton, Leonard Pattillo, 1-190 

Burton, M. G., 10 

Burton, Martha Jean, 1-143 

Burton, W. F., jr., 117 

Burwell, C. J., 127 

Busby, F. F., 36 

Bush, Ellen Douglas, 1-278 

Bush, G. C., 51 

Bush, Kenneth Arthur, 1-312 

Bush, S. J., 31 

Butler, A. D., 88 

Butler, Emily McClelland, 1-113 

Butler, G. B., 16 

Butler, Mrs. J. R., 156 

Butler, M. H., 99 

Butler, Maria Hogan, 1-119 

Butman, Robert Hawes, 1-129 

Butt, W. H., 103 

Butterworth, T. H., 138 

Byars, John Arthur, 1-141 

Byatt, William Jackson, 1-233 

Byerly, K. R., 104 

Byers, John Ray, jr., 1-139 

Byers, Kansas, 85 

Bynum, E. M., 63 

Bynum, J. C, 103 

Bynum, Lucy Scott, 1-120 

Bynum, M. C, 29 

Byrd, Mrs. I. O., 69 

Byrd, Jess, 95 

Byrd, Luther Nicholson, 1-169 

Byrd, R. E., 113 

Byrd, R. M., 13, 21 

Byrd, Worth Miller, 1-48 

Cabot, Michael, 1-36 

Cadenhead, Martina, 1-34 

Cagle, Daniel Franklin, 1-222 

Cain, Mary Jo, 1-53 

Calcote, Clarence E., 1-50 

Caldwell, Charles G., 1-276 

Caldwell, Elizabeth, 112 

Caldwell, George Charles, 1-192, 

Caldwell, Gwendolyn Faustina, 

Caldwell, J. R., jr., 115 
Caldwell, James Roy, jr., 1-158 
Caldwell, John Waldrop, 1-55 
Caldwell, Margie May, 1-100 
Calhoun, Richard James, 1-123 
Califf, Charlotte, 137 
Callan, James Jackson, 1-287 

Callcott, George Hardy, 1-162 

Cameron, E. A., 120, 122 

Cameron, Everett Paul, 1-73 

Cameron, John Lansing, 1-82 

Camp, James Vernon, 1-87 

Camp, Vaughan, jr., 1-171 

Campbell, Addison Dabney, 1-231 

Campbell, Alline, 158 

Campbell, Charles Haywood, 1-206 

Campbell, M. S., 74 

Campbell, Margaret Virginia, 1-260 

Campbell, R. F., 146 

Campbell, Robert Terry, 1-32 

Candler, T. T., 81 

Canipe, Clyde Asbury, 1-82 

Cannard, John William, 1-281 

Cannon, C. V., 16 

Cannon, L. S., 60 

Cannon, P. B., 158 

Cantey, Harry, jr., 73 

Cantrell, C. H., 146 

Capel, Elna Mae, 1-184 

Capps, J. A., 48 

Cardwell, G. A., jr., 78 

Carlisle, Carol Jones, 1-118 

Carlisle, D. H., 133 

Carlisle, Douglas Hilton, 1-240 

Carlton, M. Gant, 1-285 

Carmichael, Colin, 75 

Carmichael, K. J., 88 

Carmichael, P. A., 127 

Carow, George William, 1-195 

Carpenter, B. F., 32 

Carpenter, Benjamin R., 1-289 

Carpenter, C. C, 47 

Carpenter, John A., 1-195 

Carpenter, Ray Leonard, jr., 1-188, 

Carpenter, Walter Jackson, 1-196 
Carr, E. P., 35 
Carr, I. N., 110 
Carr, Lala Frances, 1-165 
Carr, P. H., 129 
Carr, Wilbur Lloyd, 1-73, 92 
Carraway, Mary Hilliard, 1-87 
Carrera, Richard Nestor, 1-256 
Carroll, C. L., 120 
Carroll, C. L., jr., 124 
Carroll, Grady L. E., 1-148 
Carroll, H. A., 54 
Carroll, J. E., jr., 143 
Carroll, Mary Margaret, 1-33 
Carroll, N. L., 57 
Carroll, R. W., 115 
Carruthers, Patricia E., 1-113 
Carson, B. G., 12, 21 
Carson, Jesse C, jr., 1-100 
Carson, L. E., 138 
Carter, Andrew Garland, 1-108 
Carter, C. B., 11, 19 



Carter, C. C, 132 
Carter, E. J., 46, 60 
Carter, Fairie Lyn, 1-28 
Carter, Mary Constance, 1-203 
Carter, Mildred Catherine, 1-289 
Carter, Nancy F., 1-198 
Carter, Richard Leston, 1-314 
Carter, R. McK., 69 
Carter, S. M., 114 
Cartledge, Louisa Burns, 1-56 
Cartright, Norma M., 1-56 
Carver, J. E., 89 
Carver, Joan Sacknitz, 1-246 
Casey, Dorothy, 1-225 
Casey, Francis Michael, 1-54 
Casey, Leslie Ralph, 1-221 
Casey, Lessie Mallard, 1-60 
Cash, William Davis, 1-212 
Cashatt, Cyrus Everett, 1-100 
Cason, E. W., 115 
Cassidy, Vincent Harold dePaul, 

1-163, 176 
Castles, Ira C, 1-63 
Caston, Jessie Douglas, 1-321 
Cates, William Franklin, 1-131 
Cathey, Cornelius Oliver, 1-157 
Cathey, LeConte, 1-230 
Cathey, Tyson Andrew, 1-151 
Caubie, F. P., jr., 78 
Caudle, James Eunice, 1-134 
Causey, Joanne Walton, 1-275 
Causey, J. Y., 145 
Cauthen, C. E., 107 
Cavin, William Pinckney, 1-20 
Cazin, John, jr., 1-4, 5 
Cebollero, Angeles, 138 
Cedo, Mercedes, 138 
Cerney, A. M. S., 61 
Chace, W. E., 108 
Chadbourn, A. L., 136 
Chamberlain, O. H., 127 
Chambliss, Ann McVea, 1-145 
Chance, Catherine Deriseau, 1-271 
Chand, Uttam, 1-312 
Chandler, Alfred D., 1-173 
Chandler, G. W., jr., 94 
Chandler, W. J., 90 
Chang, Yen-tsai, 1-211 
Chanlett, E. T., 137 
Chanlett, Eliska L., 1-309 
Chapin, E. M., 23 
Chapman, Emily Del Mar, 1-186 
Chapman. Francis Worthington, 

jr., 1-17 
Chapman, M. C, 116 
Chapman, Margaret Louise, 1-178 
Chappel, Allen Harris, 1-156 
Charlton, J. L., 150 
Charron, Jean Daniel, 1-264, 272 
Chartier, Barbara, 1-302 

Chase, John Bryant, jr., 1-100 

Chasteen, Robert James, 1-163, 177 

Chatham, Katherine, 116 

Chavez y Arango, M. D., 138 

Cheek, A. L., 146 

Cheek, Dorothy Ellen, 1-287 

Cheek, Edwin Rives, 1-145 

Cheek, J. M., 127 

Cheek, Marvin Emmett, 1-100 

Cheek, P. M., 28, 30 

Cheek, Paul Hubert, 1-17 

Chen, Edith, 1-252 

Chen, Mrs. W-H. W., 27 

Cheng, Shu-Sing, 1-214 

Cherry, J. D., 117 

Cherry, Jim David, 1-164 

Chesley, Elizabeth, 88 

Chester, H. M., 55 

Chichester, William Taylor, 1-51 

Child, Louis, 1-196 

Childress, Scott Julius, 1-17 

Childs, Floyd, 35 

Chipman, Paula Beaver, 1-207 

Choate, Mary Isabel, 1-77 

Chreitzberg, Margaret, 87 

Chrisco, H. F., 75 

Christ, Nancy Julia, 1-60 

Christenberry, G. A., 8, 10 

Christoff, Rose, 1-61 

Cryssikos, Paul Nicholas, 1-275 

Chubb, Talbot Albert, 1-230 

Church, G. L., 26 

Clair, J. R., 102 

Clanton, B. R., 15 

Clapp, Sarah Cornelia, 1-92 

Clark, C. B., 108 

Clark, Eloise Elizabeth, 1-318 

Clark, Ernest James, jr., 1-181 

Clark, Fogle Chandler, 1-250, 255 

Clark, G. K., 125 

Clark, I. S., 41 

Clark, J. L., 45, 50, 150 

Clark, John Edwards, 1-272 

Clark, M. L., 138 

Clark, N. L., 99 

Clark, O. S., 104 

Clark, Robert Edward, 1-192 

Clark, S. F., 15 

Clarke, Charles Morgan, 1-68 

Clarke, D. L., 82 

Clarke, George Weston, 1-176 

Clarke, Mary Gray, 1-203 

Clarke, Thomas Graham, 1-154 

Clary, M. S., 65 

Clatworthy, Willard H., 1.312 

Claudel, Calvin Andre, 1-260 

Clavel, Pierre, 1-40 

Clay, Gail, 1-100 

Clay, Howard Bunyan, 1-159 

Clay, Wilmer Harding, 1-301 



Clayton, John Strother, 1-59 

Clavton, 0. M., 87 

Cleetwood, Cleet Clyde, 1-223 

Clegg, E. M., 109 

Clegg, Marie, 84 

Cleveland, Gordon Baylor, 1-241 

Clifford, A. T., 13, 22 

Clough, E. M., 33 

Cloj'd, Edward Lamar, jr., 1-225 

Clutts, Betty Carol, 1-167 

Coates, K. D., 90 

Cobb, E. G., 16 

Cobb, J. T., 82 

Cobb, L. M., 86 

Cobb, M. B., 146 

Cobb. Maurice Wendell, 1-215 

Cobb, W. B., 101, 102 

Cobb, Whitfield, jr., 128 

Cobb, Whitfield, 1-315 

Coble, H. E., 67 

Coble, Harry, 1-59 

Coble, Herman Earl, jr., 1-57 

Coblentz, Harry Stagg, 1-36 

Cochran, Clay L., 1-62 

Cochran, Richard West, 1-283 

Cochran, Ruth Maidee, 1-127 

Cochrane, Carl Murray, 1-251 

Cocolas, George Harry, 1-213 

Cody, S. S., 27 

Coenen, F. E., 105 

Coffey, Charles Eugene, 1-23 

Coffey, William Richard, 1-243 

Coffman, S. E., jr., 71 

Ccffman, Selby Evans, jr., 1-77 

Cohen. Nancv Lee, 1-253 

Cohnstaedt, M. L,, 44 

Coker, C. McL,, 163 

Ccker, Coit McLean, 1-206 

Coker, E. C, jr., 122 

Coker, E. R., 89 

Coker, J W., 110 

Coker, Marv, 1-299 

Coker, R. E., 161 

Cole, Frances Elizabeth, 1-87 

Cole, Robert Hartzell, 1-62 

Colehour, J. K., 25 

Coleman, A. L., 158 

Coleman, H. E., 91 

Coleman, W. M., 127 

Coley, James Walton, 1-112 

Coley, Marv Huntington, 1-54 

Collett, Elizabeth Ann, 1-227 

Collev, J. C. 69 

Collier, Jack Reed, 1-317 

Collier, James, 1-145 

Collins, A. B., 56 

Collins, A. R., 142 

Collins, Dan Stead, 1-134 

Collins, H. W., 121 

Collins, Pauline Pressley, 1-263 

Collins, R. S., 105 

Collins, S. C, 12 

Colones, Mary Tom, 1-51 

Colton, Theodore, 1-316 

Coltrane, W. G., jr., 42 

Coman, James Herbert, 1-225 

Comer, Katherine Bisset, 1-300 

Compton, Sarah Winifred, 1-11 

Congleton, J. E., 79 

Conn, M. W., 13, 23 

Conner, Harold Thomas, 1-71, 92 

Conner, Luther Thomas, jr., 1-198 

Connor, Ruth Mathilde, 1-296 

Connor, W. S., jr., 45 

Connor, William Stokes, jr., 1-65, 

Conrad, L. J., 27 
Conrad, Margaret Clapp, 1-238 
Conrad, W. E., jr., 59 
Constable, E. W., 13, 20 
Constantine, Alice, 1-266 
Cook, D. L,, 17 
Cook, Gloria Resch, 1-245 
Cook, J. F., 105 
Cook, James Bryan, jr., 1-27 
Cook, Kelly Francis, 1-148 
Cook, Maxwell Alexander, 1-279 
Cooke, F. T., 159 
Cooke, Philip Wayne, 1-287 
Cooper, A. J., 65 
Cooper, Atha Jamison, 1-290 
Cooper, Benjamin Franklin, 1-213, 

Cooper, Edna Catherine, 1-292 
Cooper, Peter Penn II, 1-171 
Copeland, James Isaac, 1-163 
Copenhaver, Harris, 40 
Coppedge, Grace Pemberton, 1-100 
Coppedge. Hallie Maria, 1-290 
Corbett, M. F., 159 
Corbitt. D. C, 107, 132 
Cordle, Rachel, 114 
Cordova, Delfido, 145 
Core, Harry Michael, 1-289 
Corl, Marshall Banks, 1-49 
Cornatzer, W. E.. 7, 8 
Cornette, J. C, jr., 105 
Cornsweet, A. C, 134 
Cornwell, Samuel Owen, 1-1 
Correll, Rav Alexander, 1-101 
Corrie, G B., 44 
Corriere, Alex, 1-263 
Corrv, A. B., 125 
Cory, A. A., 73 
Costner, J. M., jr., 121 
Cottingham, Walter Lee, 1-217 
Cotton, Clare Marden, jr., 1-215 
Cotton, Daisy Lockliear, 1-134 
Cotton, William Donaldson, 1-161, 




Couch, E. C, 112 

Couch, J. N., 8, 9 

Coughlan, John Kelly, 1-244 

Coulling, Sidney Mathias Baxter, 
III, 1-122, 129 

Coulter, J. L., jr., 94 

Coulter, V. A., 11, 19 

Coulter, W. S., 39 

Councill, G. McN., 65 

Councill, Jimmie Louise, 1-289 

Councill, Richard J., 1-153 

Coval, Samuel C, 1-215 

Covington, Carol Thomas, 1-290 

Covington, W. B., 49 

Covington, Walter Phalti, III, 1-54 
Cowan, James Middleton, 1-101 

Coward, E. R., 63 

Cowles, J. H., 57 

Cowles, Virginia Powell, 1-148 

Cox, A. L., 82 

Cox, Ann McDonald, 1-185 

Cox, Charles Garland, 1-185 

Cox, Cordelia, 153 

Cox, E. H., 79 

Cox, Ernestine Barton, 1-254 

Cox, F. M., 54 

Cox, George Elton, 1-207 

Cox, H. T., 10 

Cox, Herbert Walton, 1-206 

Cox, Hiden Toy, 1-8 

Cox, R. C, 43, 47 

Cox, Richard Garner, 1-202 

Crabtree, B. G., 117 

Crabtree, John Henry, jr., 1-123, 

Craddock, Walter R., 1-177 
Craig, Doris Lee, 1-30 
Craig, E. J., 50 
Craig, Jean Evelyn, 1-287 
Craig, Marjorie, 93 
Craig, Mary Eleanor, 1-65 
Craig, W. G., 50 
Crandall, Raymond Evan, 1-4 
Crane, C. LaC, jr., 95 
Cranford, Numie Sherrill, 1-101 
Crater, Sophie Hamilton, 1-67 
Craven, C. J., 128, 130 
Crawford, Crayton McCants, 1-24 
Crawford, F. M., jr., 1-179 
Crawford, George William, 1-233 
Crawford, James Homer, jr., 1-16 
Crawford, Marilyn, 1-221 
Crawford, Otho Loyd, 1-309 
Crawford, V. K., 156 
Crawley, Thomas Edward, 1-138 
Creech, W. D., jr., 143 
Creech, Walter Devereux, 1-57 
Crew, Elsie, 88 
Crickard, Annette Peek, 1-70 
Crider, Fretwell Goer, 1-20 

Crissman, Curtis, 51 

Crissy, W. J. E., 46 

Crittenden, Charles Christopher, 

Crittenden, John Allen, 1-246 

Crockford, H. D., 12, 20 

Croker, Malcolm Shields, 1-101 

Cromartie, William King, 1-92 

Crosby, R. L., 61 

Cross, John Carrington, 1-52 

Crossen, H. J., 89 

Crouch, G. E., jr., 128 

Crow, E. P., 34 

Crowder, Sidney Melvin, 1-82 

Crowe, F. C, 96 

Crowell, Leroy Walker, 1-82 

Crowell, R. W., 158 

Crowley, John A., 1-48 

Crozier, James Robert, 1-38 

Cruce, Owen Angelo, 1-82 

Crum, C. H., 35 

Crutchfield, K. H., 21 

Crutchfield, R. W., 43 

Crutchfield, William Jesse, jr., 

Crymes, Morita Matthews, 1-233 

Cubbage, Freda May, 1-270 

Cubbage, S. C, 23 

Cubine, M. V., 99 

Cuffe, Edwin Dodge, 1-118 

Culbert, L. L., 36 

Culbert, Lucile Lytton, 1-51 

Culbertson, A. B., 135 

Culbertson, J. W., 162 

Culton, Robert C, 1-101 

Cumberland, Paul Bedell, 1-171 

Cunningham, H. H., 117 

Cunningham, Horace Herndon, 

Cunningham, M. S. R., 119 
Cupp, William Lee, 1-297 
Curlee, A. T., 122 
Currie, D. J., 29 
Currie, James Sloan, 1-67 
Currie, L. W., 113 
Curry, B. F., 44 
Curry, Ben Franklin, 1-63 
Curry, Elizabeth Butterworth, 1-87 
Curtis, Cecil, 1-125 
Curtis, J. L., 98 
Curtis, Jay Leumas, 1-115 
Curtis, W. R., 41 
Cuthbertson, Frances Austine, 

Cutlar, L. F. P., 12 
Cutler, A. T., 41 
Daggett, G. H., 80 
Dahlberg, Richard Ernest, 1-151 
Dail, Alton Earl, 1-113 
Dailey, Douglass Charles, 1-177 



Daily, J. N., 83 
Dale, John Irvin, III, 1-32 
Dalrymple, Mary Alice, 1-204 
Dameron, John Lasley, 1-136 
Dameron, Lucy Moseley, 1-92 
Danforth, Mildred Emeline, 1-53 
Daniel, A. F., 130 
Daniel, A. M., 70 
Daniel, Charles Pack, 1-321 
Daniel, E. M., 94 
Daniel, Elizabeth Rezner, 1-266 
Daniel, Frank Hayes, 1-50 
Daniel, George Bernard, 1-266 
Daniel, J. M., jr., 150 
Daniel, Jerry, 159 
Daniel, Mariel M., 1-293 
Daniel, R. McC, 119 
Daniel, W. J., 134 
Danieley, James Earl, 1-21, 92 
Daniels, J. W., 84 
Daniels, V. C, 18 
Dann, Carl, 1-50 
Danzig, Elliott Raleigh, 1-248 
da Parma, Evelyn Bozeman, 1-59 
Darden, Mrs. B. S., 54 
Darden, Edgar, 1-233 
Darden, W. E., 29 
Darden, William Moye, 1-165 
Dare, LeRoy J., 1-178 
Dark, M. E., 132 
Darrough, Margaret, 1-8 
Daugherty, J. F., 128, 129 
Daughtrey, John Patrick, 1-208 
Daughtry, E. L., 47 
Davenport, J. E., 21 
Davenport, J. S., 78 
Davey, L. M., 94 
David, Gladys Evelyn, 1-302 
Davis, A. W., 152 
Davis, Alexander Shuford, 1-192, 


Anna Beth, 1-279 


B. W., 29, 32 


C. L., 125 


C. W., 58 


Donald Martin, 1-210 


Edward Dale, 1-76 


Eugene Wood, 1-157 


F. W., 22 


Graham Johnson, 1-9 


H. T., 102 


Hester A., 1-309 


I. M., 7 


J. B., 83 


James Herbert, jr., 1-27J 


Louise, 51 


Louise Hargrove, 1-304 


M. E., 138 


M. J., 102 


Marjorie Haywood, 1-267 

Davis, R. A., jr., 48 
Davis, R. O. E., 11 
Davis, Rubyleigh, 1-172 
Davis, S. I., 100 
Davis, Suzanne Marden, 1-58 
Davis, Valda Amanda, 1-82 
Davis, W. H., 159 
Davis, William Kilbourne, 1-39 
Dawley, Harriet W., 1-276 
Dawson, Ann, 98 
Dawson, Elizabeth Lawrence, 1-54 
Dawson, P. R., 20 
Dawson, Raymond Howard, 1-241 
Dawson, Robert William, 1-154 
Day, Dorothy Mocile. SEE Robin- 
son, Dorothy Mocile Day 
Day, J. T., 150 
Day, Robert William, 1-69 
Daye, Dennis Eugene, 1-39 
Deagon, Ann Fleming, 1-42 
Deagon, Donald David, 1-58 
Deal, Eugene Edward, 1-281 
Dean, Alfred, 1-310 
Dean, P. N., 63 
Dean, Virginia, 30 
Deans, Clyde, 65, 95; 1-69 
Deans, E. V., jr., 96 
Deason, N. A., 64 
Deavor, Marion, 1-305 
DeBerry, Nena, 59 
Debnam, William S., 1-50 
deCharms, Elizabeth Graves, 1-186 
deCharms, Richard, IV, 1-250 
Decker, H. M., 138 
Deebel, G. F., 16 
Degges, F. McL, 28 
De Grove, John Melvin, 1-241 
Delaney, M. A., 34 
DeLaney, Patricia K., 1-246 
D'Elia, A. L., 148 
Dellinger, Edward Marvin, 1-82 
DeLong, C. D., 94 
Do Lotto, M. J., 65 
Demb, Goldie, 1-252 
DeMent, Russell Duke, 1-274 
Dendy, Emma Stribling, 1-185 
Dendy, J. S., 162 
Dennis, Janice Earle, 1-148 
De Noia, John, 148 
Denson, C. A., 123 
Denson, C. B., jr., 29 
Denton, Alfred M., jr., 1-305 
Denton, V. L., 138, 155 
Derminer, Nancy E., 1-269 
Derrick, S. M., 150 
de Schweinitz, E. A., 11 
Deskins, S. C, 108, 110 
Dessler, Harold, 1-53 
Dessouky, Yehia Mostafa, 1-214 
Deutsch, Joseph, 160 



Devaney, F. John, 1-37 

De Vault, S. H., 47 

Devers, Blanche Shelley, 1-281 

Deviney, E. M., 161 

Deweese, Jo June, 1-141 

DeWick, H. N., 134 

Deyton, J. B., 112 

Diamond, Earl Louis, 1-315, 316 

Diaz, Albert James, 1-185 

Diaz Lopez, Maria del Socorro, 

Dichmann, M. E., 95 
Dick, John Ashby, 1-129 
Dickens, Robert L., 1-45 
Dickert, H. A., 20 
Dickert, Y. J., 26 
Dickey, J. A., 153 
Dickinson, Allan W., 1-316 
Dicks, Judson R., 1-93 
Dickson, G. L., Ill 
Dickson, M. R., 112 
Dickson, T. W., 39 
DiConstanzo, Attilio, 147 
DiConstanzo, Nestore, 125 
Diehl, C. V., 147 
Di Fazio, Cosmo Americo, 1-213 
Diggs, Ellen-Fairbanks Dingledine, 

Diggs, Mary, 29 
Dillard, Irene, 76 
Dillin, H. L., 122 
Dills, Mary Lucile, 1-87 
Dimmick, G. B., 51, 134 
Dinkel, Robert Miller, 1-294 
Dinsmore, James F., 1-284 
Dismukes, C. J., 145 
Disque, J. G., 99 
Ditt, Arthur Harvey, 1-225 
Dixon, Helen Patterson, 1-290 
Dixon, Hubert Conrad, 1-193 
Dixon, James Cannon, 1-248, 252 
Dixon, Martha Hardy, 1-276 
Dixon, Robert Thomas, 1-108 
Dixon, V. K., 113 
Dixon, William Lee, 1-225 
Doan, E. E., 157 
Dobbins, Austin Charles, 1-117, 

Dobbins, C. N., 102 
Dobbins, E. G., 74 
Dobbins, J. T., 11, 19 
Dobbins, Jacqueleene Bowen, 1-29 
Dobbins, James Talmage, jr., 1-24 
Dober, Virginia Darlene, 1-185 
Doby, Elithe Outlaw, 1-101 
Dodson, Nathan Taylor, 1-219 
Doherty, Herbert J., jr., 1-160 
Dollarhide, Louis Edgar, 1-120 
Donegan, Hazel, 149 
Donnell, Barbara June, 1-131 

Donnelly, J. F., 65 
Donnelly, Thomas George, 1-314 
Donovan, C. H., 38 
Donovan, E. W., 157 
Doorslaer, Marguerite P. van, 

Dority, Guy Hiram, 1-32 
Dormon, James Hunter, jr., 1-181 
Dorsett, H. G., jr., 131 
Dorsett, Wilbur, 94 
Dortch, Virginia, 1-4 
Doscher, August Fred, 1-29 
Dosier, J. P., 24 
Doubles, J. A., jr., 8, 10 
Dougherty, Elizabeth M., 1-202 
Dougherty, James Alfred, 1-244 
Doughton, Josephine Lane, 1-169 
Doughton, M. R., 83 
Douglas, C. J., 143 
Douglas, E. M., 38, 43 
Douglas, M. C, 96 
Douglas, M. McD., 159 
Douglas, Margaretta Van Tuyl, 

Douglas, T. B., 24 
Douglass, Elinor M., 1-188 
Douglass, Walter James, jr., 1-196 
Douty, H. M., 37 
Dovell, Junius Elmore, 1-157 
Dow, Martha, 1-60 
Dowden, Wilfred Sellers, 1-117 
Downey, B. J., 150 
Downing, Ella S., 1-278 
Downing, Hugh Steele, 1-259 
Downs, J. A., 141, 143 
Downs, O. U., 92 
Drake, George Francis, 1-264 
Drake, J. T., 158 
Drake, Joseph Turpin, 1-293 
Drake, W. E., 45, 52 
Drake, Winbourne Magruder, 1-161 
Drane, F. P., 18 

Draper, Norman Richard, 1-315 
Drewry, Galen Norwood, 1-136 
Driggs, Don Fehring, 1-70 
Drinnon, Herbert, 1-61 
Driscoll Eleanor Alice, 1-185 
Driscoll, R. L., 131 
Droege, Robert C, 1-252 
Drucker, Bertram Morris, 1-191, 

Drumm, Austin Marcus, 1-162 
Dubs, Anne Louise, 1-53 
Dubs, Charles William, 1-235 
Duckett, A. Le R., 117 
Duckett, Alvin Laroy, 1-163 
Duckett, J. W., 16 
Duckett, Margaret, 98 
Duerr, Edith Lewis, 1-4, 5 
Duerr, Howard John, 1-214 



Duffey, Frank Marion, 148; 1-262 

Duke, James Alan, 1-12 

Duke, John Daniel, 1-257 

Dukes, W. F., 136 

Dukes, W. J., 99 

Dula, F. M., 135 

Duls, L. de S., 99 

Duncan, J. F., 109 

Duncan, M. H., 142 

Duncan, Marvin Orvel, 1-217 

Duncan, Richard Lee, 1-244 

Duncan, S. L., 85 

Duncan, Samuel Dunbar, jr., 1-272 

Dunlap, John M., jr., 1-131 

Dunlavy, Marjorie Fontaine, 1-173 

Dunning, M. H., 118 

Dunston, J. 0., 22 

DuPuis, Elroy, 94 

Dupuy, M. F., 118 

Durham, F. M., 33 

Durham, Katharine Shipman, 

Dwass, Meyer, 1-312 
Dwelle, F. R., 114 
Dwyer, John Barry, 1-117 
Dye, W. T., jr., 17 
Dyer, Jack L., 1-305 
Eagle, Nancy Louise, 1-202 
Eagles, Dorothy Davidson, 1-138 
Eagles, T. R., 121 
Eakins, M. A., 43 
Earey, Patrick Francis, 1-227 
Earle, W. R., 162 
Early, A. D., 55 
Early, J. M., 24 
Earp, M. J., 99 
Easley, John Bynum, 1-142 
Easley, Owen Randolph, jr., 1-245 
Eason, J. L., 83 
Eaton, Clement, 83 
Eaton, F. H., 121 
Eaton, Joan Davis, 1-186 
Eaton, M. A., 152 
Eaton, Richard Bozman, jr., 1-139 
Eaton, William B., 1-60 
Eaves, James Clifton, 1-190 
Ebbs, John Dale, 1-122, 129 
Eber, Herbert Wolfgang, 1-249 
Eberle, Robert Cushman, 1-53- 
Ebert, Charles H. V., 1-151, 152 
Echols, C. D.. 98 
Eck, Roy Anthony, 1-249 
Eddleman, S. McK., 52 
Edelman, A. T., 115 
E derma, Heinz Martin, 1-8 
Edge, Charles E., 1-127 
Edmonds, E. D., 52 
Edmondson, William Hawthorne, 

Edmunds, A. G., 144 

Edmunds, W. E., 100 

Edney, C. R., 109 

Edson, Cyrus Melvin, 1-93 

Edwards, Anne L., 1-57 

Edwards, C. C, 121 

Edwards, Cornelia Atkins, 1-114 

Edwards, E. L., 96 

Edwards, H. L., 14, 25 

Edwards, James Robert, 1-223 

Edwards, Jennings Bryan, jr., 

Edwards, Lawrence Alva, 1-283 
Edwards, M. E., 107, 111, 112 
Edwards, R. A., 101 
Edwards, V. C, 11 
Egbert, Evelyn Forsyth, 1-109 
Egleston, L. A., 90 
Ehle, John Marsden, jr., 1-57 
Ehrlich, Gertrude, 126 
Eisner, Melvin, 1-229, 232 
Elder, F. K., 46 
Eldridge, C. D., 141, 146 
Eldridge, J. G., 40 
Eliason, M. H., 79, 87 
Eliason, N. B., 9 
Ellert, Ernest Edwin, 1-155 
Ellinwood, E. H., 138 
Elliott, A. P., 84 
Elliott, Charles Ray, 1-250, 252 
Elliott, F. S., 90 
Elliott, Jean St. Clair, 1-93 
Elliott, P. L., 85 
Elliott, Philip Lovin, jr., 1-145 
Elliott, R. C, 93 

Elliott, Robert Neal, jr., 1-160, 169 
Elliott, Sarah Anne, 1-283 
Elliott, Van Courtlandt, 28, 30 
Ellis, D. E., 132 
Ellis, H. A., jr., 100 
Ellis, John Alston, jr., 1-202 
Ellison, A. D., 133 
Ellison, R. C, 81 
Ellison, R. Y., 144 
Ellmore, G. H., 53 
Elmendorf, John von Gaasbeek, 

1-45, 267 
Elmore, E. B., 88 
Elstun, Maurice, 1-267 
Emery, Mary Louise, 1-201 
Emmers, Raimond, 1-254 
Emmerson, Fred Benedict, 1-219 
Emory, Samuel Thomas, 1-152 
Engel, James E., 1-156 
Engel, Judith, 1-287 
Engel, Olive Georgiana, 1-17 
English, E. E., 54 
Engstrom, A. G., 141, 146 
Enloe, Roberta, 138 
Eplan, Leon Samuel, 1-36 
Epperson, Edward Roy, 1-31 



Epps, P. H., 83 

Ergle, D. R., 13, 22 

Ericson, E. E., 113 

Ertel, Mrs. M. P., 71 

Eschweiler, June M., 1-60 

Estabrook, Cornelia, 116 

Estes, J. A., 27 

Esteve Abril, H. A., 119 

Estrada, Gonzalo, 1-56 

Ethridge, Georgia, 1-302 

Eudy, Joseph D., 1-228 

Eutsler, R. B., 40 

Evans, B. F., 40 

Evans, Kenneth, 152 

Evans, M. W., 117 

Evans, William McKee, 1-170 

Evatt, Kendrick Lee, 1-101 

Evatt, Margaret Marie, 1-111 

Everett, Grover Woodrow, 1-22 

Everett, H. S., 162 

Everett, J. E., 15 

Everett, R. V., 66 

Everett, T. R., 66 

Exley, Charlotte McDonald, 1-290 

Ezell, W. C, 155 

Fabrick, Arthur Lewis, 1-281 

Fagg, Daniel W., jr., 1-176 

Fahl, Roy Jackson, jr., 1-20 

Fahrner, Alvin Arthur, 1-160, 172 

Faires, R. S., 82 

Farber, Evan Ira, 1-244 

Farley, Marvin Reid, 1-167 

Farmer, C. M. f 47 

Farmer, Fannie Memory, 1-170 

Farmer, Guy Cone, 1-300 

Farmer, James Stephen, 1-131 

Farmer, John Deaver, 1-101 

Farnell, Edward Newton, 1-83 

Farr, H. O., jr., 14 

Farrar, Charles Bidwell, 1-134 

Farrior, Grace Betts, 1-186 

Farrior, J. E., 100 

Farrior, John Edward, 1-120 

Farrow, Mildred Hayward, 1-189 

Farthing, C. L., 71 

Faucher, Genevieve Jeannette, 

Faulkner, R. M., 90 
Faurot, Ruth Marie, 1-119 
Faust, John Rose, 1-246 
Faust, Lucien Cornelius, 1-40 
Fawcett, Arthur Hughes, jr., 1-39 
Feaster, John Pipkin, 1-6 
Feldman, Lawrence, 132 
Feltner, C. E., 75 
Felton, L. J., 42 

Felton, Marguerite Norman, 1-29 
Felty, Alexandra, 1-273 
Fenderson, Margaret Ann, 1-302 
Fenley, G. W., 140 

Fenley, V. M., 87 

Ferber, Stanley Harold, 1-3 

Ferdinand, Thomas Francis, 1-14 

Ferebee, Joseph Starrette, 1-87 

Ferebee, Walter Wayne, 1-93 

Ferguson, C. V., 54 

Ferguson, Charles Elmo, 1-64, 66 

Ferguson, Elizabeth, 113 

Ferguson, Frances Northend, 1-310 

Ferguson, James Sharbrough, 

Ferguson, Philip Rex, 1-24 
Ferguson, Ruth Frances, 1-111 
Ferguson, T. W., 39 
Fernandez, Maria Luisa, 1-46 
Ferraz, F. B., 138 
Ferree, A. W., 57 
Ferris, William N., 1-273 
Ferriss, A. L., 160 
Ferriss, Abbott Lamoyne, 1-293 
Fickling, Arthur Lee, 1-87 
Fickling, Elizabeth Brooks, 1-88 
Fiddleman, Paul B., 1-256 
Field, Thomas Parry, 1-150 
Fields, Riley Clinton, 1-109 
Figg, Robert McCormick, III, 1-139 
Fike, Charles Theodore, 1-197 
Finch, H. M., 52 
Finch, James Garvin, 1-177 
Fincher. J. A., 161 
Fink, Elizabeth Marshall, 1-306 
Fink, Mary Louise, 1-277 
Fink, Robert Mathias, 1-68 
Fink, T. R., 66 
Fink, T. Ross, 1-68 
Finklea, J. DeL., 130 
Finlay, Joseph Burton, 1-18 
Finlayson, Alec W., 1-54 
Fisher, Glenn Harry, 1-295, 303 
Fisher, Glenn William, 1-65 
Fisher, Seymour, 1-248 
Fitch, Mary Jane Lloyd, 1-101 
Fitts, William T., jr., 1-181 
Fitzgerald, Louise Young, 1-131 
Fitzgerald, M. W., 136 
Fitzpatrick, Edward Clement, jr., 

Fitz-Richard, Helen, 7 
Fleetwood, Tilson, 1-281 
Flelschmann, Wolfgang Bernard, 

1-46, 47 
Fleishman, Herbert Leonard, 1-25 
Fleming, Ann Blocker, 1-43 
Fleming, G. H., jr., 24 
Fleming, H. M., 57 
Fleming, J. D., 27 
Fleming, J. S., 55 
Fleming, James Ernest, 1-292 
Fleming, M. K., 155 
Fleming, O. I., 58 



Fleming, Robert E., jr., 1-154 

Fleming, Ruth, 30 

Fletcher, Fred, 158 

Fletcher, J. F., 43 

Flint, Weston, 1-264, 271 

Flora, Abram Cline, jr., 1-64 

Floras, C. L., 74 

Flowers, William Lucas, jr., 1-101 

Floyd, J. S., 45 

Floyd, Joe Summers, jr., 1-62 

Floyd, L. H., 55 

Floyd, Marcus Wayland, 1-170 

Flum, Philip Newton, jr., 1-45, 46 

Flurry, R. C, 67 

Fogartie, J. E., 29 

Fogarty, Patricia E., 1-148 

Foley, Albert Sidney, 1-294 

Foley, Wilfred Maurice, 1-51 

Folger, John Kenneth, 1-294, 303 

Fonville, C. C, 39 

Fonville, M. S. B., 68 

Foote, George Anderson, 1-165 

Forbes, Richard Michael, 1-35 

Ford, L. E., 31 

Ford, R. A., 68 

Fordham, J. B., Ill 

Fore, Dan, jr., 14, 25 

Forsyth, Ralph P., 1-257 

Fortescue, Z. T., jr., 122 

Fortune, Mary Evelyn, 1-260 

Fortune, Porter Lee, jr., 1-158 

Fosselius, Jan, 1-36 

Foster, Arthur James, 1-32 

Foster, Charles Bickley, 1-39 

Foster, G. A., 149 

Foster, G. H., 80 

Foster, Paul Alexander, 1-36 

Foster, W. O., 117 

Foster, William Omer, 1-158 

Fotion, Nicholas George, 1-215 

Fouse, Donald Mahlon, 1-204 

Foust, F. K., 10 

Foust, Robert Long, 1-290 

Fountain, Benjamin Eagles, jr., 

Fouts, Croatan Lofton, 1-88 
Fowler, Joyce, 1-228 
Fowler, Stephen, 64 
Franklin, Marian Pope, 1-77 
Franklin, W. McK., 73 
Frazer, J. S., 113 
Frazer, M. H., 97 
Frazer, R. M., jr., 1-44 
Frazier, G. G., 144 
Frazier, K. C, 109 
Frazier, K. L., 142 
Frazier, Meledieth, 66 
Frazier, Thomas Cecil, jr., 1-29 
Free, William Joseph, 1-148 
Freedman, Joseph, 1-276 

Freeman, Bernice, 91 

Freeman, C. M., 160 

Freeman, Claire Elizabeth, 1-113 

Freeman, E. H., 138 

Freeman, Felton Dale, 1-293, 300 

Freeman, R. B., 148 

Freerks, Edlyn Wayne, 1-66 

Freistadt, Hans, 1-229 

French, Berlin Carson, 1-23 

Frick, C. H., 120 

Friday, Ernest, 1-34 

Frieden, Eleanor H., 1-290 

Friedland, Elias, 1-129 

Frierson, D. E., 141 

Fritz, R. L., 153 

Frost, J. D., jr., 145 

Fruchtman, Efrim, 1-202 

Fry, Timothy Paul, 1-116 

Frye, J. R., 16 

Fulkerson, Heman Wilhoit, 1-217 

Fuller, Julia Evelyn, 1-219 

Fuller, Landon Edward, 1-116 

Fulmer, Oliver Bryan, 1-145 

Fulton, L. K., 154 

Funderburk, Mrs. A. B., 145 

Funderburk, Earl Columbus, 1-78 

Funderburk, Nancy Beam, 1-172 

Funderburk, R. S., 112 

Furman, Harry Brennen, 1-219 

Furr, C. A., 54 

Furr, W. C, 47 

Fussell, Edna L., 1-285 

Fassenegger, Rosmarie Antonie, 

Futch, Archer Hamner, jr., 1-235 
Gaddy, C. F., 86 
Gaddy, H. C, 66 
Gall, Howard S., 1-309 
Gallardo. J. M., 140 
Gallent, J. B., 13, 22 
Gallman, M. N., 98 
Gamble, Clara L., 1-227 
Gannam, Michael Joseph, 1-243 
Gano, Robert Daniel, 1-27 
Gantt, Betty Sue, 1-278 
Garbee, M. F., 71 
Garber, J. M., 66 
Gardiner, John Brooke, 1-24 
Gardner, Annie Cofield, 1-310 
Gardner, J. H., 98 
Gardner, James Watts, jr., 1-145 
Gardner, L. I., 163 
Gardner, R. H., 146 
Gardner, Rosalyn Howard, 1-261 
Garfield, M. H., 155 
Garfinkel, Harold, 159 
Garlick, Edna Elizabeth, 1-78 
Garlick, Naomi M., 1-245 
Garner, Collie, 88 
Garner, L. L., 122 



Garner, W. H., 56 

Garren, Claude, 1-59 

Garren, Robert Earl, 1-297, 306 

Garrett, Allen McCain, 1-199, 200 

Garrett, Edgar Ray, 1-53 

Garrett, R. L., 123 

Garrison, K. C, 135 

Garson, Ann Coffin, 1-3 

Gaskin, G. C, 58 

Gaskin, James Reuben, 1-119 

Gaston, Katherine, 71 

Gaston, Paul Morton, 1-177 

Gates, Willis Cowan, 1-199, 200 

Gatica, Timoteo, 131 

Gatlin, Jesse Cecil, jr., 1-143 

Gatling, W. E. G., 61 

Gault, R. L., 34 

Gay, Carl, 1-179 

Gee, R. E., jr., 25 

Geehern, Richard Jerome, 1-119, 

Gehrke, W. H., 114 
Geiger, V. P., 90 
Geisert, H. L., 152 
Geisser, Seymour, 1-314, 316 
Gendron, Edwin A., 1-49 
Gentry, Eva, 30 
Gentry, J. S., 61 

George, Claude Swanson, jr., 1-14 
George, John Warren, 1-28 
George, W. C, 161 
Georgi, Charlotte, 1-185 
Georgia, Nathalie, 1-239 
Georgion, Melton Michel, 1-112 
Gerard, F. T., jr., 98 
Gerheim, Earl B., 1-237 
Germany, A. H., 17 
Gerow, Mrs. B. K., 100 
Gettys, Robert H., 1-111 
Ghigo, Francis, 141, 146 
Ghurye, Sudhish G., 1-312 
Gibbs, Robert Coleman, 1-187 
Gibean, Victor Hugo, jr., 1-240, 

Gibson, Betty Beree, 1-287 
Gibson, E. H., Ill, 116 
Gibson, Edward Hiram, III, 1-162 
Gibson, Frank Kenneth, jr., 1-240 
Gibson, George Horner, 1-180 
Gibson, John Charles, 1-306 
Gibson, John Livingston, II, 1-139 
Gibson, William Thornwell, jr., 

Gicovate, Bernardo, 1-266 
Gicovate ; Delia Alicia, 1-266 
Gilbert, Clarence Newell, 1-165 
Gilbert, Franklee, 1-182 
Gilbert, H. McT., 59 
Gilchrist, Frances Cooke, 1-145 
Giles, I. V., 12, 19 

Giles, W. E., 20 

Gill, Tan Gordon, 1-258 

Gillam, M. V., 32 

Gilleland, Brady B., 1-42 

Gillespie, Betty Weatherly, 1-78 

Gillikin, Dure Jo, 1-145 

Gilman, Rhoda, 35 

Gilmer, Thomas Edward, jr., 1-232, 

Gilreath, E. S., 18, 21 
Ginnings, R. R., 66 
Ginther, James Edward, 1-55 
Girard, John Watt, jr., 1-49 
Girlinghouse, F. W., 45, 51 
Githens, Sherwood, jr., 128, 130 
Gladstone, Robert Morris, 1-38 
Glaser, E. U., 136 
Glasgow, E. C, 98 
Glass, Alice Irene, 1-290 
Glenn, A. G., 56 
Glenn, Katie Brown, 1-83 
Glenn, R. C, 109 
Glenn, Ralph Anderson, 1-93 
Glenn, Robert LOrane, 1-101 
Glenn, W. D., jr., 134, 135 
Glover, Allison, 1-127 
Glover, Clyde Albert, 1-15 
Gminder, Albert Borden, 1-266, 271 
Gnanadesikan, Ramanathan, 1-314 
Goben, Elaine, 1-258 
Godbold, Mrs. L. A., 157 
Godfrey, J. L., 113 
Godfrey, John Norman, 1-24 
Goding, Elizabeth Ferol, 1-251 
Godwin, Betty Alice, 1-227 
Godwin, Doris Ruth, 1-318 
Godwin, F. C, 64 
Godwin, J. E., 32 
Godwin, Winfred Lamar, 1-294, 

Going, Allen Johnston, 1-157 
Golann, Stuart E., 1-257 
Golby, Arthur D., 1-53 
Goldberg, Shepard, 1-254 
Goldie-Smith, Elizabeth Kathleen, 

Goldrich, Daniel, 1-245 
Goldsmith, Richard Weinberg, 

1-123. 134 
Goldston, W. L., jr., 102 
Goncales da Silva, J. G. B., 138 
Gonzales, John Edmond, 1-163 
Gooch, Edwin Octavius, 1-150 
Good, Ruth, 1-132 
Good, William Breneman, 1-233 
Goodale, Gordon Murray, .1-20, 26 
Goode, Selden, jr, 109 
Goodman, Charlotte Kirsch, 1-54 
Goodman, L. C, 61 
Goodrum, Cloyd S., jr., 1-195 



Goodwin, Alan Dixon, 1-38 
Goodwin, E. B., 51 
Goodwin, O. K., 50 
Goodykcontz, William Francis, 

1-122, 136 
Goold, E. H., jr., 98 
Goold, Edgar Hunt, jr., 1-117 
Goold, Martha Lane, 1-127 
Gordon, Albert Claude, 1-61 
Gordon, G. K., 115 
Gordon, W. J., 127 
Gordy, Walter, 128, 130 
Gore, Arabella, 95 
Gore, Daniel, 1-142 
Gorham, M. C, 84 
Gorman, Joanna F., 1-277 
Gorwill, Jean Irene, 1-190 
Goss, L. C, 99 
Gould, John C, 1-36 
Gould, Loyal Norman, 1-48, 155 
Gould, Raymond Francis, 1-294 
Goulson, Hilton Thomas, 1-207 
Grace, Edward Everett, 1-192 
Grace, Joan Combs, 1-247 
Graham, Augustus Washington, 

III, 1-21 
Graham, E. K., 114 
Graham, J. 0., 19 
Graham, Jack Raymond, 1-30 
Graham, Richard Marr, 1-189 
Grainer, Hans Martin, 1-255 
Grainger, J. M., 82 
Grant, A. M., 158 
Grant, Ambrose G., 1-49 
Grant, F. W., 25 
Grant, John L., 1-309 
Grantham, Dewey Wesley, jr., 

1-158, 165 
Gratz, Virginia, 1-205 
Graves, A. N., 71 
Graves, E. H., 41 
Graves, James Franklyn, 1-135 
Graves, Lawrence Eugene, 1-57 
Graves, N. H., 51 
Graves, R. H., 108 
Graves, William Johnson, 1-194 
Gray, D. B., 137 
Gray, N. E., 138 
Graybeal, Walter Thomas, 1-74, 

Grayson, Jasper Glenn, 1-180 
Green, Corinne Washington, 1-42 
Green, F. M., 106, 109 
Green, H. C, 56 
Green, James Wyche, 1-296 
Green, Laurel Rhododendron, 1-14 
Green, Margaret McArthur, 1-286 
Green, Nancy Rose, 1-148 
Green, Norman Eldon, 1-297 
Green, Ruth Suddath, 1-135 

Greenbaum, Jesse Kilmore, 1-93 
Greene, A. G., 117 
Greene, A. R., 21 
Greene, Inez, 1-238 
Greene, John Thomas, 1-297 
Greene, Marion Austin, 1-261 
Greene, N. E., 104 
Greene, Paul Columbus, 1-83 
Greer, Frank Billings, 1-77 
Greer, Plato W., 1-102 
Greet, Thomas Young, 1-132 
Gregory, Catherine Watson, 1-132 
Gregory, J. P., jr., 71 
Grenberg, Bruce Leonard, 1-145 
Gresharn, Bryan Briscoe, jr., 1-196 
Gretter, William Carrington, jr, 

Grice, John William, 1-217 
Grier, John Miller, 1-264, 267 
Grier, W. B., 119 
Griffin, A. G., 40 
Griffin, E. J., 68 
Griffin, George M., 1-153 
Griffin, Helen Hendley, 1-45 
Griffin, M. H., 28, 30 
Griffin, M. L., 80 
Griffin, Robert M., jr., 1-39 
Griffith, P. M., 100 
Grigg, Charles Meade, 1-295, 303 
Griggs, Archie James, 1-209 
Grimes, Alan Pendleton, 1-239, 242 
Grimes, J. M., jr., 108, 114 
Grimes, William van, jr., 1-215 
Grimsley, L. E., 145 
Grist, Samuel Latham, 1-102 
Grogan, Martha Kambis, 1-195 
Groote, Wilfried, 1-246 
Groseclose, Frank Farrier, jr., 1-57 
Grosiak, E. H., 43 
Grotyohann, J. W. C, 128 
Grove, D. N., 163 
Grubb, G. G., 79 
Grubb, Jean Esther, 1-167 
Grubbs, W. McK., 112 
Gruhn, W. T., 46 
Gudger, Albert Harlen, 1-221 
Guenther, Paul F., 1-47 
Guerrant, William Barnett, jr., 

Guerry, Alexander, jr., 44 
Guess, F. W., 35 
Guffey, Sarah E., 1-288 
Guilbeau, John Joseph, 1-262 
Guion, Thomas Hyman, 1-16 
Guitcn, John Henry, 1-228 
Gulledge, H. C, 16 
Gulledge, V. W., 139 
Gulley, William Hart, 1-310 
Gunn, Ira Eurilious, jr., 1-65 
Gunter, J. W., 38, 43 



Gunter, Martha Boswell, 1-225 

Gunter, P. G., 109 

Gupta, Shanti S., 1-314 

Gupton, Oscar Wilmont, 1-225 

Gural, Ian Jack, 1-34 

Gurganus, Cyrus Daniel, 1-93 

Guskin, Samuel Louis, 1-251, 255 

Guthne, N. J., 138 

Guthrie, Roger Thackston, 1-20, 30 

Guy, William Carrington, 1-127 

Guyot, Harold McKinley, 1-93 

Gwyn, P. H., jr., 39 

Gwynn, J. M., 30 

Gwynn, John Minor, jr., 1-198 

Gyles, M. F., 120 

Gyles, Mary Frances, 1-158 

Haar, James, 1-203 

Hack, Jean Vickers, 1-291 

Hackett, J. B., 44 

Haddad, John K., 1-8 

Haden, W. L., jr., 16 

Hadley, Charles Owen, 1-55 

Haesloop, John Gramage, 1-12 

Hafner, Mamie, 1-138 

Hager, O. B., 22 

Hagood, M. J., 91, 152 

Hagood, Monroe Johnson, 1-116 

Hagy, James William, 1-88 

Hair, J. K., 120 

Hair, Simon Peter, 1-277 

Hairston, N. G., 163 

Haisley, Waldo Emerson, jr., 

1-230, 233 
Haisten, Frank Daniel, 1-26 
Hale, Julianne, 1-58 
Hales, J. D., jr., 70 
Hall, Alton Carlyle, jr., 1-38 
Hall, Cecil B., 1-50 
Hall, Clifton Landon, 1-68 
Hall, Dan, 122 
Hall, David, 1-187 
Hall, Frances Hunt, 1-177, 186 
Hall, J. N., 109 
Hall, James Ramsey, 1-202 
Hall, John Lovell, 1-26 
Hall, Kathryn Evangeline, 1-174 
Hall, N. S., 7 
Hall, Mrs. R. B., 149 
Hall, Robert Auburn, jr., 1-274 
Hall, Susannah, 1-288 
Hall, Thomas Newton, 1-23 
Hall, William Jackson, 1-313 
Halperin, Max, 1-312 
Ham, M. L., jr., 59 
Hamer, B. DuB., 33 
Hamer, Edward Buck, 1-263 
Hamill, R. E., 136 
Hamilton, Andra J., 1-286 
Hamilton, C. H., 151 
Hamilton, Dan Kirk, 1-150 

Hamilton, David Craig, 1-48 
Hamilton, Irving A., 1-162, 175 
Hamilton, Jim Tudder, 1-102 
Hamilton, John Bowen, 1-118, 125 
Hamilton, Randy Haskell, 1-33, 242 
Hamilton, Roberta Mackenzie, 

Hamilton, T. H., 84 
Hammack, John Thomas, 1-251 
Hammack, T. T., 71 
Hammer, M. L., 101 
Hammerness, Francis C, 1-213 
Hammond, E. A., 108, 116 
Hammond, T. T., 44 
Hammonds, Lawrence R., 1-102 
Hampton, Burton B., jr., 1-93 
Hampton, Frances, 156 
Hampton, John R., 1-35 
Hampton, Lelia, 90 
Hampton, W. O., 45, 49 
Hamrick, Aileen Ailstock, 1-288 
Hamrick, Laxton, 1-88 
Hamrick, S. M., 45 
Hancock, E. D., 156 
Hancock, Faye Elizabeth, 1-300 
Hand, Louis Napoleon, jr., 1-67 
Hanes, Robert Carpenter, 1-73, 113 
Haniford, C. M., 101 
Hannan, Bettie Creighton, 1-2 
Hannan, Harold Dale, 1-28 
Hannan, James Francis, 1-313 
Hansen, C. A., 138 
Hansen, Janice Darst, 1-281 
Hansen, P. S., 126 
Hanson, Frank Burton, 1-51 
Hanson, Gordon Albert, 1-286 
Hanzel, John Joseph, 1-102 
Happoldt, W. B., 16 
Harbin, Katherine, 92 
Hard, C. F., 85 
Hardee, Elizabeth F., 1-203 
Harden, Arthur Robert, 1-265 
Harden, James Turner, 1-78 
Harder, Gayle Lockhart, 1-36 
Harding, Walter Roy, 1-125 
Hardison, Osborne Bennette, jr., 

Hardre, Jacques, 149; 1-260 
Hardy, F. T., 66 
Hardy, Martha Zant, 1-55 
Hardy, William Marion, 1-58 
Harlan, Stella Smith, 1-268 
Harman, M. E., 153 
Harmon, A. O., 86 
Harmon, Norma Jean, 1-310 
Harper, E. E., 143 
Harper, George Mack, jr., 1-209 
Harper, George Mills, 1-118 
Harper, Hubert Hill, jr., 1-42 
Harper, J. C, 39 



Harper, Ted Lowell, jr., 1-48 
Harrell, Karl Patrick, 1-132 
Harrell, Mary Ann, 1-142 
Harrell, R. C, 85 
Harrell, Sidney Lynne, 1-88 
Harrer, Elizabeth Varnado, 1-129 
Harrer, Gustave Adolphus, 1-155, 

Harrill, C. V., 24 
Harrill, Ernest Eugene, 1-241, 242 
Harrill, Nancy C, 1-275 
Harrill, W. B., 68 
Harrington, John Wilbur, 1-150, 

Harrington, Robert Charles, jr., 

Harris, C. R., 12 
Harris, F. H., 133 
Harris, Frederick Holladay, jr., 

Harris, I. F., 18 
Harris, J. W., 161 
Harris, J. W., jr., 77 
Harris, Jean Marie, 1-186 
Harris, Lois, 1-319 
Harris, Margaret Hart, 1-140 
Harris, Max Frank, 1-170 
Harris, Perry F., 1-208 
Harris, R. C, 26, 56 
Harris, W. D., 113 
Harris, William Oliver, 1-122, 138 
Harrison, J. B., Ill 
Harrison, J. G., 81 
Harrison, Marvin Edmund, 1-46 
Harshman, W. V., 22 
Hart, 0. P., 128 
Hartley, John Marshall, 1-219 
Hartman, Maurice Alton, 1-67 
Hartman, Mrs. R. T., 140 
Hartman, Virginia, 1-277 
Hartman, Vladimir E., 1-298 
Hartsell, E. H., 80, 93 
Hartsell, W. W., 70 
Hartung, Homer Arthur, 1-22 
Harvey, J. V., 9 
Harvey, John Bruce, 1-37 
Harvie, John Brockenbrough, jr., 

Haskins, Mrs. A. B., 160 
Hassan, Tawfik Ahmed, 1-40 
Hassell, J. W., jr., 141, 146 
Hatcher, J. T., 48 
Hathcock, Blevyn, 1-142 
Haughton, Helen Katharine, 1-2 
Hauser, L. Milton, 1-93 
Hawfield, S. G., 50 
Hawkes, B. G., 26 
Hawkins, Doris Bullard, 1-212, 213 
Hawkins, E. C., 158 
Hawkins, Gary Fred, 1-16 

Hawkins, J. R., 61 
Hawley, F. M., 127 
Hawley, F. M., jr., 44 
Hawley, Langston Thacker, 1-62 
Hawn, Homer C., 1-216 
Hawthorne, Manning, 94 
Hayes, Eloise Delay, 1-70, 109 
Hayes, F. C., 140 
Hayes, K. R., 33 
Hayes, Kiffin Rockwell, 1-42 
Hayes, M. Joyce, 1-250 
Hayes, Mary Smithwick, 1-205 
Hayes, Raymond Leroy, 1-18 
Hayes, Virginia, 36 
Haynes, L. L., 97 
Haynes, Laurine, 28, 30 
Haynes, Mary Josephine, 1-129 
Haynsworth, Emilie Virginia, 

Haywood, C. Robert, 1-162 
Hayworth, Lewis Clifton, 1-223 
Head, Janet Dana, 1-308 
Heald, William Frank, 1-47 
Healy, E. D., 141, 147 
Healy, Margaret Loretta, 1-130 
Heath, Robert Winship, 1-193 
Heaton, George DeWitt, III, 1-31 
Hebert, Teddy Theodore, 1-239 
Heck, David Lawrence, 1-316 
Heck, Landon C, 1-235 
Hedges, Charles Franklin, 1-288 
Heemann, Paul Warren, 1-148 
Heffner, H. C, 84 
Heffner, R. L., 86 
Heiberg-Jurgensen, K. O., 36 
Heilman, Walter Ritter, jr., 1-262 
Heinmiller, Charles S., 1-234 
Heitman, Beverly Tom, 1-278 
Heldman, James McDaniel, jr., 

Heldman, Lynette, 33 
Helguera, Joseph Leon, 1-164, 174 
Helms, H. A., 135 
Helton, Samuel Herndon, 1-83 
Hemmens, George Charles, 1-41 
Henderson, Archibald, 120 
Henderson, Archibald, jr., 98 
Henderson, Barbara (Mrs. A. Hen- 
derson). SEE Bynum, M. C. 
Henderson, Charles, jr., 1-43 
Henderson, Donald Graham, 1-168 
Henderson, Hanford Mead, III, 

Henderson, Hubert Piatt, 1-200 
Henderson, J. S., 44 
Henderson, Nancy Wallace, 1-57 
Henderson, Nellie Inez, 1-94 
Henderson, Sara Cook, 1-125 
Hendricks, C. F., 11 



Hendricks, James Richard, 1-206, 

Hendricks, K. N., 143 
Hening, E. F., 98 
Henley, Margery Jeannette, 1-277 
Henley, Regina Catherine, 1-317 
Henney, Frederic Allison, 1-145 
Hennis, Rucker Sterlyn, jr., 1-142 
Henry, Charles Leroy, 1-19 
Henry, G. K. G., 28 
Henry, Homer, 51 
Henry, N. H., 80, 92 
Henry, Newton Hardy, 1-221 
Henry, N. Q., 9 
Henry, R. B., 137 
Henry, Sibyl, 46 
Hensley, Donald Melton, 1-139 
Hentz, Forrest Clyde, jr., 1-32 
Herbert, H. B., 123 
Herman, Lila, 101 
Herman, Rosemary Henderson, 

Hermance, H. E., 155 
Hernandez, G. R., 149 
Hernandez, Gustavo Rene, 1-262 
Herndl, George C, 1-140 
Herndon, Janie, 138 
Heron, Stephen Duncan, jr., 1-151 
Herr, James Hunter, 1-57 
Herr, John Mervin, jr., 1-9 
Herrarte, Enrique, 1-7 
Herren, Joel Clark, 1-83 
Herrin, Virginia Townsend, 1-121 
Herring, Charles Albert, 1-122 
Herring, David F., 1-236 
Herring, Jackson Rea, 1-232, 237 
Herron, Dorothy Ann, 1-88 
Herwitz, Paul Stanley, 1-191 
Hess, Dolph, 1-286 
Hess, Liane, 1-281 
Hester, Elliott McKaughan, 1-49 
Hester, St. Clair, 29 
Hester, Waverly Erwin, 1-138 
Hewitt, W. C, 10 
Hiatt, Junior Lafayette, 1-219 
Hibdon, James Edward, 1-64 
Hickerson, T. F., 120 
Hicks, J. E., 43 
Hicks, June Marion, 1-83 
Highfill, Philip Henry, jr., 1-117, 

Highsmith, E. McK., 45, 47 
Hight, M. E., 112 
Hildebrand, C. I., 92 
Hildebrand, Gary Plant, 1-31 
Hildebrand, R. M., jr., 138 
Hill, Boyd Howard, jr., 1-178 
Hill, Elaine Randolph, 1-114 
Hill, G. H., 52 
Hill, Hampden, 19 

Hill, Hubert, 102 

Hill, James Wilson, 1-78 

Hill, L. L., 162 

Hill, M. A., jr., 121 

Hill, M. J., 89 

Hill, William Gilliam, 1-280 

Hiller, Robert Ellis, jr., 1-232 

Hillhouse, A. M., 41 

Hillman, Jean Marie, 1-58 

Hilton, Charles Laroy, 1-14 

Hilton, H. H., jr., 148 

Hilton, Joseph Truman, 1-219 

Hinds, Anthony Keith, 1-190 

Hinds, Dudley Sims, 1-35 

Hines, E. T., 56 

Hines, Franklin B., 1-49 

Hines, J. C, 129 

Hines, Joseph W., 1-66 

Hines, M. M., 98 

Hines, Roger Arnold, 1-15 

Hines, Samuel Philip, jr., 1-145 

Hines, T. I., 61 

Hinshaw, C. R., 49 

Hinson, T. E., 40 

Hinton, Claude Willey, 1-319 

Hinton, Lucille, 138 

Hipp, B. C, 155 

Hipps, Gary Melvin, 1-148 

Hire, Gertrude Elizabeth, 1-78 

Hires, Antoinette Lupton, 1-268 

Hirsch, Samuel, 1-54 

Hixson, I. M., 31 

Hixson, Ivy May, 1-42 

Hobart, G. H., 44 

Hobart, George Henry, 1-62 

Hobbs, Ella T., 1-279 

Hobbs, Jesse Harrison, 1-11 

Hobbs, S. H., jr., 150 

Hobbs, Willis Jones, 1-170 

Hobson, Patrick Henry, 1-16 

Hockemeyer, E. A., 60 

Hocutt, O. B., 56 

Hodge, Alpheus Sheffield, 1-261 

Hodge, M. W., 128 

Hodges, Edward Twyman, 1-193 

Hodges, J. K., 14 

Hodges, J. L., 118 

Hodges, James Roland, 1-118 

Hodges, John Lawrence, 1-155 

Hodgin, D. R.. 86 

Hodg-in, John Edward,, 1-280 

Hodul, Paul Thomas, 1-286 

Hcffer, F. W.,, 151 

Hoffman, Earl Edward, 1-228 

Hoffman, Gilbert A., jr., 1-242 

Hoffman, L. R., 127 

Hoffman, O. F., 152 

Hoffman, William S., 1-160 

Hogan, W. J., IV, 31 

Hogg, Donald William, 1-307 



Hoke, G. Robert, 1-230 

Hoke, Owen Heller, 1-195 

Holbrook, Elizabeth McRaven, 

Holden, Anna, 1-308 

Holder, B. B., 37, 39 

Holder, E. M., Ill 

Holder, Elizabeth Jerome, 1-184 

Holgate, C. F., 149 

Holland, A. C, 51 

Holland, W. T., 104 

Holland, Yates Leander, 1-102 

Hollett, A. R., 75 

Hollinger, Robert Edwin, 1-125 

Hollingsworth, Marian Everett, 

Hollingsworth, R. R., 45 

Hollingsworth, Thad Wise, 1-70 

Holloway, James Howard, 1-31 

Hollowell, Annabelle, 97 

Hollowell, Minnie, 112 

Holman, A. M., 117 

Holman, C. Hugh, 1-117 

Holmes, George Washington, III, 
1-69, 83 

Holmes, H. McG., jr., 73 

Holmes, J. A., 83 

Holmes, James Eugene, 1-78 

Holmes, M. B., 47 . 

Holmes, R. W., 52 

Holmes, Thurman K., 1-102 

Holmes, Urban Tigner, III, 1-176 

Holmquist, Doris Godwin, 1-317 
Holroyd, G. C, 15, 22 
Holt, Albert Hamilton, 1-125 
Holt, Helen Daphne, 1-123 
Holt, J. M. V., 145 
Holt, Robert Louis, 1-25 
Holton, Quinton, 1-168 
Holton. Willie Mae, 1-94 
Hon, R. C, 37 
Honaker, Gerald Leon, 1-59 
Honeycutt, A. W., 70 
Honeycutt, Mrs. M. A., 30 
Honigberg, Erwin L., 1-213 
Hood, Robin, 42 
Hook, C. W., 122 
Hook, M. W., 122 
Hook, Minnie Edge, 1-83 
Hooke, Robert, 124 
Hooke, William M., 1-236 
Hooks, David Woodall, 1-52 
Hooks, William Gary, 1-153 
Hooks, William Harris, 1-170 
Hooper, Ernest Walter, 1-163, 170 
Hooper, Robert Joyce, 1-140 
Hoover, Francis Lentz, 1-219 
Hopkins, H. M., 48 
Hopkins, Richard A., 1-57 
Hopper, Columbus B., 1-310 

Hornbeck, G. A., 132 

Hornbeck, R. W., 104 

Home, B. C., jr., 125 

Home, Frances Lucille, 1-274 

Home, H. H., 29 

Home, John Hannan, 1-75, 78 

Home, M. M., 92 

Home, McD. K., jr., 38, 42 

Horner, G. F., 79 

Horney, W. J., 81 

Horowitz, Eugene Stephen, 1-320 

Horton, E. M., 149 

Horton, F. L., 132 

Horton, James H., 1-12 

Horton, R. K., 138 

Horton, William Stewart, 1-83 

Hosansky, Melvin, 1-55 

Hoskins, Frank Lawrence, jr., 

Hostetter, Patricia Arlene, 1-142 

Houck, Alvin L., 1-32 

Houck, Duane Francis, 1-12 

Hough, J. M., 61 

House, H. C., jr., 68 

Houser, Henry Paul, 1-172 

Houser, Thomas Presley, jr., 1-113 

Houston, Mrs. F. B., 45 
Hover, William Addison, 1-268 
Howard, Claude, 82 

Howard, Helen Burt Mauney, 1-284 

Howard, Joyce S., 1-124 

Howard, Leland Paschal, 1-102 

Howard, Mildred Langford, 1-54 

Howard, Young Willie, 1-78 

Howe, Ann Clark, 1-27 

Howe, Charles Alfred, 1-19, 27 

Howe, Charles McLain, 1-235 

Howe, William Gerow, 1-314 

Howell,. A. C, 76 

Howell, Almonte Charles, jr., 1-199 

Howell, C. A., 142 

Howell, E. I., 129 

Howell, Edward Newland, 1-94 

Howell, F. S., 143 

Howell, I. R., 101 

Howell, J. V., 124 

Howell, James, 80, 90 

Howell, Robert Norman, 1-63 

Howell, W. W., 43 

Hoy, Kenneth Look, 1-212 

Hoyle, H. B., jr., 124 

Hoyle, Jack Thompson, 1-94 

Hoyle, Jackson S., 1-286 

Hoyle, V. A., 121 

Hoyle, Vinton Asbury, jr., 1-30 

Hromanik, Edward Carl, 1-41 

Hrutfiord, Bjorn Frederick, 1-25 

Hsiang, L. C, 75 

Hubbell, William Kelvey, 1-306 

Huckabee, M. L., 27 



Hudson, A. P., 77 

Hudson, C. C, 25 

Hudson, H. C., 53 

Hudson, Robert Clarence, 1-237 

Hudson, W. P., 96 

Huff, H. H., 150 

Huff, J. B., 82 

Huff, J. W., 30 

Huffines, A. D., 70 

Huffman, E. E., 23 

Huffman, E. O., 25 

Huggins, M. A., 52 

Hughes, A. E., 13, 22 

Hughes, H. H., 82 

Hughes, M. C, 132 

Hughes, Mary Elizabeth, 1-186 

Hughes, Morgan, 1-268 

Hughes, Nathaniel Cheairs, jr., 

1-164, 178 
Hughes, Robert Moore, 1-248 
Huguelet, Theodore Long, 1-123 
Hulsebus, Robert Louis, 1-221 
Hume, R. D., 93 
Hume, Thomas, jr., 81 
Hummer, James Knight, 1-23 
Hummers, William Strong, jr., 1-19 
Huneycutt, J. E., 61 
Huneycutt, Maeburn Bruce, 1-9, 10 
Hunnicutt, E. H., 113 
Hunsicker, F. P., 75 
Hunt, Doris Ann, 1-137 
Hunt, L. E., 64 
Hunt, Margaret A., 1-247 
Hunter, E. C, 45, 53 
Hunter, Ester Araya, 1-308 
Hunter, F. J., 36 
Hunter, Floyd Gibson, 1-295 
Hunter, J. E., jr., 25 
Hunter, Kermit Houston, 1-54, 121 
Hunter, Marthalou, 1-5 
Hunter, Rhoda Mabel, 1-54 
Hunter, Robert Fleming, 1-166 
Hunter, Ted LaVerne, 1-310 
Hunter, W. F., jr., 25 
Huntington, Catherine, 1-45 
Huntley, David Collins, 1-4 
Huntley, Patrick, 1-66 
Hurd, Clark Hubert, 1-94 
Hurley, L. B., 77 
Hurt, A. B., 53 
Huse, Mary Martin, 1-252 
Husketh, S. J., 48 
Huskey, D. A., 138 
Huskins, C. C, 115 
Huskins, Taylor L., 1-102 
Hutchinson, C. R., 54 
Hutchinson, Doris Esther, 1-217 
Hutchinson, J. G., 158 
Hutchinson, Joseph Candler, 1-262 
Hutchinson, Marguerite, 125 

Hutchinson, R. F., 44 

Huth, M. L., 105 

Hutto, Lee Morton, 1-102 

Hyman, O. W., 161 

Idema, Mrs. M. J., 138 

Inghram, M. R., 39 

Inglis, M. H., 58 

Ingram, L. B., 71 

Inman, S. E., 97 

Iqbal, Mohammad, 1-314 

Iralu, Vichazelhu, 1-207 

Irby, Albert, 1-109 

Irby, Flora Smith, 1-223 

Irvine, David James, 1-115 

Irvine, Paul, jr., 1-75, 109 

Isaacson, Robert LeRoy, jr., 1-39 

Isenberg, Harold David, 1-78 

Isley, Avery Lucian, 1-94 

Isley, E. B., 56 

Isley, Millard G., 1-78 

Iverson, John Salskov, jr., 1-244 

Ives, C. L., 52 

Ives, Chauncey B., 1-122, 138 

Ivey, J. E., jr., 153 

Ivey, Michael Hamilton, 1-206 

Ivey, William Lentz, 1-181 

Jackson, Charles G., 1-179 

Jackson, D. H., 19 

Jackson, Edith Hight, 1-109 

Jackson, James Edward, 1-65 

Jackson, Sally Fields, 1-135 

Jackson, Sarah Evelyn, 1-138 

Jackson, William E., jr., 1-247 

Jacobs, Willis Dana, 1-115 

Jacocks, W. P., 109 

Jaffe, Hans H., 1-19 

James, Albert Warren, jr., 1-146 

James, Charles Sebastian, jr., 

James, F. M., 123 
James, Floyd E., 1-103 
James, Franklin Ward, 1-19 
James, Ruby Spainhour, 1-84 
James, Walter Gafford, 1-216 
Jarman, Cecil Albert, 1-68 
Jarman, L. W., 49 
Jarrard, Norman Eugene, 1-139 
Jarratt, Paschal, 100 
Jarrell, Herman Arnold, 1-229 
Jarrell, Penelope Hampton, 1-184 
Javens, Charles, 1-275 
Javitt, Norman Bert, 1-238 
Jefferis, Nancy Ingram, 1-300 
Jeffords, William Leroy, 1-223 
Jeffrey, R. N., 64 
Jeffreys, Donald B., 1-12 
Jeffries, James Frederick, jr., 1-27 
Jeffries, W. L., 11, 19 
Jeffries, William Bowman, 1-318. 




Jenkins, A. S., 87 
Jenkins, E. B., 28, 30 
Jenkins, E. L., 125 
Jenkins, George Lovell, 1-232 
Jenkins, Helen, 1-172 
Jenkins, Janet Riley, 1-280 
Jenkins, K. A., 88 
Jenkins, Leslie Hugh, 1-22 
Jenkins, S. F., 78, 89 
Jenkins, Virginia, 1-130 
Jenkins, W. M., 64 
Jenkins, W. S., 106, 110 
Jenkins, Wilmer Mitchell, 1-75 
Jennings, A. C, 143 
Jennings, E. DeW., 12, 20 
Jennings, James Murray, 1-152 
Jernigan, Ernest Harris, 1-174 
Jernigan, Osie C, jr., 1-132 
Jeter, D. DeL., 101 
Jewett, Pamela Read, 1-40 
Jimenez-Macias, Rafael, 44 
Jobe, L. H., 48 
Jocher, Katharine, 151 
Johannesen, Dell Bush, 1-181 
Johns, John Edwin, 1-164, 168 
Johns, Richard Heezen, 1-24 
Johns, Robert M., 1-11 
Johnson, A. B., 57 
Johnson, A. T., 76 
Johnson, A. W., 97 
Johnson, B. L., 13 
Johnson, Betty Carol, 1-58 
Johnson, Clifton Herman, 1-164 
Johnson, Doris Inez, 1-208 
Johnson, E. D., 118 
Johnson, Edward S., 1-257 
Johnson, Elizabeth, 124 
Johnson, Elmer Douglas, 1-159 
Johnson, Emilie, 36 
Johnson, Evans Combs, 1-160 
Johnson, Fritz Kreisler, 1-154 
Johnson, G. A., 18 
Johnson, G. B., 151 
Johnson, G. G., 106 
Johnson, Grant Fritjof, 1-216 
Johnson, J. H., 156 
Johnson, J. S., 66 
Johnson, J. van R., 155 
Johnson, James Archie, jr., 1-217 
Johnson, James Henry, 1-265, 272 
Johnson, James S., jr., 1-16 
Johnson, Jerah Williams, 1-176 
Johnson, John William, jr., 1-103 
Johnson, Joseph Herman, 1-292 
Johnson, Karen, 1-311 
Johnson, Lois, 92 
Johnson, Lucia Porcher, 1-186 
Johnson, M. D., 119 
Johnson, M. L., 97 
Johnson, Osee Mac, 1-284 

Johnson, Peter Dexter, 1-17, 27 
Johnson, Rachel, 147 
Johnson, Sidney P., 1-11 
Johnson, Thomas Hatcher, 1-229 
Johnson, W. C, 73 
Johnson, W. H. E., 57 
Johnson, William Gaston, 1-231, 

Johnson, Zelda, 1-79 
Johnston, Barbara Jean, 1-307 
Johnston, C. S., 103 
Johnston, Charles Louis, jr., 1-238 
Johnston, Charles Philip, 1-259 
Johnston, Ethel Celeste, 1-183 
Johnston, F. B., 61 
Johnston, J. H., 47 
Johnston, James David, III, 1-130 
Johnston, Joseph Moorhead, 1-70, 

Johnston, Mary Ruth, 1-60 
Johnston, Minnie, 66 
Johnston, Roy Paul, 1-250 
Johnston, W. R., 25 
Johnstone, R. F., 114 
Jolly, Robert Paul, 1-135 
Jones, A. E., 29 
Jones, Barclay Gibbs, 1-37 
Jones, C. C, 129 
Jones, C. W., 98 
Jones, D. G., 138 
Jones, Edward Brodus, 1-177 
Jones, Edward Eugene, jr., 1-317 
Jones, Emily Woodson, 1-234 
Jones, Eugene Wise, 1-240 
Jones, F. L., 92 
Jones. Frances Anne, 1-94 
Jones, Franklin Ross, 1-109 
Jones, J. B., 52 
Jones, J. W., jr., 1-44 
Jones, John Broadus, 1-135 
Jones, John Rison, jr., 1-164, 175 
Jones, L. N., 34 
Jones, Lewis Pinckney, 1-159 
Jones, M. D., 93 
Jones, M. J., 138 
Jones, Maria Kerr, 1-281 
Jones, Marilyn Cleo, 1-166 
Jones, Mary Helen, 1-256 
Jones, Maximilian Bughardt, 1-14 
Jones, O. W., 82 
Jones, Paul Kingsbury, 1-52 
Jones, Pelham Thomas, 1-103 
Jones, Reece Alexander, 1-150 
Jones, Theron Paul, 1-170 
Jones, William Stanley, jr., 1-257 
Jones, Wilma Jane, 1-254 
Jonsson, Hannes, 1-303 
Joost, Nicholas Tecnac, jr., 96; 

Jordan, Edwin Saunders, 1-175 



Jordan, G. W., 68 

Jordan, Henry Bryce, 1-199 

Jordan, S. S., 11, 18 

Joubert, W. H., 38 

Jousse, Eugene, 1-55 

Jowdy, Albert Willoughby, 1-212, 

Joyce, Emmett Robert, 1-221 
Joyce, Johnie Leroy, 1-215 
Joyce, Sara Ellen, 1-267 
Joyner, C. R., 71 
Joyner, Edna Stokes, 1-198 
Joyner, Frederick Blount, 1-22 
Joyner, J. B., 23 
Joyner, John R., 1-40 
Joyner, W. L., 138 
Julian, Alfredo Jorge, 1-8 
Justice, Donald Rodney, 1-126 
Justice, J. M., 117 
Justice, M. F., 113 
Kaczka, E. A., 17 
Kain, Thomas Raymond, 1-223 
Kalayanamit, Chalong, 1-310 
Kallianpur, Gopinath Bhavani- 

shanker, 1-312 
Kampschmidt, W. H., 116 
Kani, Ali, 46 
Kantor, Mildred Beatrice, 1-297, 

Kaplan, Berton Harris, 1-210 
Kaplan, Norman, 1-249 
Kapner, William S., 1-14 
Kapp, M. E., 14 
Karcher. E. K., jr., 159 
Karcher, Edmund Kenneth, jr., 

Karlin, J. A., 116 
Kashiwazaki, Toshinosuke, 1-64 
Kaske, Robert Earl, 1-118, 126 
Katz, Alvin M., 1-309 
Katz, Fred E., 1-309 
Kaufholz, C. F., 35 
Kearney, De Lon Cooper, 1-84 
Keeler, Caroline, 117 
Keen, Nancy Lavinder, 1-132 
Keesee, Aubrey Mays, 1-71 
Keesler, E. Y., 73 
Keeton, Kenneth E., 1-156 
Keith, A. B., 108 
Kellam, Mary Frances, 1-219 
Keller, John Esten, 1-260 
Kelley, A. W., 77, 85 
Kelley, Beaman Woodruff, 1-112 
Kelly, Eileen Patricia, 1-139 
Kelly, Mary Louise, 1-128 
Kelly, Norbert Lawrence, jr.; 

1-296, 301 
Kelton, John Dobbins, 1-250 
Kemp, Edith Semat, 1-301 
Kendrick, J. W., 43 

Kendrick, Jack E., 1-159 

Kendrick, M. P., 29 

Kenfield, John Fawcett, jr., 1-94 

Kennard, K. I., 126 

Kennedy, Charles Andrew, 1-79 

Kennedy, E. C, 31 

Kennedy, Joe Wollett, 1-208 

Kennedy, John Wesley, 1-62 

Kennon, Mary Frances, 1-183 

Kent, Rosemary May, 1-257 

Kenyon, R. L., 17 

Kernodle, R. W., 160 

Kernodle, Rigdon Wayne, 1-293 

Kershaw, P. G. de S., 59 

Kesler, Frederick Donald, 1-109 

Kesler, T. L., 104 

Kessler, Peggy-Ann, 1-12 

Kestler, C. B., 92 

Keyes, Annie Laurie, 1-69 

Keys, G. R., 148 

Keys, George Robert, 1-261 

Khury, Laila, 1-115 

Kiem, Iris Mabel, 1-5 

Killheffer, John Vincent, jr., 1-32 

Killinger, G. G., 134 

Kim, Charles Wesley, 1-207 

Kimbrough, Emory, jr., 1-311 

Kimbrough, T. R., 26 

Kimmel, Herbert, 46 

Kimpel, B. D., 80 

Kinard, F. M., 88 

Kinard, Frank Efird, 1-231, 234 

Kincaid, G. N., 61 

King, Albert Warren, 1-288 

King, G. H., 71 

King, G. K., 28 

King, G. V., 119 

King, Harry Lee, jr., 1-272 

King, John Thomas, 1-103 

King, Louise Webb, 1-286 

King, M. L., 138 

King, Mary Elizabeth, 1-130 

King, T. L., 13, 23 

King, William Courtney, jr., 1-139 

Kirby, Marjorie Tarleton, 1-274 

Kirby, Robert Ritchie, 1-146 

Kirk, Daniel Eddins, 1-11 

Kirk, Elijah Thomas, 1-245 

Kirk, W. W., 161 

Kirstein, Dewey S., jr., 1-154 

Kiser, A. L., 54 

Kiser, C. V., 154 

Kiser, J. A., 64 

Kiser, Lawrence Raymond, 1-103 

Kiser, O. L., 52 

Kiser, W. LeR., 61 

Kita, Saichiro, 40 

Kitasawa, Shinjiro, 39 

Klein, Albert Roger, 1-55 

Klenz, William, 1-199, 200 



Kligman, Miriam, 1-300 

Kline, Vivian Diana, 1-44 

Klontz, Harold Emerson, 1-62 

Klutz, Sara, 1-137 

Knight. B. H., 19 

Knight, lone Kemp, 1-121 

Knight, James William, 1-225 

Knight, Karl Frederick, 1-143 

Knight, S. B., 15, 26 

Knott, Dorothy Eugenia, 1-88 

Knowlton, Martin Perry, 1-242 

Knox, J. B., 156 

Knox, Robert De Witt, 1-84 

Knox, W. T., 52 

Koch, Ehud, 1-251, 255 

Koch, F. H., jr., 34 

Koch, R. A., 7 

Koch, William Julian, 1-9, 11 

Kocher, Evelyn Maude, 1-87 

Koehler, Vernon Herman, 1-103 

Koehnline, William Angus, 1-130 

Koestner, Geraldine Mae, 1-228 

Koo, T-Y., 75 

Koonce, Benjamin Granade, 1-128 

Kooser, Edwin deTurck, 1-254 

Korff, N. M., 105 

Korn, Richard D., 1-57 

Kornegay, A. D., 61 

Kornegay, Frances, 138 

Kornegay, Joseph Thomas, 1-79 

Kornegay, William Gordon, 1-75 

Kornegay, Zebulon Vance, 1-291 

Kossack, M. E., 138 

Krafchick, Marcelline, 1-60 

Krahenbuhl, K. M., 94 

Kramer, Suzanne, 1-59 

Kramm, Elizabeth Rose, 1-305 

Krebs, Allen Martin, 1-255 

Kreps, C. H., jr., 44 

Kretschmann, James Finley, 1-177 

Krinitzsky, Ellis Louis, 1-152 

Krynitsky, J. A., 17 

Kshemsant, Suprapada, 1-137 

Kuck, John Frederick Read, jr., l-o 

Kucyk, William James, 1-227 

Kudrik, Peter, 1-187 

Kuebler, Roy Raymond, jr., 1-315 

Kuhlman, C. E., 38 

Kuper, Leo, 1-303 

Kupperian, James Edward, jr., 

Kurz, Mrs. M. T., 81 
Kussrow, Nancy Esther, 1-139 
Kuster, Cecile, 1-279 
Kuykendall, R. W., 147 
Kwei, M. T., 56 
Kyker, G. C, 15 
LaBorde, Hasell T., 1-192 
Lacey, James C, jr., 1-32 
Lackey, Katherine, 100 

Lacy, D. M., 115 

Ladu, A. L, 78, 87 

LaForge, William Frederick, 1-161 

Laing, Henrietta, 1-12 

Laird, W. M., 104 

Lambert, G. L., 150 

Lambert, H. D., 102 

Lambert, Hazel M., 1-71 

Lambert, Maude Eugenie, 1-148 

Lambert, Robert Stansbury, 1-158 

Lambert, Wallace Earl, 1-249 
Lamm, Greyard B., 1-112 
Lamond, Marilyn, 1-265, 273 
Lancaster, A. L., 105 
Lancaster, Albert Lake, 1-155 
Land, James Edward, 1-17 
Lander, E. M., jr., 117 
Lander, Ernest McPherson, jr., 

Landon, Sue Ennis, 1-67 
Landy, David, 1-303 
Lane, B. B., 82 
Lane, E. S., 95 
Lane, Frederick Edgar, 1-88 
Lane, Robert P., 1-122 
Lang, A. G., 8 
Lang, Cyril S., 1-59 
Lang, J. A., 112 
Langdon, R. M., 119 
Langston, A. D. B., 79 
Langston, J. H., 16, 26 
Langston, Martha Louise, 1-84 
Lanham, Louise, 79, 87 
Lanier, Daniel, jr., 1-289 
Lanier, Gene D., 1-185 
Lankford, C. L., 138 
Lansberg, W. R., 142, 148 
Lansdell, Joyce Elaine, 1-187 
LaPrade, John Harry, 1-275 
La Rocca, J. P., 126 
Larsen, William Andrew, 1-175 
Larson, Albert J., 1-152 
Larson, F. L., 60 
Larson, Peter Alden, 1-34 
La Rue, Jo Anne, 1-284 
LaSalle, Leon Thomas, 1-49 
Lasley, J. W., 121 
Lasley, R. L., 83 
Lassiter, Ruth Muriel, 1-94 
Lastrucci, C. L., 157 
Latane, Henry Allen, 1-64 
Latham, Lois, 33 
Lathim, Thena Jean, 1-103 
Latimer, P. H., jr., 15 
Latshaw, H. F., 48 
Latshaw, S. L., 84 
Latta, J. E„ 129 
Laulan, Yves, 1-246 



Laurens, Franklin Davenport, 

Lavin, Andrew Joseph, 1-232 
Lawler, John Joseph, 1-130 
Lawrence, Burtis Elwood, 1-37 
Lawrence, C. G., 53 
Lawrence, G. H., 155 
Lawrence, George H., II, 1-256 
Lawrence, M. S., 30 
Lawson, Elmer, 1-73, 172 
Layton, J. S., 98 
League, Elizabeth Anne, 1-12 
Lear, C. M., 131 
Learned, M. R., 142 
Leath, T. H., Ill 
LeBaron, P. M., 104 
Lebey, Mrs. M. H., 139 
LeConte, J. N., 14 
Ledbetter, I. B., 48 
Leder, Anna Hankin, 1-277 
Ledford, R. N., 48 
Lee, E. H., 60 
Lee, Elsie Reynolds, 1-278 
Lee, Enoch Lawrence, jr., 1-162 

Lee, Fanny Robinson, 1-291 
Lee, Gunsam, 1-61 
Lee, Henry Bartly, 1-244 
Lee, Herbert Grant, 1-126 
Lee, Jean Lemon, 1-45 
Lee, Marvin William, 1-243 
Lee, Mary Jean, 1-267 
Lee, Permillas, Arten, jr., 1-219 
Lee, R. A., 70 
Lee, R. M., 41 
Lee, Rachel, 68 
Lee, Robert Edward, 1-216 
Lee, S. B., 103 
Lee, S. McC., 162 
Lee, T. H., 124 
Lee, Talmage Hoyle, 1-191 
Lee, V. J., jr., 33 
Lefeavers, Perry Lee Robert, 1-221 
Lefko, Nicholas Eric, 1-225 
Leggett, James Alonza, 1-49 
Leggette, L. P., 33 
Legris, Maurice, 1-143 
Lehman, H. E., 163 
Lehr, James, 1-26 
Leidt, Sarah C, 1-31 
Leiserson, Lee, 16, 26 
Leisner, Robert Stanley, 1-10 
Leitner, J. G., 10 
Lemmon, Sarah McCulloch, 1-159 
Lemmond, W. H., jr., 21 
Lense, F. T., jr., 26 
Lentz, Fred Woodrow, 1-109 
Lentz, John Jacob, 1-103 
Lentz, John Paul, 1-94 
Leonard, Edward Charles, jr., 1-19 

Leonard, James Marshall, 1-58 
Leonard, Lynn, 1-52 
Leonard, M. H., 138 
Leonard, M. L., 71 
Leonard, Paul Bonar, 1-79 
Leonard, Ruth Elizabeth, 1-217 
Leonhardt, Harry Ludwig, 1-249, 

Leopold, R. S., 26 
Lerche, C. O., jr., 132 
Lerche, Margaret Evans, 1-157 
LeRoy, E. Carwile, 1-208 
Lester, George B., 1-95 
Levalley, Ruth Gibson, 1-79 
Leventhal, Howard, 1-250, 251 
Levin, Bernard Martin, 1-250, 254 
Levin, Richard Ivor, 1-13 
Levitt, W. H., 158 
Levy, Charles Kingsley, 1-318 


is, Benjamin Williamson, 1 

is, Bonny Morgan, 1-321 

is, D. P., 8 

is, Dorothy, 34 

is, Ernest, 1-305 

is, I. F., 161 

is, J. B., 96 

is, James W., 1-275 

is, K. P., 34 

is, Katherine Louise, 1-220 

is, L. A., 144 

is, M. F., 138 

is, Martha Nell, 1-220 

is, R. G., 148 

is, Robert Guilford, 1-261 
Lichtenthaeler, R. A., 18 
Liddell, A. F., 127 
Lide, Betty, 1-195 
Lide, Nina Stephens, 1-280 
Lievsay, John Edward, 1-247 
Ligon, Mrs. S. O., 57 
Liles, M. S., 59 
Lilly, A. E, 91 
Lilly, Mrs. G. G., 100 
Linder, James Baxter, 1-197 
Lindley, C. C, 71 
Lindley, Tyree Sabert, 1-79 
Lindquist, Ruth, 151 
Lindsay, A. E., 148 
Lindsay, John Crawford, 1-231, 235 
Lindsey. Anne H., 1-268 
Lindsey, E. S., 76, 84 
Lindsey, E. W., 144 
Lindsey, Thomas T., 1-103 
Lineberger, A. C, 83 
Lineberger, Reba Howard, 1-304 
Lineberry, R. A., 13, 21 
Lineweaver, John Rogers, 1-110 
Lingerfeldt, T. H., 68 
Link, A. S., 108, 118 
Link, William James, 1-30 



Linker, J. B., 121 
Linker, J. D., 123 
Linker, Mary Jane Auld, 1-233 
Linker, R. W., 140, 143 
Linker, W. M., jr., 135 
Linskey, Arthur Owen, 1-73 
Linton, R. H., 96 
Linz, Arthur, jr., 1-234 
Lippert, Thomas Joseph, 1-143 
Lipscomb, C. C, 64 
Lipscomb, Winifred Lawrence, 

Litaker, Frank Ernest, 1-113 
Little, C. H., jr., 124 
Little, Chester Crowell, 1-221 
Little, G. P., 53 
Little, James William, 1-209 
Little, LeRoy Lewis, 1-34 
Little, T. A., 85 

Little, William Frederick, 1-21, 30 
Littleton, John Osburn, 1-84 
Litwack, Sydney Zanville, 1-58 
Lively, Lorraine Rose, 1-148 
Lively, Robert Alexander, 1-158, 

Livingston, Carolyn Lambeth, 

Livingston, Herbert Stanton, 1-199, 

Ljung, H. A., 13, 22 
Lloyd, Jane Marie, 1-229 
Lloyd, Ruth, 1-26 
Lloyd, W. R., 126 
Lloyd-Jones, Richard, 1-132 
Loaring-Clark, H. E., 36 
Lockhart, L. B., jr., 17 
Lockhart, Philip North, 1-47 
Lockmiller, D. A., 107 
Loflin, D. L., 68 
Loflin, J. C, 14, 24 
Lofquist, George Warthen, 1-115 
Lofton, W. M., jr., 12, 21 
Logan, Byron Eugene, 1-151 
Logan, Nina Davis, 1-60 
Logan, Winford Bailey, 1-53 
Lohr, B. E., 103 
Lohr, L. L., jr., 47 
London, L. F., 107, 114 
Long, Edgar, 83 
Long, James Waldo, 1-216 
Long, John Burke, 1-103 
Long, P. G., 92 
Long, W. I., 35 
Longest, E. C, 66 
Longest, Pauline Moser, 1-10 
Longyear, Rey Munro, 1-203 
Loomis, C. M., 158 
Looney, Robert Fain, 1-141 
Looper, T. L., 53 
Lopp, Doris Gertrude, 1-289 

Losh, Alberta, 147 

Love, Grady Edward, 1-74 

Love, Jean O., 1-71 

Love, Marjorie Johnston, 1-126 

Love, V. M., 54 

Lovejoy, Albert Edwin, 1-298, 303 

Lovejoy, G. W., 152 

Lovelace, Annie Pearl, 1-112 

Lovelace, Lollie Roberta, 1-317 

Lovingood, Billy Wade, 1-229 

Lovingood, Paul E., jr., 1-152 

Lowder, Eunice Idell, 1-88 

Lowder, Lloyd Grey, 1-76, 110 

Lowder, Stanley Ray, 1-79 

Lowe, Wilburn James, 1-50 

Lowry, R. F., 59 

Lu, Wei Ming, 1-38 

Lube, Catalina, 138 

Lucas, Ruth Weaver, 1-190 

Lucas, Victor Edward, 1-15 

Lumiansky, R. M., 80 

Lumpkin, B. G., 81 

Lumsden, Davey Jo, 1-284 

Lurcy, L. G., 44 

Luttrell, Jack Shiefier, 1-74 

Luttrell, Rebecca Sue, 1-165 

Lyerly, Ralph H., 1-126 

Lyerly, Samuel B., 1-251 

Lyerly, Samuel Badger, 1-84 

Lyles, Joseph Henry, 1-77, 103 

Lynch, E. L., 8 

Lynch, R. G., 160 

Lynch, Virginia Anne, 1-202 

Lynn, Ross McCain, 1-220 

Lyon, R. M., 110 

Lyons, J. C, 140 

McAllister, Hubert Eugene, 1-177 

McAllister, Joseph Phelps, 1-198 

McAllister, Sarah Billopp, 1-186 

McArthur, Ray Francis, 1-284 

McAuley, Louis Floyd, 1-192 

McAuliffe, R. G., 114 

MacBryde, J. P., 97 

McCachren, James Roland, 1-222 

McCaig, Jean, 157 

McCain, J. W., jr., 79, 86 

McCain, Mrs. L. H., 93 

McCall, Adeline, 1-200 

McCall, J. V., 142 

McCall, Virginia Zipporah, 1-95 

McCall, William Greer, 1-244 

McCallum, David Livingston, 1-38 

McCampbell, J. C, 102 

McCanless, Rosamond, 93 

McCanless, W. F., 84 

McCarthy, C. W., 66 

McCarthy, G. R., 101, 103 

McCarthy, Jacqueline, 1-259 

McCathern, Marcia, 1-44 

McCay, M. S., 131 



McCIain, Gene A., 1-52 
McClamroch, R. P., 77, 84 
McCleery, Richard Harmon, 1-241 
McClinton, Raymond, 158 
McCloy, Bonnie Jean, 1-128 
McCluer, J. D., 22 
McClure, Bettye Lou, 1-110 
McConnell, Edith Frances, 1-84 
McConnell, Ernest Russell, 1-218 
McConnell, Grace Elizabeth, 1-84 
McConnell, J. P., 151 
McCormack, J. H., 42 
McCormic, Mary Thompson, 1-223 
McCoy, Mildred O'Neal, 1-84 
McCoy, S. J., 78 
McCracken, J. G., 66 
McCreary, Homer A., 1-104 
McCullen, J. T., jr., 96 
McCullen, Joseph Thomas, jr., 

McCulloch, Florence, 1-264, 269 
McCulloch, R. W., 83 
McCullough, E. F., 114 
McCullough, John William, 1-118 
McCullough, M. C, 114 
MacCurdy, Burnet, 1-126 
McCurdy, H. F., 57 
MacCurdy, Raymond Ralph, 1-261 
McDaniel, C. Y., 88 
McDaniel, J. L., 124 
McDaniel, V. M., 88 
McDearman, E. B., 25 
McDill, J. M., 92 
McDonald, A. L., 68 
McDonald, Mrs. A. L., 138 
McDonald, Arthur Warren, 1-61 
McDonald, Catherine Elizabeth, 

McDonald, J. R., 62 
McDonald, L. S., 68 
McDonald, Nancy F., 1-289 
McDonald, Pearl Stephenson, 1-79 
McDougall, Cherie Janice, 1-104 
MacDowell, D. A., 96 
McDowell, D. F., 141 
McDowell, John T., 1-204 
McDuffie, J. B., 72 
McDuffie, Roger A., jr., 1-205 
Mace, Robert, 1-232 
Mace, Ruth Lowens, 1-38 
McElwee, James Edward, 1-284 
McEwen, J. L., 20 
McEwen, M. M., 7 
McFadden, Alexander Bratton, 

McFadden, J. H., 133, 135 
McFadden, Nancy, 1-148 
McFadyen, H. C, 119 
McFarland, Abba Mae, 1-115 
McFerrin, J. B., jr., 37, 42 

Macfie, Anne Elizabeth, 1-146 

McGalliard, J. C, 86 

McGeachy, J. A., jr., 115 

McGeachy, Katherine Ann, 1-168 

McGee, B. M., 37, 41 

McGehee, Elise, 64 

McGehee, John Webster, jr., 1-32 

MacGill, A. G., 154 

McGill, Maud Williams, 1-104 

McGinnis, M. R., 157 

McGinnis, Thomas Charles, 1-278 

McGirt, R. M., 54 

MacGowan, Mary Lou, 1-51 

McGowan, W. T., 121 

McGowen, John W., 1-130 

McGregor, Herman S., jr., 1-137 

MacGregor, J. L., 70 

Macllwinen, William Lee, 1-54 

Mcintosh, C. E., 55 

Mcintosh, Mrs. Linda, 53 

Mclntyre, Cicero Daniel, 1-55 

Mclntyre, James Herbert, 1-197 

Mclntyre, Robert Allen, jr., 1-319 

Mclver, Alton F., jr., 1-243 

Mclver, J. W., 73 

Mclver, William Buie, 1-84 

Mack, Raymond Wright, 1-296, 305 

Mack, W. Lee, jr., 1-201 

McKay, A. A., 83 

MacKay, E. S., 90 

McKay, H. S., 118 

McKay, J. A., 9 

McKay, John H., 1-314 

McKay, Merle, 35 

McKee, Jane, 97 

McKee, Jessie, 86 

McKennie, Clarissa Durrett, 1-281 

McKenzie, John Ward, 1-317 

McKie, G. M., 82 

McKinney, Adeline Roberta, 1-203 

McKinney, Eileen Stikeleather, 

McKinney, George William, 1-56 
McKinney, W. M., 75 
McKnight, Haven Ray, 1-146 
McKnight, T. M., 142 
McKnight, William Albert, 147; 

McKorkle, Dorothy, 1-289 
Maclachlan, Emily, 156 
Maclachlan, J. M., 152, 156 
McLain, C. R., 52 
McLain, R. B., 70 
McLain, Rosella Morgan, 1-276 
McLamb, Cle Otha, 1-85 
McLarty, Adelaide, 1-170 
McLaurin, Nancy Delia, 1-126 
McLean, Frank, 82 
McLean, Hallie S., 1-170 
MacLean, J. A., 75 



McLean, Mary Grace, 1-S5 
McLellan, C. R., 23 
McLeod, A. H., jr., 117 
McLeod, Frank Daniel, 1-88 
McLeod, J. A., 89 
MacLeod, John Blount, 1-166 
McLeod, M. A., 68 
MacLeod, Mary Carola, 1-79 
MacLeod, Norman, 1-135 
McLeod, Samuel Alexander, 1-195 
McLeod, W. M., 140, 143 
McMahon, George Ian Robertson, 

McMaster, Mary Carlisle, 1-320 
McMillan, D. R., jr., 129 
MacMillan, Genevieve, 48 
McMillan, J. B., 89 
McMillan, K. M., 92 
MacMillan, M. J., 139 
McMillan, Malcolm Cook, 1-157 
McMillan, T. E., 109 
MacMillan, W. D., 76, 83 
MacMullin, A. G., 148 
McMurray, Charles Alexander, 

McNair, Douglas M., 1-249 
McNairy, L. G., 42 
McNamara, Robert Jeremy, 1-139 
McNeely, Lester Harold, 1-202 
McNeer, M. W., 93 
McNeil, J. M., 113 
McNeill, R. F., 117 
McNeir, W. F., 80, 91 
Macon, H. L., 37 
Macon, Mrs. H. L., 72 
Macon, Nathaniel, 1-190, 193 
Macormac, A. R., 14 
McPeek, Gwynn Spencer, 1-199 
McPeters, Arnold Lawrence, 1-22 
MacPhee, Halsey, 134 
McPherson, E. G., 108, 110 
McPherson, M. B., 116 
McQueen, W. B., jr., 91 
McQuiston, James Robertson, 1-135 
McReynolds, John W., 1-243 
Macrorie, Kenneth, 1-128 
McSwain, H. E., 72 
McVay, Francis E., 1-1 
McWhorter, Sara Mae, 1-79 
Madden, Kenneth Cromwell, 1-79 
Maddox, H. R., 145 
Maddry, C. A., 127 
Maddry, C. K., Ill 
Maddry, Lynn Gray, 1-257 
Madigan, Francis C, 1-297 
Madison, James Ambrose, 1-153 
Maggard, John Paul, jr., 1-13 
Magginis, Mary Amelia, 1-116 
Magruder, Nathaniel Fuqua, 1-176 
Mahler, A. J., 79 

Mahoney, John F., 1-47 
Main, William Wesley, 1-121 
Mallard, William Cannon, 1-237 
Mallonee, Frank Buckner, 1-247 
Mallory, James B., 1-224 
Malone, David Henry, 1-46 
Maloney, James Edward, 1-151 
Mandelkorn, B. M., 139 
Mandy, William H., jr., 1-172 
Maner, Adelaide Sams, 1-132 
Maner, Bobby Frank, 1-174 
Maner, W. L., jr., 36 
Maney, Ann Carol, 1-299, 308 
Mangham, Reba, 1-286 
Mangum, E. P., 81 
Mangum, William Goodson, 1-3 
Mann, E. R., 130 
Mann, F. J., 1-286 
Mann, G. W., 153 
Mann, John Oscar, jr., 1-65 
Mann, Lester, 1-249 
Mann, Mavis Andree, 1-239 
Manning, Ambrose Nuel, 1-126 
Manning, Charles, 1-118 
Manohar, Shri, 1-38 
Manson, William Rainey, 1-275 
Mansour, Roshdy Fam, 1-72 
March, F. A., 75 
Marcus, Laura Hearne, 1-305 
Marczyk, Stanley Walter, 1-224 
Marimon, Nancy, 1-257 
Marion, Mrs. B. V. W., 160 
Marion, James Everett, 1-282 
Markham, Blackwell, 161 
Markham, Edith Louise, 1-132 
Marks, Charles Lawrence, 1-194 
Marlette, Foy Mildred, 1-126 
Marley, Mrs. C. J., 37 
Marrotte, Lieta Marchesi, 1-307 
Marrotte, Paul Arthur, 1-160, 172 
Marsh, H. E., 102 
Marsh, L. A., 99 
Marshall, Hubert Ray, 1-240 
Marshall, R. E., 124 
Marshburn, R. F., 49 
Martin, Albert Edwin, 1-25 
Martin, Ann Hagood, 1-130 
Martin, Anne Gilliam, 1-56 
Martin, Charles Clifton, jr., 1-160, 

Martin, D. F., jr., 38, 41 
Martin, D. L., 147 
Martin, Daniel Sylvester, 1-33 
Martin, Elinor Bell Hayes, 1-52 
Martin, Flossie, 70 
Martin, Frederick Carlyle, 1-266 
Martin, Gladys Chambers, 1-47 
Martin, Gruver Howard, 1-236 
Martin, H. W. 134, 135 
Martin, Harry W., 1-298 



Martin, I. L., 103 

Martin, John Milton, 1-162 

Martin, John Walter, jr., 1-212 

Martin, Josephine, 1-209 

Martin, June Madelyn, 1-146 

Martin, L. D., 109 

Martin, Philip Lee, 1-247 

Martin, R. J., 104 

Martin, S. M., jr., 23 

Martin, S. W., 108 

Martin, Sophie Stephens, 1-256 

Martin, V. C, 31 

Martinez, Quino E., 1-263 

Martinez-Ponte, J. R., 74 

Martone, J. D., £'i 

Martus, Theodor Charles, 1-226 

Maruyama, Shoji, 1-35 

Marvin, J. R., 75 

Mary, Virginia, 97 

Masi, J. F., 18 

Masket, Betty Henson, 1-29 

Maslowski, James Joseph, 1-296 

Mason, M. F., 139 

Mason, Wilton Elman, 1-199, 200 

Massey, M. E., 117 

Massey, Mary Elizabeth, 1-157 

Mast, Benjamin Vardry, 1-259 

Mast, E. M., 138 

Masten, J. T., 38 

Masterson, J. R., 47 

Matheson, D. S., 150 

Mathews, A. C, 8, 9 

Mathis, William Connie, 1-22 

Mathis, Willie Josephine, 1-166 

Matin, Leonard, 1-253 

Matson, Virgie Lilian, 1-132 

Matthews, Hester Poole, 1-264 

Matthews, M. E., 138 

Matthews, V. D., 8, 9 

Matthias, William Park, 1-72 

Mattocks, J. E., 102 

Mattox, W. J., 13, 23 

Mauldin, W. L., 26 

Mauldin, William Lawrence, 1-21 

Mauney, Charles U., 1-6 

Mauney, S. A., 40 

Maurice, C. S., 104 

Mauskopf, Charles Gerald, 1-146 

Maxwell, Baldwin, 83 

Maxwell, Elizabeth H., 1-269 

Maxwell, Richard Dale, 1-104 

Maxwell, William David, 1-66 

Maybury, Catherine M., 1-185 

Maynard, Amanda Jane, 1-149 

Maynard, Hubbard Durant, jr., 

Mayo, S. C, 152 
Mazzone, Jaures Salvatore, 1-271 
Meade, William Thurbon, 1-104 

Meaders, Wilson Ellis, jr., 1-251, 

Meador, William Edward, jr., 

1-232, 237 
Meares, K. de R., 28, 30 
Mears, H. F., 118 
Mears, Richard McMath, 1-121 
Mebane, W. M., 12, 21 
Medlin, Gene Woodard, 1-191, 195 
Medlin, L. R., 66 
Medwin, Jule Alfred, 1-71 
Meers, Joseph Tinsley, 1-231 
Meibohm, E. R. H., 26 
Meisen, A. F., 108 
Melchor, Jack Leon, 1-233 
Mell, M. R., 152 

Mellichamp, Leslie Ray, jr., 1-138 
Melton, Culbreth Y., 1-114 
Melton, George E., 1-178 
Melton, Jack Robert, 1-69 
Melvin, D. E., 138 
Melvin, Irene, 1-5 
Melvin, Mary Louise, 1-273 
Mendenhall, M. C, 134 
Mendenhall, M. S., 57, 108 
Mendenhall, Martha Redding, 

Menius, A. C, jr., 129 
Menius, Leonard Cary, 1-252 
Mercer, C. M., 62 
Meredith, Lillian Dyer, 1-88 
Mereno-Enriquez, M. De L. A., 7 
Merrell, Bobby Gene, 1-283 
Merrill, Mary Elizabeth, 1-48 
Merritt, Will Dockery, jr., 1-24 
Merryfield, Fred, 74 
Merryman, Katherine Elizabeth, 

Meschke, Robert Walter, 1-213 
Metz, G. E., 52 

Mewborn, Ancel Clyde, 1-193, 198 
Meyer, F. E., 34 
Meyers, Frederick, 38, 43 
Michie, A. Hewson, jr., 1-180 
Michie, O. E., 45 
Middleton, David John, 1-75 
Midgett, E. L., 76 
Milan, Nancy Macys, 1-149 
Milbrath, Lester W., 1-241 
Milburn, Mary Joseph, 1-55 
Miles, Edwin Arthur, 1-161, 171 
Miles, Leland Weber, 1-117, 126 
Millard, Robert K., 1-181 
Miller, Albert Eugene, 1-50 
Miller, Arthur L., 1-255 
Miller, Bradford, 1-7 
Miller, C. E., 103 
Miller, Charles Edward, 1-9, 12 
Miller, E. S., 81 
Miller, H. C, 47 



Miller, Harry Brown, 1-15 

Miller, J. B., 103 

Miller, James Otis, jr., 1-89 

Miller, L. L. B., 72 

Miller, Leonard Paul, 1-95 

Miller, Martha Virginia, 1-196 

Miller, Mary-Elizabeth, 1-26 

Miller, Mary Ruth, 1-124 

Miller, Robert Alfred, 1-272 

Miller, Robert S., 1-304 

Miller, Robert Witherspoon, 1-16 

Miller, Vida, 93 

Miller, William Durell, 1-161 

Miller, William Knight, 1-18 

Millican, C. B., 85 

Milligan, Barton, 1-23, 30 

Milliken, R. J., 159 

Mills, Frederick, 1-5 

Mills, J. E., 11 

Mills, M. S., 95 

Millsaps, V. D., 8, 49 

Milne, David, 15 

Milner, C. F., 64 

Mims, Katharine H., 1-215 

Min, Maung Soe, 1-180 

Minakuchi, Yutaka, 127 

Minnott, Charles Ilsley, 1-3 

Minter, Elsie Grey, 1-267 

Minter, Margaret Emily, 1-146 

Miranda, Rafael Joseph, 1-263 

Misenheimer, Charles Payne, 1-89 

Mitchell, Adolphus, 74 

Mitchell, Elizabeth Alston Beall, 

Mitchell, Fairfax Polk, 1-280 
Mitchell, Herbert Hall, 1-63 
Mitchell, J. Harris, 1-203 
Mitchell, Marvin O'Neill, 1-119, 

Mitchell, Mavis, 70 
Mitchell, Rex, 70 
Mitchell, Sibyle Rose, 1-95 
Mitchell, W. A., 133 
Mitra, Sujit Kumar, 1-314 
Mitten, Robert Moore, 1-226 
Mizell, John David, jr., 1-110 
Mizell, Mrs. L. G., 99 
Mizell, M. P.. 157 
Mobley, Jean Bellingrath, 1-197 
Mock, H. B., 76, 85 
Modlin, Raymond, 1-110 
Moe, Christian Hollis, 1-59 
Moehlmann, E. O.. 20 
Moffatt, J. S., 76, 83 
Moffett, Robert Breedlove, 1-95 
Molten, Richard Wylly, 1-66 
Momiyama, Hiroshi, 40 
Monk, Vivian, 85 
Monroe, James Frank, 1-203 
Monroe, M. K., 88 

Monroe, Marjorie Bates, 1-208 

Monschein, Robert Winfield, 1-203 

Montgomery, Beatrice, 1-187 

Montgomery, James Houston, 1-274 

Montgomery, John Atterbury, 1-19 

Montgomery, M. J., 72 

Moody, Caesar Boyd, jr., 1-70 

Moody, Martin Jerry, 1-104 

Mooneyhan, Mildred, 64 

Moore, Anne T., 1-180 

Moore, B. M., 152 

Moore, C. A. P., 95 

Moore, C. E., 154 

Moore, C. M., 39 

Moore, Carrie Elizabeth, 1-284 

Moore, Catherine Elizabeth, 1-140 

Moore, De Armond, 1-1 

Moore, Elizabeth Cross, 1-211 

Moore, Frank Harper, 1-120, 128 

Moore, Mrs. G. R., 62 

Moore, Gay Garrigan, 1-187 

Moore, H. E., 152 

Moore, Helen Lanneau, 1-43 

Moore, J. A., 47 

Moore, J. H., 55 

Moore, Jennette, 1-286 

Moore, John Aiken, 1-263, 267 

Moore, John David, 1-321 

Moore, M. A., jr., 87 

Moore, Maurice Augustus, 1-121 

Moore, Mary Virginia, 1-188 

Moore, Robert Vernon, 1-21 

Moore, Thomas Bryan, 1-7 

Moorhead, Paul Sidney, 1-319 

Moose, Frances, 149 

Morales-Alban, Efraim, 1-40 

Moran, K. F., 34 

Morgan, E. C, 80, 90 

Morgan, E. W., 62 

Morgan, Gladys, 22 

Morgan, Mrs. G. S., 70 

Morgan, Herbert Seth, jr., 1-27 

Morgan, K. Z., 130 

Morgan, Leo Goodman, 1-80 

Morgan, Mary Virginia, 1-58 

Morgan, R. R., 62 

Morgan, Roland Reginald, 1-72 

Morgan, W. W., 56 

Morillo, Marvin, 1-128 

Morland, John Kenneth, 1-294 

Morland, Margaret Ward, 1-135 

Morokoff, Gene Emerson, 1-47 

Morris, A. C, 80 

Morris, Ailene, 1-248 

Morris, J. E., 59 

Morris, James Zeb, 1-80 

Morris, M. E., 47 

Morris, Marian Florine, 1-124 

Morris, Samuel Barrineau, 1-104 

Morris, William Edgar, 1-122 



Morrison, Boyce McKnight, 1-105 

Morrison, Clarence Clapp, 1-66 

Morrison, Donald F., 1-316 

Morrison, Donald Ian, 1-196 

Morrison, F. W., 83 

Morrison, J. S., 42 

Morrison, Jean, 147 

Morrison, Mrs. L. H., 72 

Morrison, R. W.,. 45, 51 

Morriss, J. A., 95 

Morse, Mildred, 21 

Morton, L. M., 98 

Morton, R. J., 73 

Moseley, Cynthia Elizabeth, 1-174 

Moseley, Harrison Miller, 1-230 

Moseley, M. E., 72 

Moseley, Thomas Vernon, 1-222 

Moser, A. M., 50 

Moser, Leo, 1-190 

Moses, Carl Calvin, 1-242, 245 

Moses, W. L., 92 

Mosher, E. S., 110 

Moss, B. T., 29, 31 

Moss, C. J., 110 

Moss, D. B., 97 

Moss, John Joel, 1-297 

Moss, L. M., 145 

Moss, Urban Haggerson, 1-39 

Mote, Kelley Henry, 1-222 

Mott, Sara Louise, 1-110 

Motto, Anna Lydia, 1-42 

Mount, Raymond Inslee, jr., 1-132 

Mourane, J. H., 21 

Mourane, Maxalynn, 146 

Mouzon, O. T., 38 

Moye, Benjamin Russell, 1-105 

Moyer, E. F., 147 

Mozingo, Isaac Clyde, 1-95 

Mudd, Roger Harrison, 1-176 

Muehlke, Paul Hildner, 1-239 

Mueller, C. H., 105 

Mueller, E. L., 148 

Mulberry, Dorothy Mae, 1-271 

Muldowney, James F., 1-298 

Muldrow, Charles Norment, jr., 

Mulholland, Vester Moye, 1-68 
Mulkey, H. B., 130 
Mullen, Leo Vincent, jr., 1-27 
Mullis, C. E., 62 
Mumford, Dorothy, 89 
Munch, J. F., 124 
Munch, M. E., 7 
Munch, M. F., 33 
Munch, R. H., 24 
Muns, George Ehrman, jr., 1-199, 

Murchison, Cameron, 1-128 
Murchison, Roderick Goldston, jr., 


Murphy, Andrew, 22 

Murphy, Elisabeth, 90 

Murphy, G. M., 21 

Murphy, George Washington, 1-15 

Murphy, Phillip James, 1-133 

Murphy, Q. R., jr., 163 

Murphy, S. C, 68 

Murphy, Sunshine Burchell, 1-185 

Murphy, W. A., 95 

Murray, Frank Junior, 1-95 

Murray, Paul, 108 

Murray, W. L., 108 

Murrell, Mildred Jane, 1-114 

Muse, M. McC, 58 

Musick, Albert Ross, jr., 1-65 

Mutniah, S. N. A. A., 41 

Myer, William Hoogland, 1-264 

Myers, G. T., 64 

Myers, Govan Thompson, 1-69 

Myers, Howard Leo, 1-202 

Myers, John Vernon, 1-266 

Myron, Phyllis Eleanor Hoffmeyer, 

Nabors, Thomas Lenford, 1-196 
Nachtmann, Robert Burns, 1-52 
Nagano, Kiyoshi, 40 
Nahikian, H. M., 120, 124 
Nahory, William F.,. 1-37 
Naiman, Barnette, 20 
Naisawald, Louis Van Loan, 1-168 
Naito, Yasushiro, 40 
Najam, Edward William, 1-263 
Nam, Charles Benjamin, 1-299, 309 
Nance, R. B., 105 
Nanda, Dwartha Nath, 1-311 
Napier, W. B., 146 
Naqavi, S. Hamid Hasan, 1-152 
Narayana, Tadepalli Venkata, 

Nash, T. P., jr., 19 
Nauss, Edward John, 1-215 
Naylor, H. P., Ill 
Neal, C. C, jr., 144 
Neal, Dorothy, 144 
Neal, Helen Galloway, 1-80 
Neal, S. A., 67 
Neale, C. M., 72 
Nealy, J. Willis, 1-105 
Neely, Jack, 125 
Neely, James Hamilton, 1-253 
Neff, E .H., 160 

Negueloua, Lillian Mary, 1-128 
Neill, Elizabeth Lindsay, 1-57 
Neiman, Ernest, 19 
Nelms, Ben F., 1-149 
Nelson, Charles Francis, jr., 1-309 
Nelson, Frank Whitt, 1-105 
Nelson, John Kendall, 1-178 
Nelson, Marilyn, 1-41 
Nelson, Philip Francis, 1-199, 204 



Nelson, Rolla Clayborne, 1-110 

Nesbitt, Vanda Whicker, 1-110 

Nethercutt, Betty Grey, 1-133 

Neville, Norma Adelaide, 1-307 

Newborne, Anne, 125 

Newby, G. E., jr., 41 

Newdick. Richard L., 1-61 

Newell, E. J., 19 

Newell, Eloise Thompson, 1-218 

Newell, 0. E., 93 

Newell, Sanford Hamner, jr., 

1-263, 271 
Newhard, Margaret Eleanor, 1-27G 
Newlin, Harvey Roseland, 1-110 
Newlin, Wendell, 1-80 
Newman, John Brownie, 1-236 
Newsome, Geraldine, 1-269 
Newton, Francis Lanneau, 1-42 
Neylans, Catharine Elizabeth, 

Nicholes, R. M., jr., 15, 25 
Nichols, Irby Coghill, jr., 1-168 
Nichols, John Damon, 1-179 
Nichols, John Marshall, 1-238 
Nicholson, Catherine, 101 
Nicholson, G. F., jr., 125 
Nicholson, G. W., 120 
Nicholson, George Edward, jr., 

Nicholson, James M., jr., 1-183 
Nickell, J. P., 36 
Nickson, Joseph Richard, 1-126 
Niedermayer, James A., 1-291 
Nies, Frederick James, 1-137 
Niggli, J. M., 33 
Nims, F. B., 29, 30 
Nims, Horace, 31 
Nix, W. V., 57 
Nixon, Demetrios F., 1-247 
Noble, Thomas Adams, 1-137 
Noblin, Stuart, 115; 1-157 
Noe, T. P., jr., 74 
Nolen, Herman, 42 
Norberg, Allan Kenneth, 1-237 
Norburri, M. E., 101 
Norfleet, T. F., jr., 117 
Norman, G. C, 114 
Norman, John Henry, 1-28 
Norman, Marshall De Shazo, 1-310 
Norman, N. B., 68 
Norman, Russell P., 1-257 
Norman, Velio, 1-24 
Norment, O. L., 70 
Norris, Terry Orban, 1-22, 28 
Norsworthy, David Ray, 1-311 
North, N. C, 93 

North, Walter Murray, 1-295, 302 
Northend, Charles Allan, 1-237 
Norton, C. C, 106 
Norton, R. D., 13 

Norwood, Lillian Sloan, 1-130 
Norwood, Mary Lowrie, 1-187 
Nowaczyk, Elaine Joan, 1-179 
Nowell, A. E., 34 
Nowell, J. W., 18 
Nufer, Elizabeth Prince, 1-218 
Null, Richard Bower, 1-112 
Nungesser, William Charles, 1-214, 

Nunn, Elsie, 1-193 
Nunn, Mary Frances, 1-195 
Oates, M. N., 73 
O'Brian, W. H., 133 
O'Connell, Jesse Elbert, 1-9 
O'Connor, Leonard Albert, 1-66 
Odenkirchen, Carl Josef, 1-262 
Odum, E. P., 162 
Oettinger, Elmer R., jr., 1-57 
Ogburn, S. C, jr., 12 
O'Hara, Anne, 1-273 
O'Kelley, Helen Frances, 1-194 
O'Kelley, Joseph Charles, 1-10 
O'Kelley, Margery, 136 
Oldenburg, Richard Charles, 1-305 
Oldham, J. E., 81 
Olewine, Donald Austin, 1-238 
Oliphant, M. C. S., 148 
Olive, L. S., 9, 10 
Olive, W. J., 79, 88 
Oliver, Carol Hoover, 1-276 
Oliver, G. M., 24 
Oliver, J. B., 32 
Oliver, Mark Lane, 1-209 
Olkin, Ingram, 1-312 
Olmedo Jimenez, Maria Elina, 

Olsen, W. A., 87 
Oncley, Ruth, 36 

O'Neal, James Bernice, jr., 1-211 
O'Neal, John Bigelow, 1-28 
O'Neal, Neal, 1-204 
Oppenheim, Henry, 1-253 
Organist, Walter E., 1-248 
Orr, Adriana Pannevis, 1-188 
Orr, David, 1-140 
Orr, George J., 1-49 
Orr, H. E., 11 
Orr, J. L., 109 
Orr, Mark Taylor, 1-240 
Orr, Oliver Hamilton, jr., 1-164 
Orrantia, J. J., 138 
Orrell, David Gordon, 1-283 
Osborne, A. M., 88 
Osborne, F. M., 81 
Osborne, James Theodore, 1-105 
Osborne, M. H., 99 
Osborne, R. S., 97 
Osborne, Robert Stevens, 1-116 
Osterhout, Anne Mallard, 1-52 
O'Sullivan, Peter B., 1-60 



O'Sullivan, William, 1-60 

O'Tuel, Frances Settle, 1-210 

Ousley, M. B., 138 

Outland, Edward B., 1-152 

Outten, Joyce Wainwright, 1-146 

Owen, Guy, jr., 1-121, 130 

Owen, W. W., 15 

Owens, J. J., 42 

Owl, H. McC, 111 

Oxford, Reba Dean, 1-211 

Pace, C. J., 99 

Pace, Caroline Jennings, 1-117 

Pace, Robert Enghen, 1-305 

Pachares, James, 1-313 

Padgett, Glenn Hicks, 1-179 

Padgett, J. A., 106 

Padgett, J. B., 73 

Padgett, Jack Herbert, 1-196 

Padmavally, Komorath, 1-192 

Page, W. A.. 132 

Paige, D. D., 100 

Painter, Richard James, 1-197 

Palau, Andrew Gustav, 1-105 

Palmer, James Nicholas, 1-146 

Pangle, M. G., 40 

Pankey, G. E., 154 

Pardue, Don Ralph, 1-236 

Pardue, T. E., 132 

Paris, Margaret Hammond, 1-278 

Paris, Oscar Hall, jr., 1-321 

Park, Conrad Ballentine, 27; 1-20 

Park, H. V., 120, 123 

Park, J. G., 23 

Park, John Faircloth, 1-203 

Parker, D. P., 29 

Parker, Frederick Butterfield, 156; 

Parker, Haywood, jr., 23 
Parker, Helen Moore, 131; 1-10 
Parker, J. A., 53 
Parker, J. W., 33 
Parker, James P., 1-230 
Parker, L. W., 142 
Parker, R. E., 83 
Parker, Richard Marsh, 1-114 
Parker, W. G., 58 
Parker, W. R., 127 
Parker, W. V., 121 
Parkhurst, A. J., 46 
Parkinson, Maurice Alfred, 1-263 
Parkinson, Ralph Thomas, 1-168 
Parkinson, William Walker, jr., 

Parks, Lillian Louise, 1-126 
Parks, M. H., 138 
Parks, Ross Lombard, 1-19 
Parlett, M. M., 78 
Parnell, Jack Lavoy, 1-233 
Parr, Bobby Lee, 1-140 
Parramore, Thomas Custis, 1-180 

Parrish, Eva Ruth, 1-228 

Parrish, Fred Kenneth, 1-321 

Parrish, Gene Blanco, 1-196 

Parrish, James Milton, 1-63 

Parrish, Mary Jo, 1-11 

Parrott, Margaret Sangster, 1-187 

Parthemos, George Steven, 1-240 

Pascal, Paul, 1-42 

Paschal, Herbert Richard, jr., 

Paschal, Mary, 1-265, 272 
Pass, C. E., 34 
Patchen, Martin, 1-307 
Pate, Woodrow Wilson, 1-62 
Patrick, George W., 1-89 
Patrick, J. R., 134 
Patrick, R. W., 108, 114 
Patrick, T. L., 64 
Patrick, Thomas Love, 1-69 
Patten, Lawrence, 97 
Patten, Walter, 150 
Patterson, Bobby Joe, 1-142 
Patterson, Charles Stuart, 1-23, 30 
Patterson, Daniel Watkins, 1-123, 

Patterson, E. V., 109 
Patterson, P. M., 9 
Patton, Ernest Gibbes, 1-11 
Patton, Helen Osgood, 1-59 
Patton, J. W., 106, 110 
Patty, James Singleton, 1-263, 267 
Paul, Bernice Edith, 1-247 
Paull, Joseph, 1-284 
Payne, Aubrey Hampton, 1-191, 

Payne, Carolyn Michel, 1-268 
Payne, I. E., 146 
Payne, James Edward, 1-151 
Payne, W. D., 65 
Paysinger, Margaret, 1-135 
Peacock, W. H., 62 
Peacock, William Henry, 1-68 
Peak, John Hunter, 1-264, 269 
Pearce, E. P., jr., 67 
Pearl, Stanley Alonzo, 1-247, 294 
Pearsall, F. E., 124 
Pearson, Christine Edens, 1-89 
Pearson, Ivan C, 1-89 
Pearson, L. W., 109 
Pearson, R. H., 144 
Peck, Amy Livingstone, 1-275 
Peck, John Grove, jr., 1-185 
Peck, John Russell, 1-72, 112 
Peden, Jessie Clara, 1-80 
Pedigo, Frances, 1-120, 124 
Peel, J. C, 48 
Peeler, E. N., 52 
Peeler, James Roger, 1-105 
Peery, W. W., 81 
Peery, William, 33 



Peet, T. B., 88 

Pegg, C. H., 106, 111 

Pegg, H. D., 49, 107 

Pellegrin, Roland Joseph, 1-295 

Pellicciaro, Edward Joseph, 1-191 

Pelton, M. C. S., 82 

Pender, Irene Oliver, 1-105 

Pendergrass, William R., 1-11 

Pendleton, James Dudley, 1-146 

Penn, M. B., 32 

Pennekamp, A. H. C, 94 

Penney, J. T., 161, 162 

Pepper, Lennard Jay, 1-256 

Perdue, Hobart Lee, 1-220 

Perez-Bernal, V. E., 137 

Perian, John, 118 

Perine, K. B., 21 

Perkerson, F. S., 17 

Perkins, Allen Kimrey, 1-95 

Perkins, Rachel Sophronia, 1-95 

Perkins, Ruth Richards, 1-85 

Perlmutt, J. H., 163 

Perritt, L. G., 42 

Perry, Carl David, 1-203 

Perry, Celia Jan, 1-291 

Perry, E. J., 39 

Perry, Gales Pickard, 1-224 

Perry, L. J., 57 

Perry, M. G., 29 

Perry, M. K., 157 

Perry, W. A., 26 

Person, Marion Brooks, 1-291 

Peteler, Patricia Marjorie, 1-56 

Peters, C. C., 160 

Peterson, Miller Harrell, 1-29 

Petrea, Howard A., 1-196 

Pettigrew, M. M., 95 

Pettigrew, R. C., 86 

Pettis, B. J., 124 

Pettis, M. L., 97 

Pfaff, E. E., 114 

Pfaff, K. T., 118 

Pfeiffer, K. G., 79 

Pfouts, Jane Hoyer, 1-210 

Pfouts, Ralph William, 1-63 

Pharis, G. M., 34 

Phelps, Donald E., 1-271 

Phelps, Henry Early, 1-5 

Philapy, James Lowell, 1-211 

Philbeck, Ellen, 1-105 

Philips, C. T., 102 

Phillips, Allen Carleton, jr., 1-135 

Phillips, Andrew Craig, 1-75, 89 

Phillips, C. L., 70 

Phillips, E. H., 90 

Phillips, Edward Hamilton, 1-164, 

Phillips, John Noble, 1-214 
Phillips, K. G., 68 
Phillips, L. B., 31 

Phillips, M. O., 37, 41 

Phillips, Roy Davis, 1-218 

Phillips, W. B., 11 

Phipps, Paul Frederick, 1-133 

Phoenix, Lee Clyde, 1-96 

Piantadosi, Claude, 1-213 

Pibernik, Lilian, 1-204 

Pickens, W. A., 142 

Pickens, W. M., 49 

Pickett, H. G., 12, 20 

Pickler, D. A., 25 

Pierce, David Livingstone, 1-175 

Pierce, Esther Mayo, 1-200 

Pierce, Jester LeRoy, 62; 1-72 

Pierpont, Andrew Warren, 1-63 

Pignani, Tullio Joseph, 1-192 

Pigott, C. A., 25 

Pillai, K. C. Sreedharan, 1-313 

Pinckney, Elizabeth Rutledge, 

Pincus, Michael Stern, 1-275 
Pinkerton, Thomas Owen, 1-156 
Pinner, C. H., 51 
Pinney, Edward Lee, 1-246 
Pithon-Pinto, Antonio, 68 
Pitman, Dorothy Elizabeth, 1-310 
Pittana, J. B., 74 
Pittman, C. L., 79, 91 
Pittman, David Joshua, 1-304 
Pittman, Robert T., 1-182 
Pitts, Carol Marguerite, 1-143 
Pitts, Paul M., jr., 1-17 
Plant, Wilfred Thomas, 1-226 
Plemmons, W. H., 46 
Plowden, Hannah, 155 
Plumb, Robert Johnston, jr., 1-133 
Plumblee, M. Q., 70 
Plyler, M. T., 82 
Pochmann, H. A., 77 
Podell, Melvin, 1-30 
Pogue, J. E., jr., 18 
Poindexter, James Edward, 1-117 
Poland, George Waverly, 1-263 
Polhill, E. F., 113 
Polk, Maurice Van, 1-15 
Pollock, P. B., 52 
Pollock, P. L., 136 
Pool, E. I. D., 55 
Poole, Robert Wade, 1-182 
Poovey, C. E., 143 
Pope, D. B., 35 
Pope, Harold James, 1-96 
Pope, Louis Billy, 1-74 
Popkins, Mary Brooks, 1-52 
Popper, Estelle, 115 
Porter, Emily G., 1-200 
Porter, G. B., 85 
Porter, Heleah, 1-279 
Porter, Jack, 1-56 
Porter, M. F., 136 



Porter, Mary Gray, 1-156 

Porter, Mrs. R. C, 72 

Posey, J. W., 32 

Pcsey, Marian, 1-85 

Poston, Charles Francis, 1-64 

Poteat, Elizabeth McNeill, 1-2 

Poteat, James, 1-61 

Potter, Gwendolyn, 1-14 

Potter, Hugh McClellan, III, 1-143 

Potter, Lee Harris, 1-121, 133 

Potter, R. R., 76 

Potthoff, Richard Frederick, 1-315 

Potts, V. L., 138 

Pound, M. B., 107 

Powell, C. P., 110 

Powell, Davis Bryan, jr., 1-209 

Powell, E. L., 27 

Powell, Edward Sholar, 1-214 

Powell, George Parker, 1-217 

Powell, Lillian, 1-278 

Powell, M. A., 31 

Powell, T. E., jr., 103 

Powell, William Stevens, 1-166 

Power, Ellen E., 1-291 

Powers, Maurice Cary, 1-150, 153 

Pratt, Jeanette, 1-58 

Pratt, Logan, 1-120 

Prazeres, A. C., 75 

Preble, Alison, 1-141 

Prescott, Evelyn Dora, 1-227 

Preseren, Herman John, 1-72 

Presnell, W. C., 41 

Preston, R. H., 134 

Preston, S. W., 37, 41 

Preston, Stephen Balthus, 1-211 

Prewett, Clinton Roosevelt, 1-69 

Price, Charles Lewis, 1-174 

Price, Daniel O'Haver, 159; 1-293 

Price, Joseph Leslie, jr., 1-180 

Price, M. N., 160 

Prichard, Elmer C, 1-9 

Prichett, James Roland, 1-246 

Prince, David Hyde, 1-75 

Prince, James Roy, 147; 1-262 

Prince, L. McD., 86 

Pritchard, H. C, 99 

Pritchard, Maude, 83 

Pritchard, Selma O'dell, 1-89 

Pritchett, F. G., 100 

Pritchett, Morgan H., 1-156 

Pritchett, V. C, 129 

Proctor, Sara Morris, 1-288 

Promt, E. Q., 57 

Promt, G. T., 57 

Proffitt, Brank, 1-74 

Pruett, James Worrell, 1-204 

Pruette, D. B., 65 

Pruitt, A. B., 153 

Pruitt, Jack Speer, 1-205 

Pruitt, Willie Bruce, 1-237 

Puckett, J. W., jr., 67 

Puckett, M. A., 69 

Puckett, W. O., 162 

Pugh, J. T., 29 

Pugh, Martha Elvira, 1-269 

Pugh, Robert Lee, 1-105 

Pullen, William Russell, 1-240, 242 

Puryear, Elmer Lee, 1-161, 166 

Putzel, Rosamond, 1-135 

Pyburn, N. K., 46 

Quin, Louis DuBose, 1-20, 28 

Quinlan, Janet, 155 

Quinlivan, Daniel Michael, 1-174 

Quinn, Polly Squire, 1-127 

Rabb, W. W., 65 

Rabe, A. D., 62 

Rabun, J. W., 116 

Raddatz, W. L., 93 

Radford, Albert Ernest, 1-8 

Radimersky, G. W., 105 

Radman, George John, 1-220 

Radoff, M. L., 32 

Ragland, James Benjamin, 1-319 

Rainey, William Thomas, jr., 1-17 

Rairigh, W. N., 133 

Ralls, Marion L., 1-50 

Ramachandran, K. V., 1-313 

Ramirez, Corazon F., 1-214 

Ramirez, Manuel D., 1-266 

Ramos, Pearle Raper, 1-106 

Ramseur, Edmund George, jr., 

Ramseur, George Shuford, 1-13 
Ramsey, Edmond Fitzgerald, 1-106 
Ramsey, Paul, jr., 1-128 
Rancourt, Joseph Richard, 1-201 
Randall, Henry Clay, 1-175 
Randall, John Justin, 1-25 
Randall, Maye, 1-80 
Randall, Robert Lee, 1-217 
Randolph, E. E., 18, 76 
Randolph, E. O., 102 
Randolph, M. C, 79 
Ranes, Arthur, 49 
Range, Willard, 1-242 
Rankin, E. R., 47 
Rankin, Eleanor Lambeth, 1-194 
Rankin, H. A., jr., 87 
Rankin, Hugh Franklin, 1-172 
Rankin, Joseph Trotter, 1-1 
Rankin, Martha Frazer, 1-60 
Rankin, W. W., 121 
Raper, A. F., 151 
Raper, Horace Wilson, 1-159, 168 
Raper, J. R., 10 
Ratchford, Helen Jeanette, 1-80 
Rauhut, Michael McKay, 1-23 
Ray, H. R., 102 
Rayborn, Claude Harvey, 1-56 
Raynal, Margaret, 1-141 



Raynor, W. R., 62 

Read, J. B., 33 

Read, Mildred Conner, 1-11 

Reaves, H. M., 85 

Rechenbach, Clayton Henry, 1-224 

Reckendorf, Angelika, 67 

Redding, Bobbie Newman, 1-187 

Redfern, V. S., 105 

Redmond, B. B., 65 

Reece, Benny Ramon, 1-43, 44 

Reece, J. T., 127 

Reece, Sanford, 35 

Reed, Laurie Tully, 1-141 

Reep, A. R., 49 

Reese, Jesse Byers, 1-115 

Reeves, C. G., 41 

Reeves, Tricia McRaven, 1-237 

Regan, John S., 1-282 

Register, Martha Gwendolyn, 1-89 

Register, Thomas Eugene, 1-13 

Reibel, Dorothy Elizabeth, 1-127 

Reid, Barrie Britton, 1-282 

Reid, L. P., 84 

Reid, P. A., 116 

Reidel, A. I., jr., 160 

Reilly, Miriam Lavinia, 1-305 

Reina, Ruben E., 1-298 

Reinecke, Anita W., 1-209 

Renegar, H. C, 49 

Reser, Richard Maurice, 1-297 

Resnick, Irving, 132 

Restano, D. E. D., 138 

Rethlingshafer, Dorothy, 134 

Revelle, Nancy, 1-181 

Reves, William D., jr., 1-154 

Revis, Rowena Frances, 1-135 

Reynolds, Alice C, 1-271 

Reynolds, C. E., 90 

Reynolds, Christopher Macdonald, 

Reynolds, Isaac Newton, 1-13, 67 

Reynolds, J. O., 125 

Reynolds, J. P., 162 

Reynolds, J. S., 97 

Reynolds, John Ozment, 1-190 

Reynolds, Thomas Lee, 1-190, 193 

Reynolds, W. N., 59 

Rezzuto, Tommy Anthony, 1-58 

Rhodes, Ernest Lloyd, 1-54 

Rhodes, L. B., 19 

Rhyne, Dwieht Carroll, 1-243 

Rhyne, Edwin Hoffman, 1-299, 304 

Rhyne, J. J., 151, 154 

Rhyne, O. P., 82 

Rhvne, Rufus L., 1-96 

Rhyne, W. L., 116 

Ribner, Irving, 1-117, 127 

Ribner, Roslyn Greenblatt, 1-300 

Rice, George Fenton, 1-277 

Rice, Mrs. J. C, 58 

Rice, J. D., 159 

Rice, J. G., 99 

Rice, James Grundy, 1-116 

Rice, Marcia Ann, 1-46 

Rice, Philip Morrison, 1-157, 166 

Rice, Thomas Nelson, 1-205 

Richards, Allan Rene, 1-239 

Richards, Marion Mitchel, 1-80 

Richardson, Barrett Rives, 1-133 

Richardson, Howard, 35 

Richardson, Martha Anne, 1-311 

Richardson, N. B., 58 

Richardson, R. R., jr., 99 

Richardson, W. B., 25 

Richmond, T. W., 24 

Richmond, Velma Elizabeth Bour- 
geois, 1-123 

Rickman, C. B., 138 

Rickman, Claude R., 1-73, 175 

Ricks, Mrs. M. B., 69 

Riddick, E. I., 147 

Riddick, T. M., 75 

Riden, Jean Myers, 1-269 

Ridgley, Charlotte, 1-288 

Ridings, Eugene Ware, jr., 1-177 

Riess, M. E., 89 

Rigley, R. L., 31 

Rigsby, E. P., 126 

Rikard, William Lawrence, 1-85 

Ring, Joseph T., 1-289 

Ringer, Eleanor, 1-53 

Ripley, Arthur De Witt, 1-215 

Riser, Marion Claude, jr., 1-72 

Ritchie, D. D., 10 

Ritchie, Donald Dirk, 1-8 

Ritter, William W., jr., 1-264, 270 

Robbins, G. B., 48 

Robbins, Jack Albert, 1-210 
Robe, Stanley Linn, 1-261 
Roberds, Elmo Mosteller, jr., 1-165 
Roberson, Nathan Russell, jr., 

Roberts, E. W., 92 
Roberts, Elizabeth Jean, 1-301 
Roberts, Frances, 91 
Roberts, James Stenius, 1-240 
Roberts, Joseph B., jr., 1-140 
Roberts, Michael Anderson, 1-181 
Roberts, Ray Crouse, jr., 1-182 
Roberts, Thomas H., 1-35 
Roberts, W. P., 119 
Roberts, Walter Keith, 1-161 
Roberts, William Pittman, 1-159 
Robertson, D. W., jr., 81, 95 
Robertson, Esther Brooke, 1-282 
Robertson, Grace Eugenie, 1-149 
Robertson, J. B., 55 
Robertson, Jenkins M., Ill, 1-182 
Robeson, John Andrew, 1-146 
Robins, M. E., 136 



Robinson, Blackwell Pierce, 1-161 

Robinson, Boyd Wayne, 1-89 

Robinson, Dorothy Mocile Day, 1-2 

Robinson, Fred C, 1-138 

Robinson, Virginia Elisabeth, 1-282 

Robson, C. B., 106 

Rodgers, George H., 1-36 

Rodgers, Roy H., 1-310 

Rodriguez de Otero, Ana L., 1-258 

Rody, Martin Joseph, 1-37 

Roebuck, Mildred Connell, 1-274 

Roeder, Martin, 1-318 

Roesel, D. M., 28 

Roettinger, Ruth Locke, 1-241 

Roetzel, Priscilla Alden, 1-3 

Rogers, C. R., 122 

Rogers, E. S., 122 

Rogers, James Herndon Ross, 1-175 

Rogers, Pauline, 115 

Rogers, R. C, 134 

Rogers, W. W., 133, 135 

Rogers, Will Chapel, 1-248 

Rogerville, John, 1-172 

Rollins, Henry Blount, 1-122, 128 

Rook, Albion Earl, jr., 1-259 

Roome, E. M., 53 

Rose, N. V., 95 

Rosenberg, Henry M., 1-138 

Rosenberg, Joseph, 1-59 

Rosenberg, Samuel Albert, 1-62 

Rosenblatt, Joan Raup, 1-314 

Rosenblum, Jerome, 1-255 

Rosenstock, Herbert Bernhard, 

1-230, 234 
Rosenstock, Hilda Mattox, 1-196 
Rosenthal, Jonas Oettinger, 1-308 
Rosner, Phyllis, 1-252 
Ross, Charles Reid, 1-110 
Ross, Donald Clare, 1-256 
Ross, Franz Ernest, 1-196 
Ross, J. A., 128 
Ross, J. K., 82 
Ross, L. W., 59 
Ross, O. B., 127 
Rosser, James Kinlaw, 1-22, 30 
Roth, H. D., 126 
Roth, S. G., 123 

Rotha, Charline Thackston, 1-227 
Rotherham, Jean, 1-7, 8 
Rouse, Sue Thompson, 1-106 
Rouzie, John Benjamin, jr., 1-34 
Rowan, John Carey, 1-309 
Rowden, Robert William, 1-20 
Rowell, John Bryan, 1-289 
Rowland, Joseph Samuel, jr., 1-301 
Roy, Prabir, 1-198 
Royall, Henry Estil, 1-244 
Royall, S. L,, 93 
Royer, D. M., 160 
Royster, J. H., 47 

Royster, P. H., 129 

Royster, T. S., 129 

Rubin, Morton, 1-301 

Rudisill, Agnes Katherine, 1-106 

Rudisill, W. A., 19 

Rugg, William Russell, 1-38 

Rulfs, D. J., 80 

Rumsey, Albert Ellison, 1-140 

Rupeiks, Valentins, 1-41 

Rupp, Henry Reuterdahl, 1-141 

Rush, Edna Rebecca, 1-85 

Russell, Billy Maurice, 1-273 

Russell, Clyde, 154 

Russell, F. H., 27 

Russell, H. K., 77, 87 

Russell, Sarah Frances Mullins, 

Ruth, E. B., 67 
Ruth, Earl Baker, 1-72 
Ruth, John Moore, 1-25 
Rutherford, William Edward, 

Rutland, Walter Blake, 1-302 
Ryan, Frank Winkler, jr., 1-163, 

Ryan, John M., 1-63, 65 
Ryberg, Josef E., jr., 1-156 
Ryckman, Ethel C, 1-80 
Ryder, E. L., 163 
Ryland, Alice Garnett, 1-10 
Ryland, R. T., 52 
Sabbagh, M. A., 36 
Sadler, A. G., 43 
Safley, Edna Pearl, 1-242 
Safriet, A. William, 1-288 
St. Clair, Frances Elizabeth, 1-222 
St-Pierre, Jacques, 1-313 
Sakhnovsky, Alexander Alexandro- 

vitch, 1-29 
Salek, J. T., 35 
Sallee, Hilmar, 36 
Salley, W. C, 140 
Saltzstein, Herbert David, 1-254 
Sampey, Jane Renfroe, 1-146 
Sample, A. B., 8 
Samples, M. David, 1-53 
Sams, H. W., 80 
San Antonio, Joanne Elizabeth, 

Sand, Louise, 1-265 
Sanders, Albert Neely, 1-163, 168 
Sanders, Charles, 1-147 
Sanders, Donald C, 1-291 
Sanders, Franklin David, 1-147 
Sanders, J. H., 23 
Sanders, J. P., 13 
Sanders, Julia Harriet, 1-2 
Sanders, W. B., 153 
Sandmel, F. F., 35 
Sanford, A. M., 146 



Sanford, James Kenneth, 1-182 
Sanges, James William, 1-80 
Sansing, James Earl, jr., 1-21 
Santangelo, Gennaro Anthony, 

Santora, A. C, 17 
Sappington, N. O., Ill 
Sarhan, Ahmed Ebada, 1-258 
Sarle, Rodney Grant, 1-188 
Sartain, Mrs. C. P., 90 
Sasscer, R. G., 103 
Sasser, Samuel Baxter, 1-59 
Sasser, William Gray, 1-201 
Satterfield, John, 1-203, 205 
Saunders, Frank Wendell, 1-193 
Saunders, J. A. L., 122, 123 
Saunders, J. M., 110 
Saute, George DeWitt, 1-257 
Saute, Lois Cummings, 1-251 
Savage, Helena I., 1-172 
Sawyer, G. L., 58 
Sawyer, J. E., 53 
Sawyer, J. R., 72 
Sawyer, Vernon Lupton, 1-35 
Scales, M. L., 34 
Scarborough, J. B., 121 
Schacht, Lee Eastman, 1-318, 320 
Schaff, W. R., 50 
Schaffer, Albert, 1-299 
Schaible, V. M., 122 
Schartle, Patty McFarland, 1-124 
Schenkkan, Robert Frederic, 1-52 
Schepkowski, Rachael Orr, 1-106 
Scherer, Richard Francis, 1-48 
Schermerhorn, Margaret A., 1-288 
Scherrer, Victor E., 1-233 
Schiffman, R. Y., 152 
Schiller, I. P., 117 
Schinhan, P. C, 159 
Schlegel, Dorothy B., 1-47 
Schmeisser, L. G., 126 
Schmidt, Hans, jr., 1-253 
Schmitt, H. A., 74 
Schneider, D. L., 115 
Schnorrenberg, John Martin, 1-3 
Schoellkopf, Herbert John, jr., 

Scholl, George Stephens, 1-236 
Scholz, Herbert, jr., 122 
Scholz, Ruth, 9 

Schottelius, Dorothy Dickey, 1-7 
Schroder, Charles Frederick, 1-204 
Schroeder, Helen Bagley, 1-285 
Schroeder, P. B., 115 
Schuller, Lore, 1-61 
Schultz, H. C., 16 
Schultz, Robert Grissom, 1-303 
Schurfranz, Robert Lewis, 1-266, 

Schwab, Robert Paul, 1-144 

Schwartz, Albert M., 1-308 

Schweizer, Barbara Ruth, 1-33 

Schwenning, C. H., 87 

Scott, J. W., 12, 91 

Scott, John Gilbert, 1-306 

Scott, Margaret Jean, 1-89 

Scott, S. E., 89 

Scott, T. E., jr., 147 

Scott, William Jackson, 1-76, 85 

Scribner, William Guernsey, 1-25, 

Scroggs, Jack Benton, 1-160 
Scroggs, Joanna Hill, 1-149 
Seaberg, Dorothy Wilhelmina, 1-65 
Seal, Kiron Chandra, 1-313 
Sears, Richard Harvey, jr., 1-41 
Seasholes, Bradbury, 1-247 
Seasholes, Frances C., 1-291 
Seay, Dorothy, 116 
Seay, Hugh Nelson, jr., 1-265, 272 
Sebastian, K. K., 160 
Seckinger, D. L., 83 
Seebeck, C. L., jr., 120 
Seelbinder, Ben Moore, 1-191, 315 
Seelbinder, Margaret Butler, 1-195 
Seelye, M. A., 100 
Seikei, A. F., 138 
Selby, Talbot R., 1-43 
Self, R. H., 100 

Self, William Columbus, 1-76, 90 
Selig, James Robert, 1-147 
Seligman, Robert Bernard, 1-20 
Selim, Imam Mohamed, 1-294, 302 
Sellars, W. B., 22 
Sellers, Charles Grier, jr., 1-158 
Sellers, J. B., 107 
Selman, Jackson Wiley, 1-240 
Sensabaugh, G. F., 78, 89 
Sensbach, Werner Karl, 1-41 
Sentman, John Richard, 1-110 
Seoane, Manuel, 1-37 
Serrins, David, 1-201 
Sessler, William Mangus, 1-234 
Sessoms, David James, jr., 1-208 
Sessoms, Faison Thomson, 1-236 
Sessums, A. C, 86 
Setzer, E. G., 11 
Seward, D. M., 123 
Sewell, S. W., 96 
Seymour, Thaddeus, 1-121, 136 
Shackleford, Ruby P., 1-136 
Shand, Anna Frances, 1-306 
Shanker, Sidney, 1-128 
Shanks, H. T., 106 
Shankweiler, P. W., 151 
Shannon, John Reuben, 1-204 
Shanor, Leland, 8, 10 
Sharp, Luther Franklin, jr., 1-180 
Sharpe, D. R., 100 
Sharpe, Kathryn Moye, 1-85 



Sharpe, Lawrence A., 1-264 
Sharpe, William Herschel, 1-218 
Sharpless, Edward A., 1-6 
Shatterly, Luther William, 1-106 
Shaughnessy, Donald Francis, 

Shaw, Chandler, 107, 112 
Shaw, Edward Burns, jr., 1-133 
Shealy, Otis Lester, 1-18 
Shearer, R. D., 103 
Shearin, P. E., 130 
Sheffield, Emily Vaughan, 1-289 
Sheffield, William Johnson, 1-212, 

Shehee, Blanche Alvenia, 1-176 
Shellans, Herbert, 1-311 
Shelton, N. W., 59 
Shelton, Teresa, 1-226 
Shen, Ching Sheng, 1-84 
Shepard, Frederick Carlyle, 46, 50 
Sherard, Catherine, 53 
Shervill, Robert Newton, 1-265, 

Sherwin, H. S., 11 
Shewmake, Edwin Francis, 1-2 
Shields, A. K., 140, 143 
Shields, James Duncan, 1-106 
Shiki, Seiji, 40 
Shimamoto, Tetsuo, 1-316 
Shine, L. S., 86 
Shine, W. H., 78, 86 
Shirley, William Thomas, 1-172 
Shive, Ivey Bernard, 1-106 
Shiver, Samuel Moore, jr., 1-155 
Shivers, L. G., 152 
Shockley, James Edgar, jr., 1-198 
Shockley, M. S., 79 
Shohan, C. J., 42 
Shope, Elizabeth Schneider, 1-114 
Shope, Nathaniel Hawthorne, 1-73, 

Shorb, Ellis, 1-122 
Shore, C. A., 161 
Shore, Jan, 1-174 
Shore, Philip Donnell, 1-188 
Shreve, C. G., 65 
Shreve, O. D., 18 
Shrikhande, S. S., 1-312 
Shuemake, Jean Kathryn, 1-270 
Shuford, R. H., 39 
Shugar, G. J., 26 
Shumate, Helen Williams, 1-271 
Siddiqui, Mohammed Moniuddin, 

Sides, L. R., 49 
Sieber, S. M., 100 
Siegel, P. S., 135 
Sifford, James Potts, jr., 1-111 
Sigmon, Charles Victor, 1-85 
Siler, Robert Wilson, jr., 1-38 

Silliman, Frances Ernestine, 1-10, 

Silliman, W.W., jr., 92 
Silva, Rodolfo, 1-41 
Silverthorne, Myra, 1-27S 
Silvia, Daniel Shiver, jr., 1-147 
Simkins. T. M., jr., 32 
Simkins, V. B., 32 
Simmons, N. L., 14 
Simonini, Rinaldo Charles, 1-118, 

Simons, M. A., 57 
Simons, Merton E., 1-150 
Simpkins, Ozzie Norman, 1-296 
Simpson, E. S., 69 
Simpson, G. L., jr., 160 
Simpson, George Lee, jr., 1-295 
Simpson, H. H., 55 
Simpson, Harold Edward, 1-81 
Simpson, Ida Harper, 1-298 
Simpson, M. B., 59 
Simpson, Richard Lee, 1-298 
Simpson, Robert Edmond, 1-8 
Simpson, Stanley Albert, 1-174 
Simrall, Dorothy, 136 
Simril, V. L., 17 
Sinclair, F. McP., 43 
Sinclair, T. B., 62 
Singh, Deoki Nandan, 1-232 
Singh, Ram, 1-296 
Singleton, Katharine L., 1-144 
Singleton, Marcus Glenn, 1-316 
Sinha, Evelyn Zepel, 1-151 
Siniavsky, B. M., 42 
Sink, Dallas Evelyn, 1-96 
Sink, W. G., 15 
Sipe, B. W., 40 
Sipe, E. C, 60 
Sisk, Herman, 1-287 
Sisson, C. N., 107 
Sites, Caroline, 1-204 
Sitterson, J. C, 107, 113 
Sitterson, N. L., 72 
Skaggs, M. L., 107, 111 
Skean, Donald M., 1-154 
Skibinsky, Morris, 1-313, 316 
Skinner, R. J., 98 
Sklarsky, Irwin William, 1-56 
Skrivanek, Franklin B., 1-37 
Slade, J. J., jr., 123 
Slavens, M. D., 104 
Sledd, A. P., 15, 20 
Sledd, Hassell Brantley, 1-130 
Sleeth, Irene Lynn, 1-187 
Slicer, D. H., 98 
Slifkin, Malcolm, 1-6 
Sligh, Norma Sue, 1-320 
Slinkard, Thomas Raikes, 1-168 
Sloan, Frances, 1-201 
Sloan, Helen Mapp, 1-133 



Sloan, Jean Beaty, 1-137 

Smart, Catherine, 1-168 

Smart, M. E., 53 

Smedley, Katherine, 113 

Smiley, T. B., 74 

Smith, A. R., 21 

Smith, A. S., 112 

Smith, Anna Greene, 1-293 

Smith, B. E., 9 

Smith, Betty Myrtle, 1-210 

Smith, Brady Overman, 1-281 

Smith, C. B., 138 

Smith, C. G., 84 

Smith, C. M., 125 

Smith, Claude Duane, 1-222 

Smith, Colin Shaw, 1-137 

Smith, E. G., 154 

Smith, E. R., 31 

Smith, Eileen M., 1-53 

Smith, Ernest Marshall, jr., 1-153 

Smith, F. S., jr., 69 

Smith, Frank Melvin, 1-243 

Smith, Frank Otey, 1-244 

Smith, Gannon Brooks, 1-73 

Smith, H. .P., 46 

Smith, Irvine Noble, 1-133 

Smith, J. L., 142 

Smith, J. M., jr., 149 

Smith, J. N., 97 

Smith, J. W., 104 

Smith, James Monroe, jr., 1-261 

Smith, James Penny, 1-149 

Smith, Jennie G., 1-291 

Smith, Julian Lloyd, 1-218 

Smith, K. B., 92 

Smith, K. K., 91 

Smith, Kendall Owen, 1-4, 6 

Smith, Leland Christine, 1-124 

Smith, M. H., 59 

Smith, M. J., 28 

Smith, M. P., 151, 154 

Smith, Marion Bush, jr., 1-192 

Smith, Mary Jean, 1-274 

Smith, N. C, 126 

Smith, N. M., 162 

Smith, N. R., 70 

Smith Nancy Page, 1-201 

Smith, Newton Rosser, 1-17 

Smith, Patricia Christine, 1-183 

Smith, R. E., 124 

Smith, S. C, 12, 20 

Smith, S. D., 107 

Smith, S. M., 156 

Smith, Sara Elizabeth, 1-298, 301 

Smith, T. E., 8 

Smith, T. H., 65 

Smith, W. F., 23 

Smith, W. L., 131 

Smith, W. P., 140 

Smith, William Edward, 1-220 

Smith, Winfield Davis, 1-85 

Smithdeal, E. O., 49 

Smithey, I. W., 12, 19 

Smoot, W. B., 20 

Smyre, Nellie Lucile, 1-90 

Snell, John Leslie, jr., 1-158, 166 

Snider, A. M., Ill 

Snider, E. M., 89 

Snider, Grevilda Wilhelmina, 1-254 

Snodderly, D. M., 62 

Snoddy, C. E., 86 

Snow, Elizabeth May, 1-194 

Solem, E. K., 37 

Soller, Rose Lily, 1-61 

Solomon, Arthur Lewis, 1-52 

Somerville, Paul Noble, 1-313 

Somerville, Walter Gray, jr., 1-130 

Songer, Florence Hooten, 1-189 

Sonkowsky, Robert Paul, 1-43 

Sossomon, Daniel Creighton, 1-161, 

South, Stanley A., 1-311 
Southard, L. G., 102 
Southerland, Sally, 1-224 
Southern, J. A., 15 
Sowell, Paul Newton, 1-96 
Sowers, R. V., 159 - 
Spaar, Roby Houston, 1-2 
Spahr, E. M., 138 
Spainhour, J. F., jr., 84 
Spake, Ann, 1-178 
Spangler, Dorothy Ann, 1-228 
Sparer, Burton, 1-34 
Sparger, C. B., 41 
Sparger, George Washington, 

Sparks, Jack P., 1-106 
Sparks, L. A., 35 
Sparrow, M. S., 83 
Spearman. Walter, 33 
Spears, L. C, 135 
Soears, M. T., 127 
Speas, J. W., 121 
Speck, J. C, 17 
Speece, Herbert Elvin, 1-192 
Spell, Charles Raymond, 1-23 
Spell, L. L., 138 
Spelt, D. K., 134 
Spence, Earl Joseph, 1-211 
Sperce, Floyd Vance, 1-90 
Spencer, John H. D., 1-63 
Spencer, Virginia Claire, 1-37 
Sperandeo, Giovanni, 144 
Spiers, H. S., 91 
Spiers, M. T., 94 
Spike, Walter Sheldon, 1-129 
Spillman, Ralph Rowland, 1-124 
Spivey, G. C, 77, 86 
Spivey, H. E., 79, 89 
Spivey, Walter Allen, 1-64, 66 



Spooner, George Hansford, 1-7 
Sprague, Carlton W., 1-114 
Springer-Miller, Fred, 1-47 
Sprinkle, Clemmie B., 1-81 
Spruill, J. C, 110 
Spruill, M. J., 84 
Squires, Ruamie Carroll, 1-147 
Stabler, L. B., 140, 142 
Stacy, Edney Webb, 1-194 
Stacy, Emily Mildred, 1-12 
Stacy, L. E., jr., 19 
Stacy, M. H., 120 
Stafford, Ivan Blum, 1-76 
Stagg, E. McR., 141 
Stainbach, R. F., 74 
Stallard, Frank Wilhelm, 1-192 
Stallings, N. A., 67 
Stamey, Jean Mary, 1-289 
Stanford, David Phillip, 1-198 
Stanley, J. A., 62 
Stansell, Dorothy, 97 
Stansell, Frances, 31 
Starling, R. B., 116 
Starnes, C. J., 26 
Starnes, D. E., 149 
Starnes, Paul K., 1-27 
Starr, H. W., 76 
Starr, Harold Michael, 1-197 
Stars, William Kenneth, 1-2 
Stasavich, Clarence, 1-217 
Staton, Helen Elizabeth, 1-27 
Staton, Mary Lois, 1-71 
Stedfast, Philip Alden, 1-34 
Steel, Edward Marvin, jr., 1-160. 

Steel, Warren G., 1-153 
Steele, P. J., 128, 130 
Steelman, J. R., 151 
Steelman, Johnson Howell, 1-112 
Steelman, Joseph Flake, 1-162, 166 
Steelman, Lala Carr, 1-159 
Steelman, Sanford Lewis, 1-6 
Steely, Mercedes, 94 
Steeples, Douglas Wayne, 1-180 
Stein, S. I., 36 

Steinberg, Melvin Sanford, 1-236 
Stephens, George M., jr., 1-40 
Stephens, H. E., 56 
Stephens, Richard W., 1-298, 306 
Stephenson, Edward Almand, 

Stephenson, I. J., 123 
Stevens, Charles Howard, 1-141 
Stevens, Donald Keith, 1-21 
Stevens, Mrs. E. P., 24 
Stevens, G. P., 120 
Stevens, Gertrude Dole, 1-303 
Stevens, John Israel, 1-19 
Stevens, Phyllis Wolfe, 1-249, 253 
Stevens, S. S., 155 

Stevens, Thomas Brock, 1-228 
Stevenson, H. A., 77 
Stevenson, Harold Tabor, 1-226 
Stevenson, Reston, 18 
Stewart, A. B., 116 
Stewart, Donald Eugene, 1-40 
Stewart, E. Elizabeth, 1-255 
Stewart, Edwin L., 1-173 
Stewart, Gay Coyle, 1-90 
Stewart, J. W., 56 
Stewart, Josephine, 1-10 
Stewart. L. M., 10 
Stewart, Margaret McBride, 1-320 
Stewart, Robert Harvey, jr., 1-226 
Stewart, Sara Gatlin, 1-56 
Stewart, Shelton Eugene, 1-13 
Steytler, Edmund John, 1-163 
Stipe, Robert Edwin, 1-41 
Stirewalt, E. N., 27 
Stockard, S. W., 108 
Stockdale, Joseph G., jr., 1-54 
Stockton, C. M., 144 . 
Stockton, Edwin L., jr., 1-144 
Stokes, Dewey Allen, jr., 1-178 
Stone, E. V., 161 
Stone, Elizabeth Anne, 1-140 
Stone, Frances Baker, 1-96 
Stone, O. M., 152 
Stone, Orlando, 154 
Stone, Ruth Elaine, 1-184 
Stonebanks, Sarah Elizabeth, 1-81 
Stoner, Irwin, 125 
Story, Hatcher P., 1-85 
Story, T. E., 48 
Stoudemire, S. A., 140, 142 
Stough, Betty Dolores, 1-207 
Stout, Agnes, 77 
Stout, J. D., 138 
Stout, W. W., 76, 84 
Stowe, Myra Katherine, 1-227 
Strait, Bruce Charles, 1-57 
Straley, H. W., I'll, 101 
Straub, Ervin John, 1-226 
Strauch, Arnold Charles, 1-76, 111 
Strayhorn, Robert Hammond, 

Street, Betty Eulalia, 1-302 
Street, Carol Montgomery, 1-133 
Street, James Howell, jr., 1-160, 

Strickland, Eugenia Love, 1-173 
Strickland, Mrs. H. E., 69 
Strickland, Lloyd Herbert, 1-251, 

Strickland, Roscoe Lee, jr., 1-164 
Strickland, Shirley Wilson, 1-298 
Strickland, W. E., 149 
Strickland, William Emile, 1-262 
Stringer, Mary Evelyn, 1-3 
Stroup, Joseph Bradley, 1-136 



Stroup, T. B., 78, 87 

Strowd, Elvin Emerson, 1-173 

Stuart, Helen B., 1-106 

Stuart, Robert Charles, jr., 1-33 

Stuckey, J. L., 102 

Sturcken, Henry Tracy, jr., 1-263, 

Sturdivant, J. F., 153 
Sturgell, Jack Sherman, 1-106 
Stuverud, Homer Altan, 1-211 
Suber, James Walton, 1-85 
Suberman, Jack, 1-121 
Sudds, Richard H., 1-207 
Sugg, Woodrow Bullock, 1-86 
Suggs, Reid, 1-220 
Suhrie, Virginia, 132 
Suits, Harold, 1-142 
Sulkin, G. R., 144 
Sullivan, Rodman, 38 
Suman, Sue Ratchford, 1-96 
Sumerford, S. D., 14, 24 
Summer, Linda M., 1-277 
Summers, Lillian, 1-259 
Sumner, Mark Reese, 1-58 
Sumner, Thomas Hay, 1-197 
Sumpter, Jane Milton, 1-202 
Sumrell, Mary Alyce, 1-114 
Surprenant, L. C, 16 
Suskin, A. I., 29, 31 
Sutherland, Priscilla Warren, 1-42 
Sutherland, William Owen Shep- 

pard, jr., 1-118, 127 
Sutker, Solomon, 1-294, 301 
Sutton, C. McK., 85 
Sutton, Ruth Franklin, 1-171 
Sutton, W. A., jr., 160 
Sutton, Willis Anderson, jr., 1-296 
Suval, Stanley, 1-179 
Svarlien, Oscar, 108 
Svendsen, J. K., 80, 93 
Swain, H. L., 67 
Swansea, F. Charleen, 1-141 
Swanton, Joseph Everett, 1-5 
Swedenberg, H. T., jr., 79 
Sweeney, Mary, 1-120 
Swiers, Willard Sigmund, 1-76, 81 
Swofford, Paul, 1-195 
Swor, C. E., 93 

Syron, Leslie Woodzelle, 160, 1-295 
Szper, Andrew, 133 
Taff, Luther Raymond, 1-72 
Tallant, Marjorie Lee, 1-175 
Talley, Banks Cooper, jr., 1-114 
Talmage, M. B., 99 
Tann, Warren George, 1-47 
Tanner, H. A., 14 
Tanner, James Mahan, 1-249 
Tanner. M. S., 32 
Tapp, Eleanor, 119 
Tapp, Louise, 99 

Tarlton, Cleo Baucom, 1-274 

Tate, John U., 1-142 

Tate, Robert Fleming, 1-315 

Tate, Thaddeus Wilbur, jr., 1-169 

Taylor, A. E., 118 

Taylor, Armour Woodrow, 1-96 

Taylor, C. G., 140, 143 

Taylor, Caroline, 135, 136 

Taylor, Carrie McLean, 1-86 

Taylor, Delores Arlene, 1-290 

Taylor, Eula Mildred, 1-107 

Taylor, G. F., 112 

Taylor, H. E., 47 

Taylor, H. M., 12, 20 

Taylor, Harold Mellon, 1-25 

Tavlor, Harriet, 163 

Taylor, J. L., 18 

Taylor, Joann, 1-188 

Taylor, John Swann, 1-246 

Taylor, Kathryn Carolyn, 1-133 

Taylor, L. B., 59 

Taylor, Margaret Lewis, 1-245 

Taylor, Martha, 58 

Taylor, R. H., 109 

Taylor, Richard Robb, 1-299, 308 

Taylor, T. C, 109 

Taylor, W. F., 77 

Taylor, W. W., jr., 137 

Taylor, Walter Clyde, jr., 1-229 

Teachey, G. B., 72 

Teague, Claude Edward, jr., 1-18 

Teague, Edward Lindell, jr., 1-86 

Teague, Eleanor A., 1-114 

Teare, Frederick Wilson, 1-212 

Tebbens, W. G., jr., 17 

Tebeau, C. P., 17 

Temple, E. S., 56 

Templeton, M. McC, 125 

Terrell, Betty Ruth, 1-278 

Terry, A. W., 94 

Terry, Edward Davis, 1-265 

Terry, Milton Everett, jr., 1-312 

Tesh, Clyde E., jr., 1-224 

Thackston, Frances Venable, 1-189 

Tharrington, B. H., 63 

Thatcher, Anne Jackson, 1-96 

Thawley, Stanley Brevoort, 1-47 

Thayer, Lloyd Yates, 1-74 

Thayer, Philip, 1-163, 175 

Theiling, Louis Foster, jr., 1-18 

Theimann, S. P., jr., 139 

Thies, Frank Ramsay, jr., 1-113 

Thomas, Barbara Jean Mallard, 

Thomas, C. L., 23 
Thomas, Carlson R., 1-52 
Thomas, Cornelius Dickinson, 1-4 
Thomas, David Nolan, 1-176 
Thomas, H. C, 24 
Thomas, H. L., 50 



Thomas, L. C, 14, 25 

Thomas, M. B., 91 

Thomas, M. O., 100 

Thomas, Margaret Maud, 1-171 

Thomas, R. E., 22 

Thomas, Raymond Gray, 1-86 

Thomas, Robert Calvin, 1-182 

Thomas, Sara Tillett, 1-133 

Thomas, Virginia Formy-Duval, 

Thomas, W. R., 142 
Thomas, Walter Benjamin, 1-90 
Thomasson, L. F., 60 
Thompson, Carey Carter, 1-62 
Thompson, Donald Charles, 1-86 
Thompson, F. T., 76, 85 
Thompson, Frances Neal, 1-304 
Thompson, George Logan, jr., 1-97 
Thompson, H. T., 104 
Thompson, Howard Elliot, 1-70 
Thompson, J. A., 141 
Thompson, James David, 1-297 
Thompson, James Howard, 1-179 
Thompson, L. S., 105 
Thompson, M. A., 122 
Thompson, M. H., 149 
Thompson, O. B., 157 
Thompson, Paul Hewitt, 1-67 
Thompson, Phyllis Josephine, 1-140 
Thompson, S. H., 46, 49 
Thompson, T. V., 149 
Thompson, William A., jr., 1-313 
Thompson, William Young, 1-161 
Thorne, Edgar Faulcon, 1-2 
Thornton, M. L., 119 
Thorpe, J. E., jr., 95 
Throckmorton, Arthur Loreston, 

Thurman, B. R., jr., 145 
Tietjen, Charles Henry, 1-90 
Tillett, Lowell Ray, 1-162 
Tillev, Betty Sue, 1-269 
Tillinghast, A. W., 140 
Tillinghast, Elizabeth, 1-31 
Tilson, W. Erwin, 1-107 
Timlake, William Perry, 1-198 
Tindall, Blossom McGarrity, 1-129 
Tindall, George Brown, 1-159, 169 
Tingle, Woodrow Wilson, 1-154 
Tinsley, James Aubrey, 1-169 
Tipton, William Frank, 1-107 
Tisdale, D. H., 153 
Tison, John Laurens, jr., 1-120 
Titman, Paul Wilson, 1-11 
Tola. Mary Agnes, 1-285 
Tolbert, Charles Madden, 1-307 
Toler, L. O., 156 
Tomberlin, B. M., 118 
Tomberlin, Hugh Milton, 1-167 
Tomlin, Mary Louise, 1-66 

Tomlinson, Arlia Sarah, 1-301 

Torfilli, Orhan Ibrahim, 1-14 

Torian, J. P., 124 

Totten, H. R., 8, 9 

Towell, E. E., 18 

Townend, Marion Jane, 1-149 

Townsend, K. B., 144 

Toxey, C. B., 125 

Trabue, Ann McDowell, 1-140 

Trabue, E. S., 86 

Tracy, George S., 1-306 

Trakas, Pedro Nicholas, 1-263 

Trammell, George Roy, 1-26 

Tranoy, Knut Erik, 1-215 

Trapnell, Mary Herbert, 1-130 

Traub, Henry Willis, 1-43, 44 

Travis, Burton Lester, 1-238 

Travis, Inez Greene, 1-238 

Trawick, M. W., 130 

Traynham, Charles Madison, jr. ; 

Traynor, Edwin Alfred, 1-197 
Treanor, H. S., 141 
Treat. Barbara Skinner, 1-59 
Treat, Donald Robert, 1-59 
Tremain, R. L., 50 
Trevathan, Mary Clark, 1-283 
Trexler, Willie Ellen, 1-86 
Trimble, R. McC, 73 
Tripp, G. A., 60 
Trotman, L. E., 36 
Trott, G. R., 123 
True, Tom Trader, 1-236 
Truett, John Bruce, jr., 1-308 
Trull, Margaret L., 1-291 
Trussell, Brandon, 150 
Ts'ien, Yi, 1-246 
Tuck, Wilbur H., 1-81 
Tucker, Benny Ray, 1-189 
Tucker, Donald W., 1-275 
Tucker, G. H., 161 
Tucker, Harry, jr., 1-156 
Tucker, James Houston, 1-71 
Tucker, Robert Cinnamond, 1-164 
Tucker, Vashti Elizabeth, 1-133 
Tufts. M. A., 91 

Turbyfill, Thomas Sidney, 1-76, 97 
Turlington, James Woodall, 1-86 
Turlington, S. W., 114 
Turner, C. W., 118 
Turner, E. D., jr., 148 
Turner, Elbert Daymond, jr., 1-261 
Turner, Frank LeRoy, jr., 1-176 
Turner, J. O., 14, 24 
Turner, Lucile, 89 
Turner, William Newton, 1-150 
Turrentine, J. W., 18 
Turrentine, S. B., 81 
Tuttle, O. A., 55 
Tuttleton, James W., 1-142 



Tutwiler, Frank Bryan, 1-19 

Tutwiler, T. S., 18 

Tyndall, Jessie Parker, 1-319 

Tyndall, Rommie Winfred, 1-280 

Tysor, Ann Brooks, 1-269 

Ulrich, Adele Celeste, 1-218 

Umholtz, Evelyn Mathilda, 1-277 

Umstead, Elizabeth Claire, 1-227 

Unangst, D. M., 91 

Underdown, Dorothy E., 1-211 

Underbill, F. E., 30 

Underwood, Evelyn, 119 

Underwood, Henrietta, 31 

Unger, R. McL, 60 

Upchurch, W. M., 47 

Upshaw, Harry S., 1-250 

Upsher, Littleton, jr., 18 

Ussery, H. D., 130 

Uzawa, Masako, 1-290 

Uzzell, W. E., Ill 

Uzzle, A. B., jr., 74 

Uzzle, William Taylor, jr., 1-147 

Vaile, Gertrude, 155 

Valk, A. de T., jr., 7 

Vance, R. B., 151 

Van Cott, Harold Porter, 1-250, 

Van de Castle, Robert Leon, 1-251 
Van der Kroef, Justus Maria, 

Van de Luyster, Nelson, 106 
Vander Zanden, James Wilfrid, 

Van De Velde, Jehan Peter, 1-46 
Vandiver, E. P., 77, 87 
Vandiver, Evelyn Florence, 1-270 
van Doorslaer, Marguerite P., SEE 

Doorslaer, Marguerite P. van 
Van Landingham, Leander S., jr., 

Vann, J. D., jr., 41 
Vanneman, C. R., 28 
Van Nostrand, Robert G., 1-230 
Vardell, M. L., 9 
Varney, Harry Eugene, 1-226 
Varwig, Robert Louis, 1-234 
Vaughan, David Lane, 1-189 
Vaughan, Elizabeth Head, 1-292 
Vaughan, J. H., 109 
Vaughan, James Herbert, jr., 1-306 
Vaughn, E. B., 144 
Vause, Edward Adolph, 1-131 
Vause, Robert Zeno, 1-192 
Vawter, James Elliott, 1-220 
Vazguez, M. de Los A., 138 
Veach, Vivian, 34 
Verdicchio, Frank Gerald, 1-250 
Verdoner, Josefine, 1-147 
Veasey, W. F., 72 
Venable, C. S., 19 

Vermont, Adolf, 82 

Vernon, H. J., 65 

Verra, Alice Mae, 1-210 

Vest, Lucile, 144 

Vestal, Lynda Joan, 1-3 

Victcrius, Claus, 1-25 

Viera, M. E., 138 

Vince, Edward E., 1-282 

Vincent, Marilyn Ford, 1-220 

Vinces, A. F., 138 

Viner, Alexander E., 1-144 

Vinson, Cordelia Anne, 1-320 

Vinson, Mary Lenore, 1-5 

Vinson, William Daniel, 1-13 

Viser, Edward Taylor, 1-8 

Viser, Janis M., 1-44 

Vitz, H. E., 104 

Viverette, Jacob Astor, jr., 1-131 

Vogel, Henry Elliott, 1-234 

Vogler, Frederick Wright, 1-274 

vom Lehn, Edgar, 1-200, 201 

Von Bramer, Paul Thomas, 1-22 

Von Dohlen, Elizabeth Louise, 

von Oesen, Elaine, 1-175 
Vora, Shantilal Amidas, 1-312 
Vuckan, George Paul, 1-302 
Waddell, Bernice Heard, 1-270 
Waddell, William Bryan, 1-59 
Waddey, Walter Edwin, 1-16 
Wade, Bernice Stiles, 1-107 
Wade, William Junius, 1-173 
Wager, P. W., 150 
Wages, Dan Sims, 1-169 
Wagner, Kenneth Cameron, 1-297 
Wagoner, William Hampton, 1-74 
Wahab, James Hatton, 1-191, 195 
Waldau, Roy Sandman, 1-56 
Waldenmaier, Elizabeth Ann, 1-137 
Waleski, Alex Frank, 1-222 
Walker, A. E., 127 
Walker, Arda Susan, 1-164 
Walker, C. H., 103 
Walker, E. C, 100 
Walker, George William, 1-118 
Walker, Hiawatha B., 1-258 
Walker, Irma Lee, 1-111 
Walker, J. A., 34 
Walker, James Wilson, 1-194, 315 
Walker, John, 1-195 
Walker, L. P., 125 
Walker, Lila Peck, 1-191 
Walker, Philip Alfred, 1-162 
Walker, Stanley R., 1-301 
Walker, T. E., 65 
Walker, T. T., 21 
Walker, Woodrow W., 1-49 
Wall, B. H., 118 
Wall, Bennett Harrison, 1-157 
Wall, J. G., 123 



Wall, James William, 1-171 

Wall, Neta Bridges, 1-97 

Wall, W. R., 123 

Wallace, Carolyn Andrews, 1-161, 

Wallace, Earle, 1-245 
Wallace, J. L., 139 
Wallace, J. M., jr., 27 
Wallace, James C, 1-179 
Wallace, Kelley, 1-97 
Wallace, L. De L., 96 
Wallace, Lee Alphonso, jr., 1-173 
Wallace, R. M., 81, 89 
Wallace, Wesley Herndon, 1-177 
Wallach, Martin, 1-255 
Waller, James M., 1-64 
Waller, Patricia Fossum, 1-252 
Waller, Marcus Bishop, 1-251 
Wallick, Rollin Herbert, 1-22 
Walls, James Gray, 1-149 
Walser, R. G., 92 
Walsh, F. G., 35 
Walsh, Joan Catherine, 1-321 
Walter, Marian Minturn, 1-273 
Walter, Paul Browning, 1-74, 167 
Walters, E. L., 97 
Walther, Don H., 149; 1-261 
Waltner, Arthur W., 1-229 
Wamsley, Francis X., 1-182 
Wang, E. T-C., 96 
Ward, D. A., 91 
Ward, E. R., 23 
Ward, Eloise, 63 
Ward, Jo Pittard, 1-288 
Ward, Judson Clements, Jr., 1-157 
Ward, L. M., 30 
Ward, M. M., 63 
Ward, M. W., 10 
Ward, Madie Belle, 1-46 
Ward, Rebecca, 9 
Ward, Robert David, 1-163 
Ward, Sara Jane Hunter, 1-86 
Ward, Virgil Scott, 1-70 
Wardlaw, J. G., jr., 73 
Warlick, Henry Conrad, 1-138 
Warnes, John M., 1-287 
Warnshuis, Lois Mary, 1-52 
Warren, Joan Patricia, 1-189 
Warren, R. S., 60 
Warren, W. F., 39 
Warshaw, Jacob, 82 
Wasden, Mayme Lee, 1-270 
Washburn, B. E., 82 
Washington, Lucy J., 1-173 
Waters, Lindsay Anderson, 1-97 
Waters, Mildred Smith, 1-111 
Watkins, J. H., 102, 104 
Watkins, Joanne Patricia, 1-287 
Watkins, T. C, 162 
Watson, Charles Neil, 1-136 

Watson, J. D., 75 

Watters, D. A., 33 

Watters, Mary, 107 

Watts, John Conway, 1-23, 31 

Waugh, Doris Hanner, 1-190 

Wax, Dorothy Joan, 1-238 

Way, E. L., 29, 31 

Way, Katharine, 129 

Way, William, jr., 41 

Weant, Robert Andrew, 1-97 

Wearn, Cornelia, 111 

Weatherford, R. D., 131 

Weatherly, C. H., 50 

Weathers, Bynum Edgar, jr., 1-248 

Weathers, C. L., 50 

Weatherup, Marjorie, 32 

Weaver, J. R., 48 

Weaver, Jack Wayne, 1-149 

Weaver, Lawrence Odell, 1-55 

Weaver, Meeda, Williford, 1-107 

Weaver, P. J., 116 

Weaver, Robert Franklin, 1-224 

Weaver, Robert Lamar, 1-200 

Weaver, W. R., 141, 145 

Webb, B. D., 7, 26 

Webb, C. H., 35 

Webb, Edith, 156 

Webb, Henry Thomas, jr., 1-218 

Webb, James Wilson, 1-123, 124 

Webb, Lester Austin, 1-74, 179 

Webb, S. C, 69 

Webb, Samuel Clement, 136; 1-248 

Webb, W. S., 86 

Weber, Seward, 1-36 

Webster, F. W., 55 

Webster, J. W., 115 

Webster, M. M., 103 

Weed, W. Dwight, 1-306 

Weeden, Joan Blanchard, 1-308 

Weeks, Mrs. G. E., 101 

Weeks, M. S., 69 

Weeks, Percy Leonard, 1-97 

Weeks, S. B., 76, 81 

Wegelin, C. A., 99 

Weigand, Erika, 7 

Weil, Le Roy William, 1-69 

Weinberg, Lois Nelson, 1-182 

Weisbach, Dagoberto Eberhard, 

Weiss, Shirley Friedlander, 1-40 
Welborn, E. P., 139 
Welborn, E. S., 39 
Welborn, Joseph Alson, 1-67 
Welch, Annye Elizabeth, 1-194 
Welch, Grace Woodward, 1-300 
Welch, Joseph Edmund, 1-220 
Welch, Sadie Elizabeth, 1-68 
Wellborn, Dorothy Jane, 1-48 
Wellons, L. D., 67 
Wells, D. A., 129 



Wells, E. M., 10 

Wells, Mrs. H. E., 59 

Wells, Henry Bradley, 1-258 

Wells, J. R., 69 

Wells, M. P., 78, 90 

Wenhold, L. L., 140 

Werntz, Donald Reynolds, 1-169 

Wertz, S. M., 30 

West, Cameron Pritchett, 1-76, 111 

West, E. A., 118 

West, H. G., 127 

West, James Thomas, 1-253 

West, John Foster, 1-131 

West, Verona Allred, 1-107 

Westby, J. M., 46 

Weston, John Charles, jr., 1-122 

Westrope, M. R., 136 

Wetherell, E. L., 70 

Whartenby, Harry Allen, jr., 1-275 

Wharton, Eddythe, 1-90 

Wharton, V. L., 108, 112 

Whatley, Mary H., 1-278 

Wheeler, Joseph Williams, 1-90 

Wheeler, Thomas Van Horn, 1-122 

Whetstone, Harvey A., jr., 1-60 

Whetstone, Robert W., 1-73 

Whichard, Lindsay Russell, 1-136 

Whichard, Rogers Dey, 148; 1-260 

Whichard, W. G., 116 

Whidden, Mary Bess, 1-149 

Whiffen, A. J., 9, 10 

Whipple, A. A., 101 

Whitaker, B. L., 109 

Whitaker, M. D., 130 

White, Benjamin U., 1-151 

White, Carl Michael, 1-63 

White, Clemon, 35 

White, Dorothy Curtis, 1-258 

White, Elizabeth, 31 

White, George Thomas, 1-23, 31 

White, H. E., 56 

White, J. W., 129, 131 

White, Julian Eugene, jr., 1-273 

White, Leonard, 1-3 

White, Locke, jr., 17 

White, Milburn Judson, 1-71 

White, Nathaniel Stell, jr., 1-56 

White, Orville Franklin, 1-120 

White, Robert Benjamin, jr., 1-141 

White, Ronald Erwin, 1-43 

White, Sarah Quillian, 1-205 

White, Thomas Livingston, 1-81 

White, V. C, 78 

White, W. A., 101, 104 

Whitehead, A. C, 29 

Whiteley, Samuel Louis, 1-97 

Whitener, D. J., 107, 110 

Whitener, Joseph A., jr., 1-282 

Whitener, R. W., 49 

Whitener, T. A., 49 

Whitesides, William Plaxico, jr., 

Whitfield, John C, 1-288 
Whitfield, Ralph, 1-81 
Whitfield, J. V., 40 
Whitley, D. P., 51 
Whitley, G. T., 82 
Whitley, Thomas Harrison, 1-97 
Whitlow, Joe B., jr., 1-38 
Whitney, V. H., 153, 157 
Whitted, J. W., 149 
Whittenton, William Ransom, 1-81 
Wiatt, William Haute, 1-122 
Wickens, D. D., 92, 134 
Wicker, Marie Peachee, 1-252 
Wicker, Warren Jake, 1-243 
Wideman, S. A., 16, 25 
Wiegand, Richard, 1-134 
Wiggins, R. L., 69 
Wike, C. E., 72 

Wilbanks, Mary Elizabeth, 1-189 
Wilburn, H. I., 10 
Wild, Helen Caroline, 1-275 
Wilder, F. S., 38, 154 
Wiley, Alan Holder, 1-243 
Wiley, John Mason, 1-253 
Wiley, L. E., 161 
Wiley, William Lee, 1-21 
Wilhelm, H. H., 149 
Wilkin, H. D., 118 
Wilkinson, Courtney Ballou, 1-156 
Wilkinson, John W., 1-314 
Willard, C. W., 19 
Willard, E. P., jr., 28, 85 
Willey, Edward Parker, 1-143 
Williams, A. J., 124 
Williams, A. L., 78, 89 
Williams, Albert Warren, 1-160, 

Williams, Alton, 94 
Williams, Anne St. Clair, 1-57 
Williams, Aubrey Willis, jr., 1-310 
Williams, Betty Vickery, 1-60 
Williams, C. C, 72, 124 
Williams, Caley Vassar, jr., 1-197 
Williams, Carole C, 1-228 
Williams, Edwin Lacy, 1-159 
Williams, Elizabeth Joan, 1-139 
Williams, F. D., 128, 131 
Williams, F. T., 122 
Williams, George Patteson, jr., 

1-232, 234 
Williams, Grace, 139 
Williams. H. H., 29 
Williams, Harry B., 1-299 
Williams, J. W., 117 
Williams, Jean Paul, 1-18 
Williams, John Edgar, 1-245 
Williams, Jonathan Guest, 1-81 
Williams, L. C, 39 



Williams, L. L., 51, 161, 162 
Williams, L. M., 155 

Williams, Leslie Benjamin, 1-234 
Williams, M. C, 31 
Williams, M. EL, 127 
Williams, M. L., 44 

Williams, Max Ray, 1-180 

Williams, R. H., 26 

Williams, Roberta Scott, 1-147 

Williams, Roger LeRoy, jr., 1-107 

Williams, Sarah Irene, 1-197 

Williams, Thomas Reid, 1-67 

Williams, W. W., 14, 23 

Williamson, A. E., jr., 137 

Williamson, J. L., 145 

Williamson, Lamont Wells, 1-245 

Williamson, M. L., 45 

Williamson, Nathan Kibler, 1-237 

Williamson, Paul Connelly, 1-107 

Williford, Miriam, 1-173 

Willis, George Lewis, 1-244 

Willis, L. J., 131 

Willis, S. H., 85 

Wills, G. S., 81 

Wills, John William, 1-53 

Wills, Paul William, 1-97 

Wilson, C. B., 58 

Wilson, Elizabeth Taylor, 1-280 

Wilson, Ella Gray, 1-220 

Wilson, Emily Green, 1-285 

Wilson, Evelyn, 143 

Wilson, Mrs. F. P., 55 

Wilson, Farris Holmes, jr., 1-19 

Wilson, G. P., jr., 36 

Wilson, H. B., 137 

Wilson, J. B., 80 

Wilson, J. C., 114 

Wilson, Jack H., 1-144 

Wilson, James Larrymore, 1-116 

Wilson, James Wood, 1-34 

Wilson, K. E., 77, 85 

Wilson, Katherine Preston, 1-292 

Wilson, L. R., 76, 82 

Wilson, Lottie, 123 

Wilson, M. H., 139 

Wilson, R. B., 91 

Wilson, Richard Carlton, 1-75, 111 

Wilson, Robert Louis, 1-39 

Wilson, Sidney Ann, 1-304 

Wilson, T. J., jr., 28, 29 

Wilson, T. J., Ill, 142 

Wilson, Thomas McBride, 1-48 

Wilson, W. L., 88 

Wilson, William Pannell, 1-34 

Wilson-Jones, Kenneth Rudge, 

1-265, 273 
Windell, G. T., 63 
Wing, Mary Jane, 1-188 
Wingfield, Edward Christian, 1-231 
Winkler, E. W., 75 

Winn, Lily, 87 

Winn, William Swoll, 1-194 

Winningham, E. F., 133 

Winship, George Parker, jr., 1-116 

Winslow, Edith, 1-136 

Winslow, R. S., 37 

Winsor, Arthur Simeon, 1-204 

Winstead, Meldrum Barnett, jr., 
1-20, 28 

Winston, Ida Caroline, 1-270 

Winter, Carlton V., 1-50 

Wirths, Barbara Louise, 1-285 

Wise, Joanne Massee, 1-40 

Wise, Percy, 144 

Wishon, Joseph Harding, 1-77 

Wismer, L. H., 36 

Withers, Walter Lucius, 1-319 

Witten, C. H., 27 

Wittmeyer, H. F., 96 

Wogan, D. S., 141 

Wolf, Herbert, 1-195 

Wolf, M. I., 159 

Wolf, William T., 1-179 

Wolfe, Eunice Kneece, 1-107 

Wolfe, J. H., 107, 113 

Wolff, George Elliott, 1-241 

Wolff, K. McK., Ill 

Wolff, M. H., 109 

Wolff, W. E., 36 

Wolverton, Robert Earl, 1-43 

Womble, Eugene Wilson, 1-198 

Womble, Frances, 83 

Wood, Burrell Lusha, 1-20 

Wood, Charles Donald, 1-238 

Wood, Edwin Lee, 1-28 

Wood, Harriette, 155 

Wood, J. E., 121 

Wood, J. H., 14 

Wood, Johnny Weir, 1-282 

Wood, R. H., 67 

Wood, T. W., 38 

Wood, Virginia M., 1-127 

Wood, William Arthur, 1-31 

Wood, William W., jr., 1-304 

Woodall, C. L., 129 

Woodard, C. M., 141, 142 

Woodard, Mrs. F. P., 100 

Woodard, Walker Willard, 1-108 

Woodhouse, Margaret Kinsman, 

Woods, William Sledge, 1-261 
Woodward, C. V., 107 
Woodward, Elizabeth Anne, 1-228 
Woodward, George Milton, 1-64 
Woodward, John Floyd, 1-81 
Woodward, Joseph Blair, 1-108 
Woodward, Mildred Fite, 1-98 
Woodworth, R. N., 156 
Wooten, Robin Nathaniel, 1-108 
Wooten, Willis Carl, jr., 1-17 



Workman, J. H. A., 46, 56 

Worley, Lillian Estelle, 1-150 

Wormell, H. E., 91 

Worth, A. M., 74 

Wright, E. A., 40 

Wright, F. M., 28 

Wright, Fred Boyer, 1-194 

Wright, Henry Franklin, 1-98 

Wright, I. C, 109 

Wright, James Arthur, 1-39 

Wright, L. B., 76, 85 

Wright, M. H., 139 

Wright, T. E., 142 

Wunder, Mary Martin, 1-292 

Wyatt, Raymond Louis, 1-9, 12 

Wyche, M. C, 118 

Wylde, Marjorie, 1-60 

Wylie, Julia Eleanor, 1-86 

Wyly, L. D., jr., 131 

Wynn, M. M., 98 

Yacoel, David, 138 

Yapar, N. F., 43 

Yarbro, Claude Lee, jr., 1-7 

Yarbrough, Gustie, 112 

Yarbrough, M. S., 139 

Yarensky, Leonard, 1-282 

Yarrow, A. H., 148 

Yates, E. W., 119 

Yearns, Wilfred Buck, 1-158 

Yeatman, H. C, 163 

Yeatman, Harry Clay, 1-317 

Yeatman, T. P., 159 

Yeatman, Trezevant Player, 1-293 

Yeo, Iris Clark, 1-283 

Yingling, Judith LaMar, 1-288 

Yoder, E. M., 55 

Yoder, Julian Clifton, 1-150 

Yoder, F. R., 39 

Yoffie, L. R. C, 80 

Yolles, Seymour, 1-19 

Yoo, Kee Chun, 1-246 

York, G. A., 124 

Yost, William John, 1-86 

Younce, Charles Lee, 1-111 

Young, Betty, 1-53 

Young, Betty Gene, 1-287 

Young, Dorothy Ann, 1-149 

Young, Elizabeth Little, 1-108 

Young, Gilbert Flowers, jr., 1-26 

Young, I. V., 155 

Young, James George, 1-212 

Young, Johnny L., 1-266, 270 

Young, N. C, 156 

Young, Nancy Bradsher, 1-137 

Young, W. P., 150 

Youngs, Lillian Margot, 1-318, 320 

Yount, James Locke, 1-320 

Yount, M. A., 81 

Yount, M. H., 127 

Zablocki, Frank Stefan, 1-155 

Zaccone, June Mary, 1-66 

Zachary, Elizabeth, 158 

Zahn, Louis J., 1-265 

Zarker, John William, 1-44 

Zaytoun, Henry S., 1-51 

Zelen, Marvin, 1-316 

Ziegler, A. W., 11 

Ziegler, Arthur William, 1-8 

Zimmerman, H. J., 119 

Zimmerman, Hilda Jane, 1-157 

Ziolkowski, Yetta, 1-47 

Zorn, Blanche, 136 

zur Burg, F. W., 22 

zur Burg, H. H., 130